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pearl gray guinea fowl as predicted by the Richards, Gompertz, and Logistic Models. Poultry Sci., 85: 359-363. Narinc D., Aksoy T., Karama E., Ilaslan Curek D. (2010). Analysis of fitting growth models in medium growing chicken raised indoor system. Trends Anim. Vet. Sci. J., 1: 12-18. N’dri A.L., Mignon-Grasteau S., Sellier S., Tixier-Boichard M., Beaumont C. (2006). Genetic relationship between feed conversion ratio, growth curve and body composition in slow growing chickens. Brit. Poultry Sci., 47: 273-280. Pérez- Lara E., Camacho- Escobra M.A., García- López J

References Almasi A., Andrassyne B.G., Milisits G., Kustosne P.O., Suto Z. (2015). Effects of different rearing systems on muscle and meat quality traits of slow- and medium-growing male chickens. Brit. Poultry Sci., 56: 320–324. Arakawa K., Sagai M. (1986). Species differences in lipid peroxide levels in lung tissue and investigation of their determining factors. Lipids, 21: 769–775. Batkowska J., Brodacki A., Grodzicki T. (2011). Chemical composition and fatty acid profile in meat of slaughter turkey females, managed in an extensive system (in Polish). Rocz

subject. It also can be done either with the assistance of a lecturer or without a lecturer. Keywords: Microteaching, video tutorial learning, students’ motivation INTRODUCTION No one can deny the fact that the increased use of video as a teaching medium grows very fast in the context of higher education. In the current era, efforts to improve education continue to be carried out, especially in educational institutions. This improvement effort is also in accordance with the mandate of Law No. 14 of 2005 on teachers and lecturers. The mandate clearly states