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Dummett’s Legacy: Semantics, Metaphysics and Linguistic Competence

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Metaphysics, Function and the Engineering of Life: the Problem of Vitalism

. Paris: Béchet. Blackburn, S., 2003, Metaphysics, In Nicholas Bunnin, E. P. Tsui-James (eds.), The Blackwell Companion to Philosophy, Second Edition (1 st edition 1996), 61–89. London: Blackwell. Brooke, J.H.,1968, Wöhler’s Urea and its Vital Force – A Verdict from the Chemists. Ambix , 15, 84–114. Bruylants, G., Bartik, K., Reisse, J., 2010, Is it useful to have a clear-cut definition of life? on the use of fuzzy logic in prebiotic chemistry. Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres , 40(2), 137–143. Cleland, C.E. 2012, Life without

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On Haslanger’s Meta-Metaphysics: Social Structures and Metaphysical Deflationism

References Andreasen, R. 2000. Race: biological reality or social construct? Philosophy of Science 67: S653–66. Ásta K. Sveinsdóttir. 2011. The metaphysics of sex and gender. In Feminist Metaphysics: Explorations in the Ontology of Sex, Gender and the Self , ed. by C. Witt. Springer, 47–65. Barnes, E. 2014. Going beyond the fundamental: feminism in contemporary metaphysics. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society 104(3): 335–51. Barnes, E. 2017. Realism and social Structure. Philosophical Studies 174(10): 2417–33. DOI: 10.1007/s

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On The Metaphysics of Internalism and Externalism

. Grazer Philosophische Studien 22: 127–147. Rosenkrantz, Gary. 1985/6. On Objects Totally Out Of This World. Grazer Philosophische Studien 25/26: 197–208. Segal, Gabriel M. 2000. A Slim Book about Narrow Content . Cambridge MA: The MIT Press. Simons, Peter. 1983. Contents and Objects. In Epistemology and Philosophy of Science , ed. by P. Weingartner, J. Czermak. Vienna: Hölder-Pichler-Tempsky, 81–84. Thomasson, Amie L. 1999. Fiction and Metaphysics . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Voltolini, Alberto. 2000. Are All Alleged

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Metaphysical Analyticity

-Dimensional Semantics. In Two-Dimensional Semantics , ed. by García-Carpintero & Macià. Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press. Jackson, Frank. 1998. From Metaphysics to Ethics: A Defence of Conceptual Analysis . Oxford: Claredon Press. Peacocke, Christopher. 2004. The Realm of Reason. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Priest, Graham. 1998. What’s so Bad about Contradictions? Journal of Philosophy , 95: 410-26 Quine, W. V. 1951. Two Dogmas of Empiricism. The Philosophical Review, 60: 20-43. Quine, W. V. 1935. Truth by Convention. In The Ways

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Something, nothing and Leibniz’s question. negation in logic and metaphysics

References [1] Barrow, J. The Book of Nothing. Random House, New York 2000. [2] Białas, A. Fizyka wkracza w metafizykę (Physics Enters Metaphysics]. PAUza Akademicka 78 (2010), p. 1. [3] Carnap, R. ¨Uberwindung der Metaphysik durch die Logische Analyse der Sprache. Erkenntnis 2 (1932), pp. 219-241; Eng. tr. The Elimination of Metaphysics through Logical Analysis of Language, [in:] Logical Posivivism, edited by A. J. Ayer, Glencoe, Ill., The Free Press. [4] Casati, R., A. Varzi. Holes and Other

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A Japanese-American Sam Spade: The Metaphysical Detective in Death in Little Tokyo, by Dale Furutani

Press, 1988. Print. Harth, Erica. Last Witnesses: Reflections on the Wartime Internment of Japanese Americans. New York: Palgrave, 2001. Print. Haycraft, Howard. Murder for Pleasure: The Life and Times of the Detective Story. New York: Appleton-Century, 1941. Print. Holquist, Michael. “Whodunit and Other Questions: Metaphysical Detective Stories in Post-War Fiction.” New Literary History 3.1, Modernism and Postmodernism: Inquiries, Reflections, and Speculations (1971). 135-156. Print. Hutcheon, Linda

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Two Types of Visual Objects

Review of Metaphysics 19(1), pp. 87–102. 10. Hoffman, D. D., Richards, W. A. 1984, “Parts of Recognition”, Cognition 18(1–3), pp. 65–96. 11. Hubel, D., Wiesel, T. N. 1962, “Receptive Fields, Binocular Interaction and Functional Architecture in the Cat’s Visual Cortex”, The Journal of Physiology 160, pp. 106–154. 12. Hummel, J. E. (2013), Object Recognition , in D. Reisburg (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Psychology , Oxford University Press, Oxford, pp. 32-46. 13. Kahneman, D., Treisman, A. M., Gibbs, B. J. 1992, “The Reviewing of

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Propositions and the Metaphysics of Time

References Callender, C. 2011. Time’s Ontic Voltage. In The Future of Philosophy of Time , ed. by Adrian Bardon. London & New York, Routledge. Crisp, T. 2004a. On Presentism and Triviality. In Oxford Studies in Metaphysics , ed. by D. Zimmerman, 1 15-20 Crisp, T. 2004b. Reply to Ludlow. In Oxford Studies in Metaphysics , ed. by D. Zimmerman, 1 37-46. Dorato, M. 2006. The irrelevance of the presentist/eternalist debate for the ontology of Minkowski spacetime. In The Ontology of Spacetime , ed. by D. Dieks, 93-109. Elsevier. Ludlow

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The Shaping of Concepts and Philosophical Thinking in the Conscience of a Child

Bibliography Ajdukiewicz K. (1985), Language and Recognition . Vol. 1, The Selection of Works 1920‒1939 . Warszawa. Ajdukiewicz K. (2003). Issues and Directions of Philosophy. Theory of Cognition, Metaphysics . Warszawa. Bogusławski M. (2013). Philosophy at School. Philosophica Wratislaviensia Studies . mag. 8. Burlikowski B. (2002). Philosophy at school: philosophy and detailed sciences. Philosophical Movement, no 2. Czeżowski T. (2009). Philosophy at the Crossroads: ( methodological analyses ). Toruń. Dąmbska I. (1981

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