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1 Introduction At present, within Poland new centrifugal compressors are no longer in production. However, especially in petrochemical industry an unit modernizations (revamps, retrofits) of existing machines are very often performed, due to economical and timeline limitation reasons. In this paper some of the aspects of modernization of a three-staged chlorine compressor is described. The compressor was installed in 1970 in one of middle European chemical plant. According to Kryllowicz [ 6 ] monograph a variety of modernizations advantages over new machine

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Production, processing and consumption within Slovenian agrarian space are fragmented due to physical constraints (72.4% of the territory categorised as ANC) and socio-geographic factors. Based on available data, five essential building blocks of contemporary Slovenian agrarian space (available land, change management, integrated circular economy, adjustable policies, and flexibility of institutions) are discussed. Interrelations among the building blocks shape the modernisation trajectories of approx. 70,000 agricultural holdings in Slovenia. The coexistence of three modernisation trajectories, i.e. practised autarky, various forms of pluri-activity, and small-scale intensive and innovative modernisation, creates a complex mosaic. The governance of multifunctional and multi-structured agrarian space is becoming more demanding.


The most popular measure of the National Rural Development Programme in Romania for 2007-2013 was the measure 121 addressing the support for modernisation of agriculture While the success at the level of the Programme is measured by the achievement level of the assumed indicators the present analysis is focused on differences between the volumes of proposed, selected, contracted and concluded projects. These differences as observations and findings contribute as learning points to the further use of public support for investments in agriculture by three main categories of users: the administration with the procedural enhancement in programme implementation, the beneficiaries improving their approach and readiness for applications/projects and the consultants in perfecting their tools and work to support and smoothen the resources transfer in the process.


Modernization of urban space with greenery is part of a process of revitalization and restoration of building, which today are an important part of the design and realizations activities in the world. Adaptation of urban space to modern needs, often associated with the change of the original function is necessary to improve the quality of this space: utility, technical and aesthetic. Urbanization of the world combined with the destruction of the environment. It is necessary to return to nature in the context of the urban environment. Greater use of green, eco ideas of architecture and sustainable development becomes the norm. The paper presents some aspects of selected projects and activities in the countryside as a method of upgrading urban space.


It is widely obvious that the modern business depends on many new previously unknown factors: innovations, technology expanding, information dispersion and collection, culture, imaginations, and other intangible productive factors. This paper deals with some of the unexpected changes that we could recognise as the most influential ones in the new economy era. Purpose and findings of the substantial theoretic and empirical analysis are oriented to the modernisation and sophistication of today business, especially in developing, emerging and small countries. All of them are exposed to severe market reforms, in order to be more efficient and effective in global and regional level. This paper contains the analysis of content of global development documents and literary materials, as well as cross-referencing of statistical and other available data. The findings of this study could result in better orientation of industrial policies and clearer path for the future broader researches to be conducted in this field.

exemplified on modernized water treatment plant at Otoczna , Civil and Enviromental Engineering Reports, 13 (2): 049-062. 6. Kowal, AL and Świderska-Bróż, M 2009. Oczyszczanie wody . PWN, Warszawa. 7. Krupińska, I 2018. Removal of natural organic matter from groundwater by coagulation using prehydrolysed and non - prehydrolysed coagulants. Desalination and Water Treatment 132 , 244-252. 8. Piekarski, J, Piecuch, T and Bartkiewicz, B 2000. Praktyczne aspekty wydłużenia czasu pracy kolumny sorpcyjnej bez wspomagania oraz z wspomaganiem z poprzedzającym złożem filtracyjnym


The historic buildings of the Warsaw University of Technology display not only outstanding architectural values, but are also representative of the trends in preservation, restoration, and adaptation that were prevalent at the time of their modernization. The post-war rebuilding of the WUT was more akin to modernization than reconstruction. But the freedom to shape modern architectural forms in the 1960s and ’70s brought with it a lack of respect for their historic environment. A change in the approach to historic buildings and their integration with modern architecture came in the late 1970s. The most recent modernization of the WUT’s historic buildings, especially after Poland’s accession to the EU, resulted in many good examples of proper, harmonious integration between the ‘modern’ and the ‘traditional’.