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Working Area of the Helicopter Pad Stabilization Mechanism

. Mechanical Engineering Science Proc. ImechE, Vol. 224, Part C, 710-720, 2010. [5] Han, C., Kim, J., Kim, J., Park, F. C., Kinematic sensitivity analysis of the 3-UPU parallel mechanism , Mechanism and Machine Theory, 37, 787-798, 2002. [6] Ider, S. K., Inverse dynamics of parallel manipulators in the presence of drive singularities , Mechanism and Machine Theory, 40, 33-44, 2005. [7] Quennouelle, C., Gosselin, C. M., Stiffness Matrix of Compliant Parallel Mechanisms , Advanced in Robot Kinematics: Analysis and Design, 331-341, 2008. [8] Sanchez

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Control Engineering as a Part of Undergraduate Curriculum for Mechanical Engineering in India


In this present study we have traced the genesis of control engineering in the scope of mechanical engineering and then some analysis on its recent developments, their increasing need and how this particular subject has evolved machines functioning nowadays specifically its standard of education in India. We have probed this field right from its starting. We have examined how it is required as a proper course for mechanical engineering students and in which order the evolution in this field is expanding and, at the same time, its level of education in India and where we are in confronting the business need in terms of quality and quantity of students. The point is that it holds significance in near future. Over the years control engineering has been expanding its perimeter in various branches such mechanics, electronics, instrumentation, electrics, chemistry, aeronautics, mechatronics, etc. As a result, numerous interactive feedback structure from the output and the ability to alter the input accordingly have given the world a new era of equipment commonly termed as “smart devices” which have changed the lifestyle of common people. Furthermore, its various applications in different industry have also favored its development. So, some views from the industry prospective have been included to find out about the skills that are required for aspiring and practicing control engineers having mechanical engineering background.

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CFD Analysis of Dry Cask Nuclear Fuel Storage

References [1] Jakubec J., Paulech J., Kutiš V., Gálik G. “Influence Bypass on Thermo-Hydraulics of VVER440 Fuel Assembly”, Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering 67 (1), pp. 69 – 76, 2017 . DOI: 10.1515/scjme-2017-0007 [2] Kutiš, V., Jakubec, J., Paulech, J., Gálik, G., Sedlár, T. “CFD Analysis of Downcomer of Nuclear Reactor VVER 440”, Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering 66 (2), pp. 55 – 62, 2016 . DOI: 10.1515/scjme-2016-0018 [3] ANSYS Design Modeler, Manual, 2015 . [4] ANSYS ICEM CFD, Manual, 2015

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Software for Model Preparation of Transmission Lattice Construction

References [1] “ANSYS Swanson Analysis System”, Inc.: ANSYS Multiphysics, 201 Johnson Road, Houston, PA 15342/1300, USA, 2011 . [2] WOLFRAM, S. “Mathematica 5”, Wolfram research, Inc., software, 2003 . [3] Benča, Š. “Výpočtové postupy MKP pri riešení lineárnych úloh mechaniky”, Vydavateľstvo STU Bratislava, 150 pp., 2006 . ISBN 80-227-2404-1 [4] Hrabovský, J., Gogola, R., Murín, J., Sedlár, T. “Modeling of ice-shedding from ACSR power line”, In: Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical engineering 67 (1), pp. 45 – 54, 2017 . DOI: 10

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Biomechanics – Experimental Determination of Critical Force Needed for Cannula to be Torn out

References [1] Frydrýšek, K., Halo, T., Čepica, D., Fojtík, F. “Pulling out of Infusion Hoses (measurement report)”, VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, Department of Applied Mechanics, pp. 1 – 20, 2019 . [2] Halo, T. “Biomechanika - Samonavíjecí infuzní hadičky (Biomechanics - Automatic Roll-up Infusion Hoses) “, unpublished bachelor thesis (written in Czech language), VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, 2019 , head of thesis Karel FRYDRÝŠEK [3] Frydrýšek, K., Čepica, D., Halo, T. “Stochastic Loading

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The Fe Analysis and Variation of Composite Top Hat Shaped Beam

References [1] Ranakoti, L. et al. “Natural fibers and biopolymers characterization: A future potential composite material”, Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering 68 (1), 33 – 50, 2018 . DOI: 10.2478/scjme-2018-0004 [2] Choudhury, A. et al. “Effect of Lamination Angle and Thickness on Analysis of Composite Plate Under Thermo Mechanical Loading”, Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering 67 (1), pp. 5 – 22, 2017 . DOI: 10.1515/scjme-2017-0001 [3] LAŠ, V. “Mechanika kompozitních materiálů”, 2 nd ed. In Plzeň

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Mechanical Analysis of Clamp for Powerline Conductors

– Vonkajšie silové vedenia”, Edičné stredisko SVŠT Bratislava, pp. 32, 1990 . [14] Hrabovský, J., Gogola, R., Murín, J., Sedlár, T. “Modeling of ice-shedding from ACSR power line”, Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering 67 (1), pp. 45 – 54, 2017 . DOI: 10.1515/scjme-2017-0005 [15] Šlesar, P., Jančo, R. “Press-fit evaluation and study of displacement in temperature changes”, Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering 68 (1), pp. 103 – 108, 2018 . DOI: 10.2478/scjme-2018-0011

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Experimental Modelling and Control of a Tower Crane in the Frequency Domain

References [1] Singhose W. et al. “Applications and educational uses of crane oscillation control”, FME Transactions 34, pp. 175–183, 2006 . [2] Tower Crane – User´s manual. ver. 9.6, INTECO, Ltd., [online] Available at: [Accessed: 7.2.2013] [3] Úradníček J., Musil M., Bachratý M. “Frequency response function measurement on simplified disc brake model”, Strojnícky časopis – Journal of Mechanical Engineering 68 (3), pp. 225 – 230, 2018 . DOI: 10.2478/scjme-2018-0036 [4] Minár, M., Čápková R

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