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Correlation of bio- and magnetostratigraphy of Badenian sequences from western and northern Hungary

the geological map of Hungary 1: 200,000. L-33-V. Sopron. Geol. Inst. Hung. , Budapest, 1-132 (in Hungarian). Di Stefano A., Foresi L. M., Lirer F., Iaccarino S. M., Turco E., Amore F. O., Mazzei R., Morabito S., Salvatorini G. & Abdul Aziz H. 2008: Calcareous plankton high resolution bio-magnetostratigraphy for the Langhian of the Mediterranean area. Riv. Ital. Paleont. Stratigr. 114, 1, 51-76. Görög Á. 1992: Sarmatian Foraminifera of the Zsámbék basin, Hungary. Ann. Univ. Sci. Budapest Rolando Eötvös Sec

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An account of the bio- and magnetostratigraphy of the Upper Tithonian—Lower Berriasian interval at Le Chouet, Drôme (SE France)

. & Erba E. 2010: Magnetostratigraphy, nannofossil stratigraphy and apparent polar wander for Adria -Africa in the Jurassic -Cretaceous boundary interval. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclimatol. Palaeoecol. 293, 51-75. Détraz H. & Mojon P.O. 1989: Evolution paléogeographique de la marge jurassiene de la Tethys du Tithonique -Portlandien au Valanginien: correlations biostratigraphique et sequentielle des facies marins a continentaux. Eclogae Geol. Helv. 82, 37-112. Enay R., Boughdiri M. & Le Hégarat G. 1998: Durangites, Protacanthodiscus (Ammonitina

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Ammonites and magnetostratigraphy of the Berriasian–Valanginian boundary deposits from eastern Crimea

, 2015). Paleontological Institute, Moscow, 4, 109-111 (in Russian). Arkadiev V.V., Bagayeva M.I., Guzhikov A.Yu., Manikin A.G., Perminov V.A. & Yampolskaya O.B. 2010: Bio- and magnetostratigraphy characteristic of the Upper Berriasian section “Zavodzkaya balka” (Eastern Crimea, Feodosia). Bull. Saint Petersburg St. Univ., Geology, Geography 7, 2, 3-16 (in Russian). Arkadiev V.V., Rogov M.A. & Perminov V.A. 2011: New occurrences of heteromorph ammonites in the Berriasian-Valanginian of the Crimean Mountains. Paleontolog. J. 45, 4, 390

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Integrated stratigraphy of the Upper Barremian–Aptian sediments from the south-eastern Crimea

.V. 2011: New data on ammonoids of the genus Paraulacosphinctes from the upper Tithonian of the Mountainous Crimea. Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation , 19, 2, 238–242. Arkadiev V.V., Grishchenko V.A., Guzhikov A.Yu., Manikin A.G., Savelieva Yu.N., Feodorova A.A. & Shurekova O.V. 2017: Ammonites and magnetostratigraphy of the Berriasian–Valanginian boundary deposits from eastern Crimea: Geol. Carpath ., 68, 6, 505–516. Arkadiev V., Guzhikov A., Baraboshkin E., Savelieva J., Feodorova A., Shurekova O., Platonov E. & Manikin A. 2018: Biostratigraphy

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Magneto-, and isotope stratigraphy around the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in the Vysoká Unit (Malé Karpaty Mountains, Slovakia): correlations and tectonic implications

field susceptibility in loess sediments. Geophys. J. Int. 118, 636-642. Föllmi K. B., Godet A., Bodin S. & Linder P. 2006: Interactions between environmental change and shallow water carbonate buildup along the northern Tethyan margin and their impact on the Early Cretaceous carbon isotope record. Palaeoceanography 21, 4, PA 4211. Galbrun B. 1985: Magnetostratigraphy of the Berriasian stratotype section (Berrias, France). Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 74, 130-136. Grabowski J. 2005: New

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The calcareous nannofossils and magnetostratigraphic results from the Upper Tithonian–Berriasian of Feodosiya region (Eastern Crimea)

References Arkadiev V.V., Bogdanova T.N., Guzhikov A.Yu., Lobacheva S.V., Myshkina N.V., Platonov E.S., Savelyeva Yu.N., Shurekova O.V. & Yanin B.T. 2012: Berriasian stage of the Mountainous Crimea. LEMA Publishing House, Saint Petersburg, 1–472 (in Russian). Arkadiev V.V., Guzhikov A.Yu, Savelieva Yu.N., Feodorova A.A., Shurekova O.V., Bagaeva M.I., Grishchenko V.A. & Manikin A.G. 2015: New Data on Bio- and Magnetostratigraphy of the Upper Berriasian Zavodskaya Balka section (Eastern Crimea, Feodosiya). Bull. Saint Petersburg St. Univ., Geology 7

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Timing of the Middle Miocene Badenian Stage of the Central Paratethys

magnetostratigraphy of Badenian sequences from western and northern Hungary. Geol. Carpathica 63, 219-232. Shackleton N.J., Crowhurst S.J., Weedon G.P. & Laskar J. 1999: Astronomical calibration of Oligocene-Miocene time. Philosophical Trans. Roy. Soc. London, Ser. A 357, 1907-1929. Shevenell A.E., Kennett J.P. & Lea D.W. 2004: Middle Miocene southern ocean cooling and antarctic cryosphere expansion. Science 305, 1766-1770. Spezzaferri S., Ćorić S. & Stingl K. 2009: Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Karpatian-Badenian (Late

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The Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary and high resolution biostratigraphy of the pelagic sequences of the kurovice section (Outer Western Carpathians, the northern Tethyan margin)

.K., Józsa Š., Reháková D. & Wimbledon W.A.P. 2018: Biostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy of the uppermost Tithonian-Lower Berriasian in the Theodosia area of Crimea (southern Ukraine). Geol. Quarterly 62, 2, 197–236. Batten D.J. 1996: Palynofacies and palaeoenvironmental interpretations. In: Jansonius J., McGregor D.C. (Eds.): Palynology: Principles and Applications 3. AASP Foundation , Dallas, 1011–1064. Bornemann A., Aschwer U. & Mutterlose J. 2003: The impact of calcareous nannofossils on the pelagic arbonate accumulation across the Jurassic

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A review of magnetostratigraphic results from the Tithonian–Berriasian of Nordvik (Siberia) and possible biostratigraphic constraints

References Altiner D. & Özkan S. 1991: Calpionellid zonation in north–western Anatolia (Turkey) and calibration of the stratigraphic ranges of some benthic foraminifers at the Jurassic–Cretaceous boundary. Geol. Romana 27, 215–235. Bagaeva M.I., Arkadiev V.V., Baraboshkin E.Y., Gorbenko E.Y., Guzhikov A.Y., Manikin A.G. & Perminov V.A. 2011: New data on bio- and magnetostratigraphy of the Berriasian–Valanginian boundary sediments in eastern Crimea. In: Shurygin B.N., Lebedeva N.K. & Goryacheva A.A. (Eds.): Palaeontology, stratigraphy and

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Integrated high-resolution stratigraphy of a Middle to Late Miocene sedimentary sequence in the central part of the Vienna Basin

., Thomas T. & Pages G. 1993: Downhole magnetostratigraphy in sediments — comparison with the paleomagnetism of a core. J. Geophys. Res., Solid Earth 98, B5, 7939-7957. Ratschbacher L., Frisch W., Linzer H. G. & Merle O. 1991: Lateral extrusion in the Eastern Alps. 2. Structural-analysis. Tectonics 10, 2, 257-271. Riegl B. & Piller W. E. 2000: Biostromal coral facies — A Miocene example from the Leitha Limestone (Austria) and its actualistic interpretation. Palaios 15, 399-413. Rögl F

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