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This paper considered a problem of: the reliability of performance of a nosedive of a jet powered aircraft in the context of the ability of pilots trained on a simulator to reliably accomplish a combat mission. For research purposes, the manoeuvre of attack of a target with the nosedive, which is most commonly used by the pilots performing flights on different types of modern aircrafts, and the basic manoeuvre during aircrew training, both basic and advanced were assumed. The research was conducted on a flight simulator.

The Safety of Ship During Berthing Manoeuvre Process to the Quay

The berthing of ship to the quay is last stage of navigation advance. An ideal manoeuvre would be consisted in a total loss of speed at the moment the ship makes contact with the quay. The accident can happened as results of unwanted ship's strike to the quay. In results, the damage of ship's hull or port structure can occur. It can happened when will be exceeding the admissible energy during contact the ship-quay. The fenders improve the safety of berthing operations by partially absorbing the kinetic energy of ship. The paper presents the analysis of risk of accident when ship berthing. Besides, the possibility of its decreasing by use of fenders will be considered.

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