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PB 20 Open Access Marion Aptroot, Jasmina Huber Abstract Isaac Wetzlar’s Libes briv (1748/9) was not printed, but circulated in manuscript form. The manuscript transmission spans a period of at least 65 years. No autograph has survived. Nine manuscripts are known today, some of which have been heavily edited. The article discusses earlier research on the manuscripts, transmission and audience, textual variants, and the different titles under which the text was circulated. Keywords Isaac Wetzlar, Libes briv (1748/9), Yiddish, manuscript transmission Received

Primary Sources: NM, NML, CMF : National Museum, National Museum Library, collection of manuscript fragments, shelf marks 1 C b and 1 A b. NM, NMA, NMLA, KOMÁREK : National Museum, National Museum Archives, National Museum Library Agenda, the typewritten manuscript O hmotné podstatě RKZ s přílohami MPKV… [The Material Substance of the RKZ with Supplements from The Love Song of King Wenceslas] by Václav Komárek from 1961, manual pagination 267. Literature: BENEŠ et al. 2015 : BENEŠ, Jiří et al. Rukopisné zlomky Knihovny Národního muzea: Signatury 1 B a 1 C


The article presents recently found fragments of an Old Czech Biblical manuscript from the 15th century, namely the Bible of Pernstein (Prague, National Library of the CR, shelf mark XVII A 7), representing the third redaction of the Old Czech Bible translation. The twenty strips from eighteen parchment folios contain short passages from various Biblical books and Biblical prologues.

1 This paper is based on the author’s post-doctoral project “Latin abbreviations in Middle English literary manuscripts: evolution of forms and functions” (UMO-2012/05/B/HS2/03996), supported by Polish National Science Centre. REFERENCES PRIMARY SOURCES British Library MS Royal D II 18 < > SECONDARY SOURCES Carroll, Ruth, Matti Peikola, Hanna Salmi, Mari-Lisa Varila, Janne Skaffari & Risto Hiltunen. 2013. Pragmatics on the Page. Visual text in late medieval English books. European Journal of

Manuscript content and structure Publication of new research is an essential step in scientific progress (Szabo et al. in press). Many books and other published recommendations provide a large, sometimes excessive amount of issues and information to be included, and of mistakes to be avoided in a scientific paper. However, there is a lack of simple and clear recommendations on how to write a manuscript. To make life easier for new authors, we propose a simple hypothesis-based approach, which consistently follows the study hypothesis, section by section

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6 Musicalia 1–2 / 2018 Musicalia 1–2 / 2018, 6–29 DOI 10.1515/muscz-2018-0001 Medieval Organ Tablature on a Manuscript Fragment from the National Museum Library 1) BROM, Vlastimil et al.: Rukopisné zlomky Knihovny Národního muzea. Signatury 1 D, 1 E a  1 G (Manuscript Fragments of the National Museum Library. Shelf Marks 1 D, 1 E, and 1 G), National Museum, Prague 2016, p. 64. Martin Horyna Abstract: The manuscript fragment in the collection of the National Museum Library in Prague under shelf mark 1 D a 3/52 is a sheet of paper with writing on both sides

. Barbu-Bucur, S. (1988). Iovașcu Vlahul. Protopsaltul curții Ungrovlahiei și epoca sa în manuscrisele de la Muntele Athos. [Iovașcu the Vlach. Protopsaltes at the Ungro-Wallachian Court and His Epoch in the Manuscripts of Mount Athos]. Biserica Ortodoxă Română [“Romanian Orthodox Church” Journal], Year C VI (1988), 7-8 , 62-104. București. Barbu-Bucur, S., Archd. (1990). Rugăciune [Prayer]. Vestitorul Ortodoxiei Românești [The Herald of Romanian Orthodoxy Journal], Year II, 13-14 . București. Barbu-Bucur, S., Archd. (1990). Cântări la înmormântare și parastas