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Idea Management and Web-Based Idea Management Systems Situation and Potential in Latvia

R eferences Applegate, L. M. (1986). Idea management in organization planning (brainstorming, strategy). (Doctoral dissertation, University of Arizona: Arizona). Applegate L. M. 1986 Idea management in organization planning (brainstorming, strategy) Doctoral dissertation University of Arizona Arizona Bansemir, B. & Neyer, A. K. (2009). From idea management systems to interactive innovation management systems: Designing for interaction and knowledge exchange. The 9th International Conference on Business Informatics , (pp. 860

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Expert Assessment of Conditions for Accredited Quality Management System Functioning in Testing Laboratories

REFERENCES [1] U. Ricci, “Establishment of an ISO 17025:2005 accredited forensic genetics laboratory in Italy”, Accred Qual Assur, vol. 19, iss. 4, pp 289-299, June, 2014. [2] K, Hullihen, V. Fitzsimmons, M. R, Fisch: “Establishing an ISO 17025 Compliant Laboratory at a University” in Proceedings of The 2008 IAJC-IJME International Conference , Paper # 059, IT 305, 2008, pp. 1-15 [3] I. H Grochau, C. Schwengber: “A process approach to ISO/IEC 17025 in the implementation of a quality management system in testing laboratories”, Accred Qual

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Integrated Management System – Scope, Possibilities And Methodology

References: 1. OLARU, M., MAIER, D., NICOARA, D., MAIER, A. 2013. Establishing the basis for development of an organization by adopting the integrated management systems: comparative study of various models and concepts of integration. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences , pp. 693-697. 2. Chartered Quality Institute. Integrated management systems. 3. ZENG, S., SHI, J., LOU, G. 2006. A synergetic model for implementing an integrated management system

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Experience Of Implementing The Integrated Management System In Manufacturing Companies In Slovakia

References: 1. HRUBEC, J., VIRČÍKOVÁ, E. et al. 2009. Integrovaný manažérsky systém . Integrated Management System. Nitra: SPU in Nitra, 543 p. ISBN 978-80-552-0231-0 2. KUČEROVÁ M., MĹKVA, M., FIDLEROVÁ, H. 2012. Weaknesses in applying a process approach in industry enterprises. Research papers Faculty of Materials Science and Technology Slovak University of Technology in Trnava , 20 (Special Number), pp. 68-74. ISSN 1336-1589 3. LEE Thomas H. et al. 1999. Integrated Management Systems: A Practical Approach to Transforming Organizations

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Implementation of Integrated Management System in Order to Enhance Equipment Efficiency

”. Applied Mechanics and Materials , vols. 584-586, pp. 2250-2263, 2014. [4] M. Durdan, B. Stehlikova, M. Pastor, J. Kacur, M. Laciak and P. Flegner. “Research of annealing process in laboratory conditions”. Measurement, vol. 73, pp. 607-618, 2015. ISSN 0263-2241. [5] T. Hang Wang and P. Jun Zheng. “Analysis of Usability of ECDIS Human-Machine Interface”, Applied Mechanics and Materials , vols. 519-520, pp. 1397-1400, 2014. [6] ISO 9001:2015. Quality management systems – Requirements [Electronic resource]. – Mode of access: https

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Methodology of Problem Analysis in the Quality Management System with the Use of Systems Approach

– wyniki badań”, Towaroznawcze Problemy Jakości , nr 4 (13), 2007, pp. 25-35. [6] M.J. Ligarski. Podejście systemowe do zarządzania jakością w organizacji . Monografia, Wyd. Politechniki Śląskiej, Gliwice, 2010. [7] M.J. Ligarski. “Problem identification method in certified quality management systems”, Quality & Quantity , vol. 46, 2012, pp. 315-321. [8] M.J. Ligarski. “Problems examination in quality management system”, Acta technologica agriculturae vol. 16, no. 4, 2013, pp. 106-110. [9] M.J. Ligarski. „Diagnoza systemu zarządzania w

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Knowledge Management as a Component of Integrated Management Systems


Integrated management systems are increasingly used in modern enterprises. They allow for a more comprehensive approach to a number of important issues, affecting the modification of activities and process improvement. However, the integration itself often does not provide the right effects (apart from economic ones) without leading to real, multifaceted coupling of activities between the components of the system. To obtain such effects, it is necessary to connect the components in one system. Knowledge management can be a helpful element in this activity. Each component of the integrated management systems generates a large number of data and information. Their use is possible only by building on their basis knowledge leading to improvement of activities or innovation. The use of knowledge, especially hidden knowledge that contains unique and inaccessible knowledge for competitors, should be a priority for today's enterprises. The study presents considerations regarding the possibility of including knowledge management in integrated management systems, treating knowledge as a basic element connecting the system.

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Audit as a Tool to Control the Functionality of Ships Safety Management Systems

REFERENCES Aae, J.F. Sydnes, A.K. Heggoy, C. (2014). Effects of external audits on safety management systems. A case study of the Norwegian-managed maritime industry. Conference: Proceedings of the European Safety And Reliability Conference (ESREL), Wroclaw, Safety and Reliability. Methodology and Applications, pp. 577-584. Boveri, A., Silvestro, F., Gualeni, P. (2016). Ship Electrical Load Analysis and Power Generation Optimisation to Reduce Operational Costs, International Conference on Electrical Systems for Aircraft, Railway, Ship Propulsion and

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Lean Management as an Instrument of Sustainable Development of Enterprises

przedsiębiorstwa produkcyjnego zgodnie z koncepcją Lean, Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Gdańskiej, Gdańsk 2001, nr 588, str. 145. [5] B. Gala, R. Wolniak, Problemy wdrożenia praktyk 5S w przedsiębiorstwie przemysłowym [w:] Management Systems in Production Engineering No 4(12), 2013. [6] A. Hamrol, Strategie i praktyki prawnego działania lean, six sigma i inne, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Warszawa 2015. [7] M. Hopiej, M. Szeloch: Lean Management - nowa koncepcja zarządzania, „Przegląd organizacji”, nr 2, 1994. [8] A

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Odel of Dynamic Integration of Lean Shop Floor Management Within the Organizational Management System

implementation in SMEs, The 11th Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Conference, Melaka. Upadhye, N.; Deshmukh, S. G.; Garg, S. (2010) Lean manufacturing for sustainable development. Global Business and Management Research; 2 (1), p. 125-137.

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