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Recent research on microwave filters show that there are constraints in their design; Effective solutions are needed for high-quality systems. In this manuscript, a new design of microwave dual-band bandpass filter is presented. The complementary metamaterial resonators with magnetic activity and negative permeability (µ < 0) are engraved on the lower ground plane and coplanar guides are maintained in the upper plane of the filter. Both (CSRRs) used have different shapes and dimensions from one another to have a dual band-pass behavior of our filter outside the range 5 to 6 GHz to avoid clutter with other microwave transmission systems. The supply lines used for the inlet and the filter outlet has coplanar access. To show the influence of the coupling of the two metamaterials resonators with the coplanar waveguides on the qualities of the filter, we do simulations using HFSS commercial software.

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has greater tribological and mechanical properties in various engineering applications [ 3 ]. Due to its high strength, high stiffness and wear resistance, aluminum based composites have been accredited as superior material in all the engineering fields [ 4 ]. The aluminum alloy based composites are especially being used as automobile components manufacturing such as piston, connecting rod, microwave filters, vibrator component, contactors, impellers and space structures because of its extended properties [ 5 ]. Stir casting technique is one of the promising