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Rotating Shaft Tilt Angle Measurement Using an Inclinometer

References [1] Chen, B., Zhang, X., Zhang, H., He, X., Xu, M. (2014). Investigation of error separation for three dimensional profile rotary measuring system. Measurement, 47, 627-632. [2] Liu, Z., Zhu, J., Yang, L., Liu, H., Wu, J., Xue, B. (2013). A single-station multi-tasking 3D coordinate measurement method for large-scale metrology based on rotary-laser scanning. Measurement Science and Technology, 24 (10), 105004. [3] Prikhodko, I.P., Zotov, S.A., Trusov, A.A., Shkel, A.M. (2013). What is MEMS

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Numerical Analysis of Isotropy Electromagnetic Sensor Measurement Error

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Influence of Wilbraham-Gibbs Phenomenon on Digital Stochastic Measurement of EEG Signal Over an Interval

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Measurement Science is the Science of Sciences - There is no Science without Measurement

Production: Marxist Approaches to Economic Anthropology. London: Frank Cass. [6] Ishikawa, S. (2006). Mathematical Foundations of Measurement Theory . Keio University Press Inc. [7] Ishikawa, S. (2012). Quantum mechanics and the philosophy of language: Reconsideration of traditional philosophies. Journal of Quantum Information Science, vol. 2, no. 1, p. 2-9. [8] Clark, M. (2007). Statistics: A clarification . University Information Technology. [9] Ishikawa, S. (2012). Measurement theory in the philosophy of science. arXiv:1209.3483 [physics

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An Algebraic Approach to Unital Quantities and their Measurement

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Torsor Theory of Physical Quantities and their Measurement

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Design of MEMS accelerometer based acceleration measurement system for automobiles

References [1] Tseng, H.E., Ashrafi, B., Madau, D., Allen Brown, T., Recker, D. (1999). The development of vehicle stability control at Ford. Mechatronics [2] Ferguson, S.A. (2007). The effectiveness of electronic stability control in reducing real-world crashes: A literature review. 329-338. [3] Stein, G.J., Chmúrny, R., Rosík, V. (2011). Compact vibration measuring system for in-vehicle applications. Measurement Science Review, [4] Stein, G.J., Chmúrny, R., Rosík, V. (2007). Measurement and

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Rapid Measurement of Involute Profiles for Scroll Compressors

References Morishita, E. (1993). A basic technology of scroll compressor. Japan Industrial Publishing CO. LTD., Turbo Machinery 21-12, 720-728. Chen, Y., Halm, N., Groll, E., Braun, J. (2002). Mathematical modeling of scroll compressors — part 1: compression process modeling. International Journal of Refrigeration , 25 (6), 731-750. Inada, A., Gao, W. (2007). A high-speed profile measurement system for scroll compressors. In Proceedings of the 4 th International Conference on

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Measurement of Maximum Deviation from Roundness Based on the Inverse Kinematics Principle

applied to the model of corrections based on Global Metric, Monte Carlo and Neural Network methods. Procedia Engineering , 132, 796-803. [4] Swornowski, P.J. (2014). A new concept of continuous measurement and error correction in a coordinate measuring technique using a PC. Measurement 50, 99-105. [5] Aguado, S., Santolaria, J., Samper, D., Aguilar, J.J. (2016). Forecasting method in multilateration accuracy based on laser tracker measurement. Measurement Science and Technology , 28 (2), 025011. [6] Deng, Y.F., Guo, J.J., Wang, J.D., Wang, H. (2012

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Optimization Method for Solution Model of Laser Tracker Multilateration Measurement

R eferences [1] Sharke, P. (2003). Measuring across space and time: Large-scale metrology moves GPS in out of the rain. Mechanical Engineering , 125 (1), 48. [2] Lin, J., Zhu, J., Guo, Y., Guo, T., Ye, S. (2012). Establishment of precise three-dimensional coordinate control network in field large-space. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering , 48 (4), 6-11. [3] Hughes, B., Forbes, A., Lewis, A., Sun, W., Veal, D., Nasr, K. (2011). Laser tracker error determination using a network measurement. Measurement Science and Technology, 22, 1

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