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Introduction In cultivating its political project, Fidesz has always paid particular care to embed its proposals into an overarching historical narrative. All quotations from French and Italian were translated into English by the author. The inextricable link between Fidesz and memory is clearly epitomized by one of the first public speeches of its long-serving leader Viktor Orbán, delivered during the commemoration of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution on June 16, 1989. Orbán’s brief statement, which called for the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Hungary and for

To understand the specifics of collective memory and nostalgia for the communist times in today’s Georgia, it is important to look back to the first two decades of country’s sovereignty. Georgia obtained independence from the USSR in early 1991, and at that time, interethnic conflict in South Ossetia (1991–1992) already had been escalating. Soon after, a military conflict in Abkhazia had started and continued from August 1992 to September 1993. Although these conflicts sometimes are described as civil wars in the result of an ethnic conflict, the separatists had

THEATRICAL COLLOQUIA 54 DOI number 10.2478/tco-2019-0016 The Theatre Critic’s Memory Călin CIOBOTARI Abstract: In the text bellow I try to approach a very problematic relation between theatre critic and memory. Is the memory of a performance a valid barometer of the inner value of that performance? How does the theatre critic’s memory work? How do we define and manage forgetting or the absence of memories in theatre? Key words: theatre, memory, theatre critic The more frequently we talk about the memory of theatre, a syntagm upon which

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phenomenon of epiphany and reincarnation of ancestors, can function as a political motivator. In this sphere, they look also for the evidence that ethnically oriented narratives related to politics and war, to everything that is based on the brotherhood of the living and the dead members of the tribe, are rooted somewhere in the depths of the so-called soul of the nation, Čolović 2001 , 26. A significant part of this group is connected to the Kosovo myth, based both on the history of the Serbian nation and on the culturally transformed folk memory of the medieval Battle

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