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One hundred and nine samples of honey representing different botanical types were microbiologically retested for the total number of aerobic bacteria per 1 g, the presence of anaerobic bacteria in 0.1 g, and number of yeasts and moulds per 1 g after one year of storage. The samples displayed different levels of microbiological contamination. The mean of total number of aerobic bacteria varied from 1.9 x 101 CFU/g to 4.6 x 103 CFU/g depending on the type of honey. This value, in comparison with year 2010 was lower in the case of 75 samples (68.8%), higher in 14 samples (12.8%), and stable in the remaining 20 samples (18.4%). The mean number of moulds and yeasts was 9.8 x 101 CFU/g and it was lower in 46 samples (42.2%). In 46 samples no changes were noted. The presence of anaerobic spore forming bacteria was noted in 18 samples. The presence of these microorganisms in 73 honey samples (67.0%) did not change since 2010.