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Media disruption and the public interest
How private media managers talk about responsibility to society in an era of turmoil

Introduction In today’s media market, several disruptions are coming together to pose challenges to the existing media, both public and private. The greatest disruption is arguably caused by intensified competition between platforms, channels and distribution models and the concurrent disruption in traditional ways of funding media content. In what we may now coin the traditional model, private media rely on advertising to fund journalism, domestic productions and other content that is beneficial to society, but this model is “jeopardized and expected to

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Teachers’ Professional Development on Digital and Media Literacy. Findings and recommendations from a European project

References Avery, A., McDougall, J., & Pritchard, A. (2011). Every Child Matters and Media Literacy: Perceptions and Connections. Critical Commentary , 4 (1), 35-48. Bevort, E., & Schweitzer, E. (2016a). News media education as a citizenship challenge. Report on the e-Lab experimentation . Paris: Canopé-CLEMI. Bevort, E., & Schweitzer, E. (2016b). Images of sciences in the media. Report on the e-Lab experimentation . Paris: Canopé-CLEMI. Cohen, L., Manion, L., & Morrison, K. (2011). Research Methods in Education (7th ed.). London and

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Cameroonians in Oslo, Diaspora, and Uses of the Media

References Aksoy, A. & Robins, K. (2000) ‘Thinking Across Spaces: Transnational Television from Turkey’, European Journal of Cultural Studies , 3(3) 343-365. Appadurai, A. (1990) ‘Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy’, Public Culture , 2(2) 1-24. Bhabha, H. (1990) Nation and Narration . London: Routledge. Burnheim, S. (1999) ‘The Right to Communicate: The Internet in Africa’, Southern African Media Law Briefing 4(3) 6-11. Castells, M. (2001) The Internet Galaxy: Reflections on the Internet, Business and

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Risk, Crisis, and Social Media
A systematic review of seven years’ research

References Alexander, David E. (2014). Social Media in Disaster Risk Reduction and Crisis Management. Science and Engineering Ethics , 20(3): 717-733. Austin, Lucinda; Liu, Brooke Fisher & Jin, Yan (2012). How Audiences seek out Crisis Information: Exploring the Social-mediated Crisis Communication Model. Journal of Applied Communication Research , 40(2): 188-207. Bergeron, Caroline & Friedman, Daniela B. (2015). Developing an Evaluation Tool for Disaster Risk Messages. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal , 24(5): 570

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Researching Media Convergence and Crossmedia News Production
Mapping the Field

References Barthes, Roland (1977) ‘The Death of the Author’, in Roland Barthes: Image - Music Text. Fontana/Collins. Bechmann Petersen, Anja (forthcoming) Cross-media Production - Interplay between Media Platforms. University of Aarhus. Bechmann Petersen, Anja og Rasmussen, Steen K. (eds.) (2007) På tværs af medier. AJOUR (forthcoming). Bell, Allan (1991) The Language of News Media. Oxford: Blackwell. Boczkowski. Pablo J. (2004) Digitizing the News. Innovation in Online Newspapers

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The Development of Diorama Learning Media Transportation Themes to Develop Language Skill Children’s Group B

References Akhtar Naz, Ahsan., Rafaqat Ali Akbar. 2008. Use of Media for Effective Instruction its Importance: Some Consideration. Journal of Elementary Education. Vol. 18(1-2) 35-40. Akbar, Sa’dun. (2013). Instrumen Perangkat Pembelajaran.Bandung: PT Remaja Rosdakarya. Ardhana, W. (2001). Konsep Penelitian Pengembangan Dalam Bidang Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran. Malang: Universitas Negeri Malang. Arsyad, Azhar. (2004). Media Pembelajaran. Jakarta: Raja Grafindo Persada. Borg, W. R. and Gall, M. D. (1983). Educational Research An

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Brand Identity, Adaptation, and Media Franchise Culture

in a Global Media Age. London and New York: Routledge. Hutcheon, Linda. 2006. A Theory of Adaptation. New York: Routledge. Johnson, Derek. 2009. Franchising Media Worlds: Content Networks and the Collaborative Production of Culture. Diss. U of Wisconsin-Madison. Leitch, Thomas M. 2003. Twelve Fallacies in Contemporary Adaptation Theory. Criticism vol. 45 no. 2 (Spring):149-171. Last accessed at 24. 09. 2014. McHale, Brian. 1996

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Hypertheatre or Media Entanglement in the Theatre of Jay Scheib

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The Polaroid and the Cross. Media-Reflexivity and Allegorical Figurations in Lucian Pintilie’s The Oak (1992)

-Object. Journal of Visual Culture vol. 9. no. 2: 189–207. Doane, Mary Ann. 2009. Scale and the Negotiation of ‘Real’ and ‘Unreal’ Space in the Cinema. In Realism and the Audiovisual Media , eds. Lúcia Nagib and Cecília Mello, 63–81. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. Caufman-Blumenfeld, Odette. 1998. The Oak : A Balancing Act from Page to Screen. Film/Literature Quarterly vol. 26. no. 4: 267–278. Foucault, Michel. 1986. Of Other Spaces. Diacritics vol. 16. no. 1: 22–27. Gorzo, Andrei. 2013. Concerning the Local Precursors of the New

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What educational leaders should know about social media, collaboration and doctoral learning

:// Babbie, E. (2013). The practice of social research. Wadsworth: Belmont, CA. Bennett, L., & Folley, S. (2014, May 26). A tale of two doctoral students: Social media tools and hybridised identities. Research in Learning Technology, 22(1). doi:10.3402/rlt.v22.23791 Bazeley, P., & Jackson, K. (2013). Qualitative data analysis with NVIVO 11. Thousands Oaks, CA: SAGE. Berger, R. (2015). Challenges and strategies in social work and social welfare PhD education: Helping candidates jump through the dissertation hoops. Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 35

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