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Prevention of loneliness and social isolation as a factor determining the health of a senior

PIŚMIENNICTWO 1. Hawkley LC, Cacioppo JT. Loneliness matters: A theoretical and empirical review of consequences and mechanisms. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 2010;40: 218-227. 2. Peplau LA, Perlman D. Perspectives on loneliness. [in] Peplau LA, Perlman D. (eds.): Loneliness: A Sourcebook of Current Theory, Research and Therapy. New York: Wiley, 1982, s. 1-8. 3. Rokach A. Loneliness, alienation, solitude, and our lives. [in] Sha’ked A., Rokach A. (eds.): Addressing loneliness: Coping, prevention and clinical interventions. New York; 2015: s. 3

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Predictors of Gaming Behavior among Military Peacekeepers – Exploring the Role of Boredom and Loneliness in Relation to Gaming Problems

. 2008 ), mental health problems are still prevalent in combat veterans after returning home from service, especially drinking problems and symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) ( Brief et al. 2013 ). Returning from war to a normal life may be difficult and predispose veterans to both boredom and loneliness ( Mæland and Brunstad 2009 ; Shay 2002 ), which may in turn put veterans at risk for developing addictive behaviors ( Shay 2002 ). Alcohol misuse following deployment has been reported in 12%–36% of veterans in the US ( Burnett-Zeigler et al. 2011

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Education of Older People for Combating Their Loneliness

December 2011]. Available from: ˂˃ LUANAIGH, C, O. and Lawor, B.A. Loneliness and Health of older people. International Journal of Geriatrics Psychiatry, 23, 2008, 12. MAGALHAES, DE J. Senescenca na celičnem nivoju. [online]. 2012. [viewed 11 January 2013]. Available from: ˂˃ PEČJAK, V. Psihologija staranja. Bled: self-published, 2007. POŽARNIK, H. Umetnost staranja: leta, predsodki in dejstva. Ljubljana: Cankarjeva založba, 1981

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Staging Subjectivity: Love and Loneliness in the Scene of Painting with Charlotte Salomon and Edvard Munch


This paper proposes a conversation between Charlotte Salomon (1917–43) and Edvard Munch that is premised on a reading of Charlotte Salomon’s monumental project of 784 paintings forming a single work Leben? oder Theater? (1941–42) as itself a reading of potentialities for painting, as a staging of subjectivity in the work of Edvard Munch, notably in his assembling paintings to form the Frieze of Life. Drawing on both Mieke Bal’s critical concept of “preposterous history” and my own project of “the virtual feminist museum” as a framework for tracing resonances that are never influences or descent in conventional art historical terms, this paper traces creative links between the serial paintings of these two artists across the shared thematic of loneliness and psychological extremity mediated by the legacy of Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Self-Esteem and Loneliness as Factors Affecting Distance Learning Students

_Mavroidis.pdf 3. Arbaugh, J.B. (2000). Virtual classroom Characteristics and student satisfaction with internetbased MBA courses. In Journal of Management Education, 24, (pp.32-54). 4. Asher, S.R.; Hymel, S.; Renshaw, P.D. (1984). Loneliness in children. In Child Development, 55, (pp. 1456-1464). 5. Baumeister, R.F.; Campbell, J.D.; Krueger, J.I.; Vohs, K.D. (2003). Does high self-esteem cause better performance, interpersonal success, happiness, or healthier lifestyles? In Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 4, (pp. 1

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Employment status and other predictors of mental health and cognitive functions in older Croatian workers

compare symptoms of depression in 14 European centres. Br J Psychiatry 1999;174:330–8. doi: 10.1192/bjp.174.4.330 29. Hughes ME, Waite LJ, Hawkley LC, Cacioppo JT. A short scale for measuring loneliness in large surveys: results from two population-based studies. Res Aging 2004;26:655–72. doi: 10.1177/0164027504268574 30. Malter F, Börsch-Supan A, editors. SHARE Wave 4 Innovations & Methodology. Munich: MEA, Max Planck Institute for Social Law and Social Policy; 2013. 31. The R Development Core Team. R: A Language and Environment for Statistical

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Foreign in London: Diaspora as a traumatic experience in Samuel Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners

Works cited: Bentley, N., 2005. “Black London: The Politics of Representation in Sam Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners”. In: Wasafiri , no. 39, pp. 41-45. Dyer, R., 2002. “Immigration, Postwar London, and the Politics of Everyday Life in Sam Selvon’s Fiction”. In: Cultural Critique , no. 52, pp. 108-144. Hiro, D., 1973. Black British, White British. New York: Monthly Review Press. Kalpakli, Fatma. “Selvon and Multicultural London”. 2008. In: Uluslararasi Soyal Aresturnalar Dirgisi: The Journal of International Social Research , vol. 1, no

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Connection between psychological holistic factor and life satisfaction in old age – propensity score methods

of socioeconomic status, social network, and competence on subjective well-being in later life: a meta-analysis. Psychology and Aging. 2000; 15(2): 187-224. doi: . 9. Price B. Approaches to counter loneliness and social isolation. Nursing Older People. 2015; 27(7): 31-39. doi: . 10. Hlebec V. Socialna opora starostnikov v perspektivi spolov. Teorija in praksa. 2004; 41(5-6): 992-1007. 11. Filipović M, Kogovšek T, Hlebec V. Starostniki in njihova vpetost v

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At-risk and problem gambling among Finnish youth: The examination of risky alcohol consumption, tobacco smoking, mental health and loneliness as gender-specific correlates

. Journal of Adolescent Health, 47(3), 223-236. Brennan, L. (1982). Loneliness and adolescence. In L. A. Peplau & D. Perlman (Eds.), Loneliness: A sourcebook of current theory, research and therapy (pp. 269-290). New York: John Wiley & Sons. Brunborg, G. S., Hansen, M. B., & Froyland, L. R. (2013). Pengespill og dataspill [Gambling and video gaming]. Norsk institutt for forskning om oppvekst, velferd og aldring, NOVA Rapport 2/2013. Retrieved from: https

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Responding to Modern Sensibilities: Emma and Edvard Entangled

W orks cited Alphen, Ernst van. “Modernity as a Crisis of the Senses.” Modern Sensibilities Conference, 23–24 March 2017, Munch Museum, Oslo. Lecture. Bal, Mieke. “Ecstatic Aesthetics.” Compelling Visuality: The Work of Art in and Out of Art History. Ed. Claire J. Farago and Robert Zwijnenberg. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 2003. 1–30. Print. Bal, Mieke. Emma and Edvard Looking Sideways: Loneliness and the Cinematic. New Haven: Yale, 2017. Print. Bal, Mieke and Michelle Williams Gamaker. Madame B . Video Exhibition. Oslo: Munch

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