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The effect of wheat straw quality on the rate of its mineralisation in soil


The aim of this study was to assess the effect of straw of two spring wheat cultivars, Tybalt – with the culm filled with pith, and Ostka Smolicka – with the hollow culm, added to light textured soil, on the mineralisation rate of organic matter. The incubation experiment was established under laboratory conditions and comprised three experimental combinations: K1 was soil with an addition of pith-filled culms, K2 – soil with an addition of straw with hollow culms, and K0 – the control with no straw added. In all the combinations, mineral fertilisation was applied in the form of urea. Incubation lasted for 14 months. At specific dates the amounts of CO2 released within 24 h and pH values were recorded. The rate of organic matter mineralisation was expressed in mg CO2·d−1. Analyses showed that the addition of straw, both with pith-filled and hollow culms, significantly influenced the mineralisation of organic matter in the first months of incubation. Mineralisation was most intensive in the soil incubated with straw with hollow culms. The large amount of released carbon dioxide in the first days of incubation caused a decrease in pH both in the control soil and in soils with the addition of straw. The change in the soil reaction to its initial value was recorded at day 222 for the soil combination K0 and at day 250 of incubation in soils fertilised with straw.

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Julia Hufnagel-Schildbach (1880–1962) – the most significant woman – collector of minerals in Bohemia and her collection at the National Museum in Prague

’s Mineralogische und petrographische Mitteilungen 29, 3: 259–260. Binterová Z., 2005: Zaniklé obce Doupovska od A do Ž. – Chomutov: Oblastní muzeum Chomutov, 96 pp. Bohatý M., 1994: Radiobaryt z Karlových Varů. – Minerál 2, 5: 257–258. Bohatý M., 1996: Felix Cornu a Rudolf Görgey na Faerských ostrovech v roce 1907. – Minerál 4, 3: 191–196. Bohatý M., 2006: Vřídlovec a hrachovec – české nerosty s „ochrannou známkou“. Karlovarský příspěvek k dějinám mineralogie a sběratelství. – Minerál 14, 1: 19–54. Bohatý M., 2013: Vlčí hora u Černošína a její místo

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Polymetallic mineralization in Triassic strata of the NW part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Monocline

Publication , 4, (pp. 171-181). Michigan, USA: Society of Economic Geologists. Sass-Gustkiewicz, M. (1997). Revised and completed paragenetic order of minerals in the Pomorzany lead-zinc deposit, Upper Silesian region, Poland. Mineralogia Polonica , 28, 46-80. Sass-Gustkiewicz, M. (2001). The Upper Silesian Zn-Pb sulfide ore deposits (Poland) and ore forming processes. Geological Excursion guide, The Joint 6 th Biennial SGA-SEG Meeting, August 26-29, 2001 (pp. 64-76). Kraków, Poland: Wydawnictwo Naukowe "Akapit

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Tolerance of roach for modified water mineralization levels and temperatures expressed by biochemical indicators

long-term changes of water mineralization and content of main ions in rivers of Ukraine - Hydrochemistry. Hydrology. Hydroecology. 2 (41): 85-90 (in Ukrainian). Kyaivjaryainen E.I., Borvinskaya E.V., Nemova N.N. et al. 2008 - Changes in the activity of the enzyme Na / K-ATPase sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) with a change in salinity and acidity. Mat. VI Anniversary International Scientific Conference „Innovationsin Science and Education - 2008", Russia, Kaliningrad: 100-101 (in Russian). Kaivarainen E.I., Borvinskaya E.V., Serupin G

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Thermo-mineral waters of Hammam Meskoutine (north-east Algeria): Composition and origin of mineralization

]. Larhyss Journal. Vol. 22 p. 123-137. CERON J.C., PULIDO-BOSCH A., BAKALOWICZ M. 1999. Application of principal components analysis to the study of CO2-rich thermomineral waters in the aquifer system of Alto Guadalentín (Spain). Hydrological Sciences Journal. Vol. 44. Iss. 6 p. 929-942. CORNIELLO A., CARDELLICCHIO N., CAVUOTO G., CUOCO E., DUCCI D., MINISSALE A., POLEMIO M. 2015. Hydrogeological characterization of a geothermal system: The case of the thermo-mineral area of Mondragone (Campania, Italy). International Journal of

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Fluid evolution and mineralogy of Mn-Fe-barite-fluorite mineralizations at the contact of the Thuringian Basin, Thüringer Wald and Thüringer Schiefergebirge in Germany

Lagerstätte Hühn (Nordwestlicher Thüringer Wald). Geol. Jb. Hessen 123, 5–24. Halliday A.N. & Mitchell J.G. 1984: K-Ar ages of clay-size concentrates from the mineralisation of the Pedroches Batholitz, Spain, and evidence for Mesozoic hydrothermal activity associated with the breakup of Pangaea. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 68, 229–239. Heijlen W., Muchez P.H., Banks D.A., Schneider J., Kucha H. & Keppens E. 2003: Carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb deposits in Upper Silesia, Poland: origin and evolution of mineralizing fluids and constraints on genetic models. Econ. Geol

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Correlation between Cu mineralization and major faults using multifractal modelling in the Tarom area (NW Iran)

References Afzal P., Khakzad A., Moarefvand P., Rashidnejad Omran N., Esfandiari B. & Fadakar A.Y. 2010: Geochemical anomaly separation by multifractal modeling in Kahang (Gor Gor) porphyry system, Central Iran. J. Geochem. Explor . 104, 34-46. Afzal P., Fadakar A.Y., Khakzad A., Moarefvand P. & Rashidnejad Omran N. 2011: Delineation of mineralization zones in porphyry Cu deposits by fractal concentration-volume modeling. J. Geochem. Explor . 108, 220-232. Agterberg F.P., Cheng Q. & Wright D.F. 1993

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Indicators of peat soil degradation in the Biebrza valley, Poland

wetlands [Joosten, Clarke 2002; Kalbitz, Geyer 2002; Bellamy et al. 2005 ; Smith et al. 2007 ; Kruger et al. 2015; Lane et al. 2016 ]. The loss of water from peat and temperature rise are thought to be the most important drivers of SOM mineralisation in peat soil decay, entailing increased CO 2 and N 2 O emission as well as mineral element leaching to groundwater. The processes of greenhouse gases exchange at the interface between wetland ecosystems and the atmosphere are, however, much more complicated and also involve CO 2 uptake by plants. The CO 2 uptake in

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Intake of Calcium and Phosphorus and Levels of Bone Mineralization (BMC) and Mineral Bone Density (BMD) of Female Swimmers in the Pubescence Period

References Barzel U. S., The skeleton as an ion exchange system: implications for the role of acid-base imbalance in the genesis of osteoporosis. J. Bone Miner. Res., 1995, 10, 1431-1436. Błaszczyk A., Chlebna-Sokół D., Nutritional factors vs. mineralization status of skeleton in schoolchildren. Post. Osteoartrologii, 2003, 14 (Suppl. 1), 45-85 (in Polish). Bos C., Gaudichon C., Tomé D., Nutritional and physiological criteria in the assessment of milk protein quality for humans. J

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Petrology of Gabbroides and Isotope Signature of Sulfide Mineralization from Fedorov-Pansky Layered Mafic Intrusion, Kola Peninsula, Russia

WU, Thode HG, Schidlowski M, Carmichael CM and Brigdwater D, 1979. Sulfur isotope studies in early Archean sediments from Isua, West Greenland: implications for the antiquity of bacterial sulfate reduction. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 43(3): 405-413, DOI 10.1016/0016-7037(79)90205-9. Sharkov EW, 2006. Formation of Layered Intrusions and Related Ore Mineralization. Moscow, Nauchnyi Mir: 366pp (in Russian). Schissel D, Tsvetkov AA, Mitrofanov FP and Korchagin U, 2002. Basal Platinum-Group Element

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