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What mental health promotion do university students need?

References AMSA (2014). Keeping Your Grass Greener. Retrieved from Białkowska, J., Moroczkowska, D., Zomkowska, E., & Rakowska, A. (2014). Ocena zdrowia psychicznego studentów na podstawie Skróconego Kwestionariusza Zdrowia Pacjenta. [Evaluation of students’ mental health based on the Patient’s Abridged Health Questionnaire]. Hygeia Public Health , 49 (4), 365-369. Bolier, L., Haverman, M., Westerhof, G. J., Riper, H., Smit, F. & Bohlmeijer, E. (2013). Positive psychology

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Football does not improve mental health: a systematic review on football and mental health disorders

include questions about your job, whether you have children, your marital status and ‘which team do you support?’ Having a successful team can increase awareness of a town or city anywhere in the world and can have a huge economic impact on that town or city. The incredible passion, loyalty and fanaticism that supporting a team can engender in some individuals has led to an interest in how the active process of supporting a club can impact on the physical and mental health of supporters and participants. Some studies suggest that football may induce a feeling

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Integrating addiction and mental health treatment within a national addiction treatment system: using multiple statistical methods to analyze client and interviewer assessment of co-occurring mental health problems

). Substance abuse with mental disorders: specialized public systems and integrated care. Health Affairs, 25(3), 648-658. Cacciola, J., Pecoraro, A., & Alterman, A. (2008). Development of ASI psychiatric severity cut-off scores to identify co-occurring psychiatric disorders. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 6, 77-92. Clark, H.W., Power, K., Le Fauve, C.E., & Lopez, E.I. (2008). Policy and practice implications of epidemiological surveys on co-occurring mental and substance use disorders. Journal of Substance Abuse

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The role of long term care centers in the Polish system of mental health care

References 1. Mazur I, Karnieja P, Jończyk J. Zdrowie psychiczne. Organizacja -Zarządzanie - Standardy. Wrocław: 2015. 2. A. Denys. Zagrożenia Zdrowia Publicznego. Wybrane zagadnienia, ABC Wolters Kluwer, Warszawa: 2014. 3. Kiejna A, Adamowski T, Piotrowski P, Moskalewicz J, Wojtyniak B, Świątkiewicz G et al. Epidemiology of mental disorders and access to mental health care. EZOP – Poland” – research methodology Psychiatria Pol. 2015; 49(1):5–13. 4. Załuska M. The community-based psychiatric care model and changes in the health system

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The Development of Mental Health Policies in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic since 1989

:// Centre for Mental Health Care Development. 2005. Politika péče o duševní zdraví - cesty k její realizaci [Mental Health Care Policy - Roads to Implementation]. Clasen, J. (1999). Comparative Social Policy: Concepts, Theories and Methods. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. Dlouhý, M., Cosoveanu, G., Čižmárik, P., & Hinkov, H. (2010). Mental Health Policies in Four Eastern European Countries. Central European Journal of Public Policy. Vol.4, No 2

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The Lived Experiences of Participating in Physical Activity among Young People with Mental Health Problems. A Recovery-Oriented Perspective

References Borg, M. & Davidson, L. (2008). The nature of recovery as lived in everyday experience. Journal of Mental Health, 17(2), 129-140. Brinkmann, S. & Tanggaard, L. (2010). Kvalitet i kvalitative studier /Quality in qualitative studies/. In: Brinkmann, S. & Tanggaard, L. (Eds.) Kvalitative metoder - en grundbog /Qualitative Methods - a textbook/ (pp. 521-532). Copenhagen: Hans Reitzels Forlag Callaghan, P. (2004). Exercise: a neglected intervention in mental health care? Journal of Psychiatric and Mental

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Impact of River Bank Erosion on Mental Health and Coping Capacity in Bangladesh

monsoon climate ( Yeasmin & Islam, 2011 ). As a result, river bank erosion is one of the major devastating ongoing natural disaster for the country ( Islam & Rashid, 2011 ). Large number of people in this region live along the rivers and are more likely to be affected by bank erosion ( Das et al., 2017 ). The affected people face displacement, economic loss, physical and psychosocial problems that shift them in economic downwards. All these stressors put their coping capacity and mental health in a stressful condition and the insufficient coping behaviour under chronic

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Relationships among Work Life, Mental Health Status and Organisation-based Self-esteem

REFERENCES Anonymous (2001). Mental Health in Europe . WHO Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen. Anonymous (2016). Mental health. American Heritage Dictionary. See: Bhattacharyya, G. K., Johnson, R. A. (1977). Statistical Concepts and Methods . Wiley. 656 pp. Cole, D. C., Robson, L. S., Lemieux, ChMcguire W, Sicotte W, Champagn F.. (2005). Quality of working life indicators in Canadian health care organizations: A tool for healthy, health care work place? Occup. Med ., 55

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Affective Labor and Governmental Policy: George W. Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health

References Althusser, Louis. For Marx. Translated by Ben Brewster. New York: Pantheon Books, 1969. Althusser, Louis. "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses (Notes towards and Investigation)": 127-186. In: Lenin and Philosophy and other essays by Louis Althusser. Translated by Ben Brewster. New York: Monthly Review Press, 1971. "American Psychological Association Applauds Final Report of President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health." (July 23, 2002) // http

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Self-esteem enhancement as a strategy for promoting the mental health and averting the occupational problems of nurses

1 Introduction A large number of studies have shown that self-esteem is a core predictor of subjective well-being and life satisfaction, 1 and it is closely related to turnover intention, job burnout, and mental health. 2 , 3 Self-esteem can not only predict individual differences in cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects, but also can serve as a mediator to regulate individuals’ physical and psychological responses to success or failure. 4 Individuals with high self-esteem can feel a greater sense of self-worth and have a stable personality tendency

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