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Drivers of Customer Centricity: Role of Environmental-level, Organization-level and Department-level Variables

. Morgan (2005), “Benchmarking Marketing Capabilities for Sustainable Competitive Advantage”, Journal of Marketing, 69 (January), 80-94. Wieseke, Jan, Florian Kraus, Michael Ahearne, and Sven Mikolon (2012), „Multiple Identification Foci and Their Countervailing Effects on Salespeople’s Negative Headquarters Stereotypes“, Journal of Marketing, 2012, 1-20 Vol 76 (May)

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Getting Marketing back into the boardroom: The influence of the marketing department in companies today


What influence do marketing departments have in companies today? Which factors determine this influence? These are the issues discussed in the present article. Empirical evidence based on data from companies in the Netherlands demonstrates that accountability, innovativeness and customer connections are the three major drivers of influence. The need for a strong marketing department within companies is also discussed, supported by empirical data.

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Sustainable Top Managers and their Activities in the Enterprise of the Future

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The Analysis of Marketing performance in Yogyakarta SMEs

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Linking CRM capabilities to business performance: a comparison within markets and between products

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Stop hitting the woodwork! CRM for better fan-identification in Romanian second division football clubs

-985. San-Martín, S., Jiménez, N.H., López-Catalán, B. (2016). “The firms benefits of mobile CRM from the relationship marketing approach and the TOE model”, Spanish Journal of Marketing - ESIC, 20(1), 18-29. Song T.H., Kim, S.Y., Kim, J.Y. (2016), “The dynamic effect of customer equity across firm growth: The case of small and medium-sized online retailers”, Journal of Business Research, 69(9), 3755-3764. Wang E.T.G., Hu, H., Hu, P. J.-H. (2013), “Examining the role of information technology in cultivating firms’ dynamic marketing capabilities”, Information

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Analysis of internationalization trends in the construction industry with an overview on Croatian construction companies

implementation, export marketing capabilities, and export venture performance. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (2), pp. 271-289. Ofori, G. (2003). Frameworks for analysing international construction. Construction Management and Economics, 21 (4), pp. 379-391. Pheng, L. S., & Hongbin, J. (2003). Internationalization of Chinese Construction Enterprises. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 129 (6), pp. 589-598. Poslovna Hrvatska. Pregled poslovanja poslovnih subjekata . 2018 [cited 2018. 18.12.]; Available from: http

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The Perception of Administrative Barriers and Their Implications for SMEs’ Performance: Evidence from Slovenia

–24, 2014, Budapest, Hungary. Lee, S., Dinis, M. C. D. S. N., Lowe, L., & Anders, K. (2016). Statistics for international social work and other behavioral sciences. Oxford University Press. Merrilees, B., Rundle-Thiele, S., & Lye, A (2011). Marketing capabilities: Antecedents and implications for B2B SME performance. Industrial Marketing Management, 40(3), 368-375. Milavec, U., & Klun, M. (2011). Familiarity with Measures to Reduce Administrative Burdens in the Public and Private Sector in Slovenia. Uprava, 11(1), pp. 7-23. Ministry of Economic

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Role of technology entrepreneurship in the development of innovativeness of small and medium-sized enterprises

zarządzania małymi i średnimi przedsiębiorstwami, [in:] M. Matejun (ed.), Zarządzanie małą i średnią firmą w teorii i w ćwiczeniach, Difin, Warszawa. 23. Lin C.T.S. (2015), Competitive Advantage for Fast Growth SMEs: A Study of the Effects of Business Orientation and Marketing Capabilities on Firm Performance, [in:] H.E. Spotts (ed.), Marketing, Technology and Customer Commitment in the New Economy, Springer International Publishing, Cham. 24. Matejun M. (2013), Metody i zakres prowadzonych badań empirycznych, [in:] S. Lachiewicz, M. Matejun

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Market Orientation and Survival of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria

Performance: a Case Study of Small and Entrepreneur Business. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business , 5(3), pp.688-697. [47] Murray, J.Y., Gao, G.Y. and Kotabe, M., 2011. Market Orientation and Performance of Export Ventures: The Process through Marketing Capabilities and Competitive Advantages. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science , 39, pp.252-269, . [48] Mutlu, H.M., and Surer, A., 2015. Effects of Market, e-Marketing, and Technology Orientations on Innovativeness and Performance in

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