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Enzymes in Tenderization of Meat - The System of Calpains and Other Systems - a Review

longissimus dorsi muscle. Meat Sci., 2001, 58, 135-144. Ilian M. A., Morton J. D., Kent M. P., Le Couteur C. E., Hickford J., Cowley R., Bickerstaffe R., Intermuscular variation in tenderness: Association with the ubiquitous and muscle-specific calpains. J. Anim. Sci. 2001, 79, 122-132. Ilian M. A., Bekhit A. E., Bickerstaffe R., The relationship between meat tenderization, myofibril fragmentation and autolysis of calpain 3 during post-mortem ageing. Meat Sci., 2004a, 66, 387-397. Ilian M. A

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20. The Effect of Muscle Type and Time of Storage on Myofibrillar Protein Proportion in Beef

changes in the process of meat tenderization. Anim. Sci. Pap. Rep., 21, Supl. 1: 133-151. Purslow P.P. (2005). Intramuscular connective tissue and its role in meat quality. Meat Sci., 70: 435-447. Sawdy J.C., Kaiser S.A., St-Pierre N.R., Wick M.P. (2004). Myofibrillar 1-Dfingerprints and myosin heavy chain MSanalyses of beef loin at 36hpostmortem correlate with tenderness at 7 days. Meat Sci., 67: 421-426. Sazili A.Q., Parr T., Sensky P.L., Jones S.W., Bardsley R.G., Buttery P.J. (2005). The relationship between slow and

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Beef tenderness improvement by dietary vitamin D3 supplementation in the last stage of fattening of cattle

., Picard B., Jacquet A., Pethick D.W., Scollan N.D.: Opportunities for predicting and manipulating beef quality. Meat Sci 2012, 92, 197–209. 15. Huff-Lonergan E., Zhang W., Lonergan S.M.: Biochemistry of postmortem muscle - lessons on mechanisms of meat tenderization. Meat Sci 2010, 86, 184–195. 16. Juárez M., Dugan M.E.R., Aldai N., Basarab J.A., Baron V.S., McAllister T.A., Aalhus J.L.: Beef quality attributes as affected by increasing the intramuscular levels of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids. Meat Sci 2012, 90, 764–769. 17. Juszczak-Kubiak E

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A comparison of selected biochemical characteristics of meat from nutrias (Myocastor coypus Mol.) and rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) / Porównanie wskaźników biochemicznych mięsa nutrii (Myocastor coypus Mol.) i królików (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

fattening rabbits: Performance and carcass characteristics. Meat Sci., 82: 200-204. Liu A., Nishimura T., Takahashi K. (1994). Structural changes in endomysium and perimysium post-mortem aging of chicken semitendinosus muscle - contribution of structural weakening of intramuscular connective tissue to meat tenderization. Meat Sci., 38: 315-328. Łapa P., Maj D., Bieniek J. (2008). Color and texture of rabbit meat of meat breeds and their crosses (in Polish). Med. Weter., 64, 4A: 454-456. Maj D., Bieniek J., Łapa P. (2008

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Relationships among pre-slaughter stress, rigor mortis, blood lactate, and meat and carcass quality in pigs

, Wiegant V: Long-lasting stress sensitisation. Eur J Pharmacol 2000, 405: 217-224. 21. Stam R, van Laar TJ, Akkermans LM, Wiegant VM: Variability factors in the expression of stress-induced behavioural sensitisation. Behav Brain Res 2002, 132: 69-76. 22. Huff Lonergan E, Zhang W, Lonergan SM: Biochemistry of post-mortem muscle - Lessons on mechanisms of meat tenderization. Meat Sci 2010, 86: 184-195. 23. Warriss PD: Meat Science: An Introductory Text, 2nd edition, Cabi Publishing, Cambridge; 2010. 24. Shiang

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21. Effect of Vacuum Ageing on Instrumental and Sensory Textural Properties of Meat from Uhruska Lambs

.H., Peth -ick D.W. (2013). Associations of sire estimated breeding values and objective meat quality measurements with sensory scores in Australian lamb. Meat Sci., 96: 1076-1087. Pethick D.W., Banks R.G., Hales J., Ross I.R. (2006). Australian prime lamb -avision for 2020. Int. J. Sheep Wool Sci., 54: 66-73. Pospiech E., Grześ B., Łyczyński A., Boruta K., Szalata M., Mikołajczak B. (2003). Muscle proteins and their changes in the process of meat tenderization. Anim. Sci. Pap. Rep., 21: 133-151. Rokicki T. (2007). Situation

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Postmortem Degradation of Desmin and Dystrophin in Breast Muscles from Capons and Cockerels

changes. Meat Sci., 71: 194–204. Huff-Lonergan E., Baas T.J., Malek M., Dekkers J.C.M., Prusa K., Rothschild M.F. (2002). Correlations among selected pork quality traits. J. Anim. Sci., 80: 2–10. Huff-Lonergan E., Zhang W., Lonergan S.M. (2010). Biochemistry of postmortem muscle – lessons on mechanisms of meat tenderization. Meat Sci., 86: 184–195. Hughes J.M., Oiseth S.K., Purslow P.P., Warner R.D. (2014). A structural approach to understanding the interactions between colour, water-holding capacity and tenderness. Meat Sci., 98: 520

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Impact of the ageing process on the intensity of post mortem proteolysis and tenderness of beef from crossbreeds

.R., Greaser M.L.: Factors affecting polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and electroblotting of high-molecular-weight myofibrillar proteins. Anal Biochem. 1989, 180, 205–210. 12. Guzek D., Głąbska D., Plewa P., Kozań K., Pietras J., Plewa R., Pogorzelska E., Pogorzelski G., Trajer J., Wierzbicka A.: Wild boar meat sensory attributes contributing general meat quality. Bull Vet Inst Pulawy 2013, 57, 357-363. 13. Huff Lonergan E., Zhang W., Lonergan S.M.: Biochemistry of post-mortem muscle - lesson on mechanisms of meat tenderization. Meat Sci 2010, 86, 184

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The Quality Evaluation of RFN and PSE Pork Longissimus Lumborum Muscle Considering Its Microstructure

.M. (2010). Biochemistry of postmortem muscle – Lessons on mechanisms of meat tenderization. Meat Sci., 86: 184–195. Irving T.C., Swatland H.J., Milman B.M. (1989). X-ray diffraction measurements of myofilament lattice spacing and optical measurements of reflectance and sarcomere length in commercial pork loin. J. Anim. Sci., 67: 152–156. Joo S.T., Kauffman R.G., Kim B.C., Park G.B. (1999). The relationship of sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar protein solubility to colour and water-holding capacity in porcine longissimus muscle. Meat Sci., 52: 291–297. Karamucki T

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Myosin Heavy Chain Composition, Rate of Dystrophin and Integrin Degradation and Meat Quality of Pig Longissimus thoracis and psoas major Muscles During Postmortem Aging

., Beltrame F., Marcenaro G., Bonilla E. (1992). Dystrophin at the plasma membrane of human muscle fibers shows a costameric localization. J. Clin. Neuromuscul. Dis., 2: 99–109. Morrison H.E., Mielche M.M., Purlsow P.P. (1998). Immunolocalisation of intermediate filament proteins in porcine meat. Fibre type and muscle-specific variations during conditioning. Meat Sci., 50: 91–104. Nowak M. (2005). The role of calpains in the meat tenderization process. Zywn.-Nauk. Technol. Ja., 1: 5–17. Oksbjerg N., Petersen J.S., Sorensen I.L., Henckel P.P., Vestergaard M

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