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Structure of epiphyton communities on Lake Baikal submerged macrophytes

References Albay M., Akcaan R., 2008, Effect of water quality and hydrologic drivers on periphyton colonization on Sparganium erectum in two Turkish lakes with different mixing regimes, Environ. Monit. Asses. 146: 171-181. Azovsky M.G., Chepinoga V.V., 2007, Vysshie vodnye rasteniya ozera Baikal (Higher aquatic plants of Lake Baikal), L. Bardunov (ed), Irkutsk, p. 157 (in Russian). Baldanova R.M., 1998, Epiphiton pogruzhennykh makrophitov reki Selengi (Epiphyton on submerged macrophytes in Selenga

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Macrophytes in the assessment of river ecological condition on the example of Pszczynka River (Silesian Upland)

. Gebler D., Szoszkiewicz K. 2011. Ocena stanu ekologicznego rzek z wykorzystaniem makrofitów na wybranych przykładach. Przegl. Nauk. Inż. Kształ. Środ., 52: 75-83. Haury J., Peltre M.C., Treémolières M., Barbe J., Thiébaut G., Bernez I., Daniel H., Chatenet P., Haan-Archipof G., Muller S., Dutartre A., Laplace-Treyture C., Cazaubon A., Lambert- Servien E. 2006. A new method to assess water trophy and organic pollution - the Macrophytes Biological Index for Rivers (IBMR): its application to different types of river and pollution. Hydrobiologia, 570: 153

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Factors affecting the distribution patterns of aquatic macrophytes

References Alahuhta J., 2011, Patterns of aquatic macrophytes in the boreal region: Implications for spatial scale issues and ecological assessment [Dissertation], Acta. Univ. Oul. A 577: 1-66. Allen E.D., Gorham R.R., 1973, Changes in the submerged macrophytes communities of Lake Wabamum as a result of thermal discharge, [in:] Reinelt E.R., Laycock A.H., Schultz W.M. (eds), Proc. Symp. Lakes of Western Canada, University of Alberta, Edmonton: 313-324. Anderson R.R., 1969, Temperarure and rooted aquatic plants

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The dynamics of macrophytes in a lake in an agricultural landscape

stanu ekologicznego jezior (Macrophytes as indicators of ecological state of lakes), Rozpr. Monogr. 139, Wyd. UWM, Olsztyn, p. 202 (in Polish). Fijałkowski D., 1959, Szata roślinna jezior Łęczyńsko- Włodawskich i przylegających do nich torfowisk (Plant vegetation in lakes and adjacent peat bogs of Łęczna- Włodawa Lakeland), Ann. UMCS B 14(3): 131-206 (in Polish, English summary). Fukarek F., 1967, Fitosocjologia (Phytosociology), PWRiL, Warszawa, p. 217 (in Polish). Górniak A., 1999, Rola hydrologii i charakteru zlewni w

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Ciliates on the Macrophytes in Industrially Heated Lakes (Kujawy Lakeland, Poland)

References Agamaliev F. G. Ciliates of the solid surface overgrowth of the Caspian Sea // Acta Protozoologica. — 1974. — 13 . — P. 53-83. Biyu S. Planktonic protozooplankton (ciliates, heliozoans and testaceans) in two shallow mesotrophic lakes in China — a comparative study between a macrophyte-dominated lake (Biandantang) and an algal lake (Houhu) // Hydrobiologia. — 2000. — 434 . — P. 151-163. Coppellotti O., Matarazzo P. Ciliates colonization of artificial substrates in the

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Determining the change point for the error in the Macrophyte Index for Rivers

variations as indicator of environmental changes in the Tiber River in Rome. Aquatic Ecology 44: 93–100. doi: 10.1007/s10452-009-9292-1. Chen J., Gupta A.K. (2000): Parametric statistical change point analysis, Birkhauser. Dawson F.H., Newman J.R., Gravelle M.J., Rouen K.J., Henville P. (1999): Assessment of the Trophic Status of Rivers Using Macrophytes. Evaluation of the Mean Trophic Rank, R&D Technical Report E39, Environment Agency. Dudley B., Dunbar M., Penning E., Kolada A., Hellsten S., Oggioni A. et al. (2013): Measurements of uncertainty in

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Contributions to the Knowledge of Aquatic and Paludous Macrophytes and of Some Epiphytic Algae with Role in Processes of Self-Cleaning in the Urban Sector of Nicolina River - Iasi

References Branković S., Pavlović- Muratspahić D., Topuzović M., Glišić R., Milivojević J, Ɖekić V., (2012), Metal concentration and accumulation in several aquatic macrophytes, Biotechnol & Biotechnol-Eq., 26, 1, 2731-2736. Ciocârlan V., (2000), Flora ilustrată a României (Pteridophyta et Spermatophyta), Ed. Ceres, București, 1140 pp. Dar N. A., Pandit A., K., Ganai B. A., (2014), Factors affecting the distribution patterns of aquatic macrophytes, Limnol. Rev., 14, 2, 75-81. Fawzy M., (2016

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Long- and Short-Term Changes of the Structure of Macrophytes in Lake Piaseczno in Relation to Land Use in the Łęczna-Włodawa Lakeland (Poland)

) 8. Matuszkiewicz W., 2005 ‒ Przewodnik do oznaczania zbiorowisk roślinnych Polski, Wydawnictwo PWN, 537. (in Polish) 9. Pełechaty M., 2006 ‒ The application of charophytes in phytoindication, Ekologia i Technika, XIV, 3, 98-102. (in Polish) 10. Sender J., 2007 ‒ Changes of qualitative and quantitative structure of macrophytes i mesotrophic Lake Piaseczno (Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lakeland) in 1996-2006, Ekologia i Technika, 15, 2, 64-69. 11. Sender J., 2009 ‒ Analiza zmian sukcesyjnych zachodzących w fitocenozach wodnych

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Diversity of Macrophytes in Riverine Aquatic Habitats: Comparing Active River Channel and its Cut-Offs

. Pflanzensoziologie, Grundzüge der Vegetationskunde (3-rd edition). Springer Verlag, Vienna. 5. Bunn S.E., Arthington A.H. 2002. Basic principles and ecological consequences of altered flow regimes for aquatic biodiversity. Environmental Management 30(4): 492–507. 6. Connell J. H. 1978. Diversity in tropical rain forests and coral reefs. Science 199: 1302–1310. 7. Cristofor S., Vadineanu A., Sarbu A., Postolache C., Dobre R., Adamescu M. 2003. Long-term changes of submerged macrophytes in the Lower Danube Wetland System. Hydrobiologia 506– 509: 625–634. 8. Dzwonko Z. 2008

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Seasonal biodiversity and ecological studies on the epiphytic microalgae communities in polluted and unpolluted aquatic ecosystem at Assiut, Egypt

) In physical and chemical methods of soil and water analysis. Soil Bulletin, No. 10. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome. El-Karim, M.S.A., Fishar, M. & El-Gawad, S.S.A. (2009) Epiphytic Algae and Macroinverteb rates Communities of Myriophyllum spicatum Lemm and Their Cascade in the Littoral Food Web of Lake Nasser, Egypt. Global Veterinaria, 3(3), 165-177. Fawzy, M.A. (2016) Spatial distribution of epiphytic algae growing on the aquatic macrophytes Phragmites australis and Echinochloa stagnina at Assuit

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