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References Campisi, P., Neri, A., Panci, G. and Scarano, G. (2004). Robust rotation-invariant texture classification using a model based approach, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 13 (6): 782–791. Dai, X., Shu, H., Luo, L., Han, G.N. and Coatrieux, J.L. (2010). Reconstruction of tomographic images from limited range projections using discrete Radon transform and Tchebichef moments, Pattern Recognition 43 (3): 1152–1164. Dunkl, C.F. and Xu, Y. (2001). Orthogonal Polynomials of Several Variables , Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Fujarewicz, K. (2010


The present paper aims to specifically outline the critical moments that permeate professional football players’ development and existence in elite level English Premiership football. It also recognises the role of the applied sport psychologist in working with top players to address issues that challenge, impact (and change) player identity and personal meaning as they travel through their career from youth to professional to retirement. We conclude the paper by introducing some alternative perspectives on theory and practice. The paper is a result of the combined interests and applied activity of the authors and draws from theoretical frameworks and concepts in social psychology, existential phenomenological psychology and sociology. In this regard the paper attempts to synthesise (and celebrate) complimentary disciplines in order to allow us to consider the individual player within their social context.


There are investigated conditions under which the elements of a normed vector space are the moments of a vector-valued measure, and of a Bochner integrable function, respectively, both with values in a Banach space.


A system with macrodiversity selection combining (SC) receiver and for microdiversity equal gain combining (EGC) receivers is considered. Received signal is subjected, simultaneously to multipath fading and shadowing, resulting in signal envelope and signal power variation. Closed form expressions for moments of macrodiversity SC receiver output signal envelope are calculated. Numerical expressions are plotted to present the influences of Gamma shadowing severity and Nakagami-m severity on moments of proposed system output signal.

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; specifically, joint moments of force and powers, and the related support moment ( Winter, 1980 ) along with joint mechanical energy patterns. Winter’s Support Moment Principle In 1980, Winter proposed the principle of the overall support moment, i.e., the algebraic summation of sagittal plane lower extremity joint extensor moments of force during gait ( Winter, 1980 ). The principle was based on the concept that the central nervous system (CNS) does not simply control individual joint moments of force; rather, the entire lower extremity acts as a single unit with respect to

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