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Mathematics and Engineering Innovation Inspired by Nature

References [1] ADAM. .J. A.: Mathematics in Nature: Modeling Patterns in the Natural World. Princeton University Press. Princeton. N.J. 2006. [2] BARROW, .J. D.: The Artful Universe. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1995. [3] Randomness and Complexity, from Leibniz to Chaitin (C. S. Calndo, ed.). World Scientific. Hackensaek, N.J. 2007. [4] CALUDE. C. S.-GRUSKA. .J.: Quantum informatics and the. relations between infor- matics, physics and mathematics: a dialogue. Centre for Discrete Mathematics and

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New Year Mathematical Card or V Points Mathematical Constant

Catanary”, IT in Schools , 4, 58_62, 2017. [5] Ochkov V. F, Bogomolova E. P., Ivanov D. A. Physical and Mathematical Informatic with Mathcad and Internet , Moscow, Lan Publishing House, 556 pp, 2018. English version (2 5 Problems for STEM Education ): [6] Monte Carlo Method: [7] mathcad forums. https

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Mathematics Admission Test Remarks

References 1. Kaljas, T. (2006). State examinations of mathematics at Estonian schools. In Teching Mathematics. Retrospective and Perspectives. 12-13 May 2006 (pp. 24). Tartu, Estonia: University of Tartu. 2. Lepmann, L., Lepmann, T., & Afanasjev, J. (2009). Mathematics education in Estonia at the beginning of the 21 century. In Teching Mathematics. Retrospective and Perspectives, 14-16 May 2009 (pp. 22-23). Tallinn, Estonia: Tallinn University. 3. Madison, B. L., Linde, C. S., Decker, B.R., Rigsby, E.M., Dingman, S.W., & Stegman, C.E. (2015). A

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Finding Hidden Structures, Hierarchies, and Cores in Networks via Isospectral Reduction

& Business Media 2013 [4] F. Chung. Spectral Graph Theory Number 92, American Mathematical Soc., 1997. Chung F. Spectral Graph Theory Number 92 American Mathematical Soc 1997 [5] L. A. Bunimovich and B. Webb, Isospectral Transformations: A New Approach to Analyzing Multidimensional Systems and Networks New York: Springer, 2014. Bunimovich L. A. Webb B. Isospectral Transformations: A New Approach to Analyzing Multidimensional Systems and Networks New York Springer 2014 [6] J. Almendral and A. Diaz-Guilera, Dynamical and Spectral

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A Constructivist Approach to the Teaching of Mathematics to Boost Competences Needed for Sustainable Development

References 1. Bognar, B., Gajger, V., Ivic V. (2015). Constructivist E-learning in Higher Education. Faculty of Teacher Education University of Zagreb Conference - Researching Paradigms of Childhood and Education - UFZG2015, Opatija, Croatia. 2. Clements, D.H., Battista, M.T. (2009). Constructivist Learning and Teaching. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc. . 3. Cobb, P. (1988). The Tension between Theories of Learning and Instruction in Mathematics Education. Educational Psychologist 23 (1988): 87–103. 4

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About The Role Of The Mathematics In The Engineering Education

REFERENCES 1. Banerjee, R., Muley, V. P., Engineering Education in India , Final Raport, Sponsored by Observer Research Foundation, Energy Systems Engineering, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai – 400076, 2007. 2. Freudenthal, H. (1968), Why to teach mathematics as to be useful?, Educational studies in mathematics , 1 (1), 3-8. 3. Freudenthal, H. (1973), Mathematics as an Educational Task (Doretrecht , The Netherlands: Reidel). 4. Henderson, S., Keen, G. (2008). Mathematics education for 21st century engineering students : Literature review. Australian

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Mathematics: What’s Spatial, What’s Not

References Arlinghaus W., 1991. Chapter 10 in Michaels, J. and Rosen, K. Applications of discrete mathematics . McGraw-Hill, New York. Dembowski P., 1968. Finite geometries . Springer-Verlag, Berlin. Hayes B., 2006. Unwed numbers. American Scientist 94(1): 12–15. Ryser H., 1963. Combinatorial mathematics . Carus Monograph #14, Mathematical Association of America. Shortz W., 2009. A new puzzle challenges math skills. The New York Times , February 8.

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The Relationship between Mathematics Teachers’ Teaching Approaches and 9th Grade Students’ Mathematical Self

teaching of mathematics. In P. Ernest (Ed.), Mathematics teaching: The state of the art (pp. 249-254). London, Falmer Press. Fox, R. (2001). Constructivism examined. Oxford Review of Education, 27, 23-35. Hancock, D. R., Bray M., & Nason, S. A. (2003). Influencing university students’ achievement and motivation in a technology course. The Journal of Educational Research, 95, 365-372. Hoffman, B., & Schraw, G. (2009). The influence of self-efficacy and working memory capacity on problem-solving efficiency. Learning and

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Evolutionary optimization of interval mathematics-based design of a TSK fuzzy controller for anti-sway crane control

References Auernig, J.W. and Troger, H. (1987). Time optimal control of overhead cranes with hoisting of the load, Automatica 23(4): 437-447. Bańka, S., Dworak, P. and Jaroszewski, K. (2013). Linear adaptive structure for control of a nonlinear MIMO dynamic plant, International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 23(1): 47-63, DOI: 10.2478/amcs-2013-0005. Benhidjeb, A. and Gissinger, G.L. (1995). Fuzzy control of an overhead crane performance comparison with classic control, Control

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Constructivist Beliefs of Latvian Mathematics Teachers: Looking into Future

References Aguirre, J. (2009). Teacher domain specific beliefs and their impact on mathematics education reform. In J. Maaß & W. Schlöglmann (Eds.), Beliefs and attitudes in mathematics education: New research results (pp. 45-58). Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Sense. Becker, H. J, & Riel, M. M. (1999). Teacher role orientation: Classroom focus versus collaborative professional practice . Retrieved December 20, 1999, from Board of Studies New

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