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., Sarjanoja A.H., Haveri M., Huhtala J., Häkkilä J., 2009, Toward designing better maps for indoor navigation: experiences from a case study . In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia, 22–25 November 2009. Cambridge, New York: ACM, pp. 161–164. Reichenbacher T., 2001, The world in your pocket − towards a mobile cartography . In: Proceedings of the 20th Intern. Cartographic Conference, 6−10 August 2001, Beijing, China. Reichenbacher T., 2004, Mobile cartography – adaptive visualization of geographic information on mobile


The development of indoor navigation systems should utilize advanced teleinformation, geoinformation and cartographical knowledge. The authors analyzed available specifications of prototypes of indoor navigation systems and drew conclusions about how to enhance the use of cartographical methods in the whole process of designing a new system. The analysis proves that cartographical methodology is still very limited in the process of designing indoor navigation systems. Researchers focus mainly on improving the positioning accuracy, and they often neglect the issue of developing spatial databases and the rules of their effective visualization. The process of designing indoor navigation systems, just like in the case of outdoor navigation systems, consists of a number of tasks that can be supported by the theory and practice of cartography. This article presents the issues of determination of spatial database model appropriate for an indoor system, improvement of accuracy of positioning algorithms utilizing spatial data and methodology of generating graphical and voice directions for indoor navigation. In the authors’ opinion, the discussed cartographical methods and techniques may considerably enhance indoor navigation systems and accelerate their development. The fundamental knowledge of cartographical methods should be within the interest of designers of these systems. At present the first attempts in this field may be observed, although they are still not mature and complex

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