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Politics and the ‘Ideology’ of Journalism in Romania: Results from Local Case Studies


The paper approaches the ‘ideology’ of Romanian post-communist journalism as identified in local news media organisations. We focus on the practical philosophy of journalism, emphasizing elements such as autonomy, truth, objectivity; and the relationship of journalists and news organisations with political actors. Special attention is given to the interplay between this practical philosophy and the political and economic constraints influencing news media organisations in Romania. We approach this topic using in-depth interviews with journalists and editors from news media organisations in three Romanian cities. We argue that two different ‘ideologies’ of journalism as a profession exist. These are complemented by a tendency toward reducing journalism to a simple occupation, linked to the politicization of media ownership in Romania and the widespread use of media organisations as vehicles for the free speech of their owners.

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Introverted Locals or World Citizens?
A Quantitative Study of Interest in Local and Foreign News in Traditional Media and on the Internet

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Media Choice Proliferation and Shifting Orientations Towards News in the United States and Norway, 1995-2012

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The Emergence of Metropolitan News
Shifting Concepts of Localism in Norwegian Regional Newspapers

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Digital payments for a digital generation
Disruptive technology in book and local newspaper industries

pay for digital music and film/TV, the willingness to pay for local news and subscriptions to digital book services is low. Even though Generation Z believes that local news behind paywalls is better than local news outside paywalls, its members are not willing to pay for local news online. Regarding books, the use of e-books is lower than that of audiobooks, but the willingness to pay for e-books is higher than that for subscribing to audiobook streaming services. We argue that the real disruptive actors for local newspapers and the book industry in Norway are

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The role of media in community resilience: Hindsight bias in media narratives after the 2014 Genoa flood


Aim: A massive flood due to exceptional rainfalls devastated the town of Genoa on 9 October 2014. Media reports focused on the disaster, its causes and the political accountabilities. Reading facts after the event is commonly biased by the hindsight perspective and the aim of the paper is to investigate the amount and the potential effects of hindsight bias in terms of citizens risk perception and community resilience.

Method: We performed a qualitative analysis of the narratives in the national and local news reports during the aftermath to investigate occurrences of a blaming attitude and cognitive biases.

Results: The results showed a considerable amount of sentences that were focused on blaming the forecasters, the Civil Protection System, and the local administration. Many narratives were affected by hindsight bias and described the events as simple and linear chain reactions. This led to counterfactual biases, assuming that a simple intervention on a single factor could have prevented the tragic outcome.

Conclusion: We claim that the biased nature of the media narratives could affect the citizens’ risk perception and their attitude towards the institutions, increasing their exposure to future flood-related threats. We propose the appropriate language would generate correct cognitive frames and, therefore, safer behaviour.

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Hyperlocals and Legacy Media
Media Ecologies in Transition

References Anderson, Chris W (2009). Breaking journalism down: Work, authority and networking local news 1997-2009 . New York: Colombia University. Anderson, Chris W (2016). News ecosystems, pp 410-423 in Witschge, Tamara; Anderson, C W; Domingo, David & Hermida, Alfred (eds.). The SAGE handbook of digital journalism. London: SAGE. Andersson, Ulrika & Wadbring, Ingela (2005). I gratistidningsland [In free newspaperland]. JMG arbetsrapport 31. Gothenburg: JMG, University of Gothenburg. Appelberg, Jonas (2016). Local journalism with

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Development of Creation of Executive Function-EF Model for Preschool Children through the Participation Process of the School under Suan Dusit University’s Network

. Piyasakon Sakonsattayathon. (2016). Survey the IQ of Thai Children in 2016 that is Below the Standard. Matichon Online. Dated 29 July 2016 from . Monthakan Rotkhlai. (2016). The Development of Children and Family in the 21 st Century . (Online). Retrieved on 9 July 2016 from . Met Metkarunchit. (2004). Participative Learning Management: People, Local Administration Organization, and O ffi cial . Bangkok: Book Point. Rak Luk Books. (2011). Brain Skill for Successful Life: Executive

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New Trends and Challenges for Energy Geographies: Introduction to The Special Issue

plant glare. [online] [cit. 05.06.2014]. Available at: ZIMMERER, K. (2011): New Geographies of Energy: Introduction to the Special Issue. Annals of the Association of American Geographers. Vol. 101, No. 4, p. 705–711.

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Evaluation of Tanzania Curriculum: An Analysis Using Ornstein's View on Educational Philosophy

. Bitekeye, A, 2013, Students who Wrote Abusive Words Face the Music, Viewed on April 14, 2013 at: http://www. Daily News Reporter, 2013, “Premier Forms Team to Probe Massive Failure,” Daily News, Viewed on February 20, 2013 at: Danson, K, “Walimu Wairarua Serikali,” Tanzania Daima, Viewed on April 14, 2013 at Domasa, S, 2013, “What they Say about Form

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