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The mammalian oocytes maturation is the compound process that involves morphological and molecular changes. These modifications include storage of macromolecules, which are crucial for proteins biosynthesis during periimplantation stages of embryo development. This study was aimed to investigate the genes expression profile encoding macromolecules important for regulation of proper porcine oocytes maturation.

The porcine oocytes were collected from large ovarian follicles and analyzed both before and after in vitro maturation (IVM). Additionally, to check the developmental competence status, brilliant crezyl blue test (BCB) was performed. The obtained cDNA was used for biotin labeling and fragmentation by AffymetrixGeneChip® WT Terminal Labeling and Hybridization (Affymetrix). The preliminary analysis of the scanned chips was performed using AffymetrixGeneAtlasTM Operating Software. The created CEL files were imported into downstream data analysis software.

In results, we found expression of 419 different genes, 379 genes were down-regulated and 40 genes were up-regulated in relation to the oocyte transcriptome before in vitro procedure. We observed up-regulation of all genes involved in “positive regulation of macromolecule metabolic process” before IVM as compared to transcriptional profile analyzed after IVM.

In conclusion, we suggested that genes encoding proteins involved in macromolecule metabolism are important for achieving of porcine oocytes maturational stage. Moreover, the “activity of macromolecules metabolism” is much more increased in immature oocytes.

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The histological changes observed in the pituitary corticotrophs, gonadotrophs, adrenocortical tissues and testicular cells in M. vittatus (Bloch, 1794) have been studies during growth, maturation and spawning phases. The studies based on the changes observed in the cell types, shape and size of the cells of the adrenocortical tissues, testes and the overall percentage of gonadotroph (GTH) and thyrotroph (TSH) cells of the pituitary. However, during growth phase, in proximal pars distalis (PPD) the considerable increment of GTH and TSH have been observed having intense aniline blue stain. The corticotrophs (ACTH) also showed significant accumulation of fuchsinophilic cytoplasmic granules. The cytoplasmic features and the architecture of the interrenal cells were well coincident with the increase of different spermatogenic cells. During the maturation phase dense granulation in the GTH and TSH cells appeared to be concomitant with the spermiation. The amount of cytoplasmic granules of the interrenal cells increased than chromaffin cells and was well coincidence with the increase of spermatids and spermatozoa. The hyperactive and vacuolated features of the interrenal cells during spawning phase appeared to be concomitant with the final process of spermiation.