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Reforming local government: Must it always be democracy versus efficiency?

References Bevir, M. (2006). Democratic governance: Systems and radical perspectives. Public Administration Review, 66 (3), 426-36. Börzel, T., & Risse, T. (2005). Public-private partnerships: Effective and legitimate tools of international governance? In E. Grande & L. Pauly (Eds), Complex sovereignty: Reconstituting political authority in the twentyfirst century (pp. 195-216). Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Boyle, R. (2014). Public sector reform in Ireland: Views and experiences from local government

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Austerity and Irish local government expenditure since the Great Recession

References Afonso, W. B. (2014). Local government capital spending during and after recessions: A cause for concern? International Journal of Public Administration, 37 (8), 494–505. Ahrend, R., Curto-Grau, M., & Vammalle, C. (2013). Passing the buck? Central and sub-national governments in times of fiscal stress. OECD Regional Development Working Papers 2013/05. Paris: OECD Publishing. Anderson, B., & Minneman, E. (2014). The abuse and misuse of the term ‘austerity’. Implications for OECD countries. Journal on Budgeting, 14 (1), 109

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Local government reform: Community planning and the quality of life in Northern Ireland

References Alexander, A. (1982). The politics of local government in the United Kingdom . London: Longman. Audit Commission. (2015). Local quality of life indicators . Retrieved from [10 July 2015]. Beirne, M. (1993, May). Out of the bearpit. Fortnight , 6–8. Bew, P., & Patterson, H. (1985). The British state: From Wilson to Thatcher . London: Verso. Birrell, D., & Murie, A. (1980). Policy and government in Northern Ireland: Lessons of devolution . Dublin: Gill & Macmillan. Connolly, M

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Local government reform – Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?

References Advisory Expert Committee on Local Government Reorganisation and Reform. (1991). Local government reorganisation and reform. Dublin: The Stationery Office. Batley, R., & Stoker, G. (1991). Local government in Europe: Trends and developments . Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan. Boyle, R., & O’Riordan, J. (2013). Capacity and competency requirements in local government. Dublin: IPA. Callanan, M. (2008). Local government reform in Ireland. In B. E. Dollery, J. Garcea and E. C. LeSage (Eds), Local government reform in Anglo

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Baby steps: The expanding financial base of local government in Ireland

References Advisory Expert Committee on Local Government Reorganisation and Reform. (1991). Local government reorganisation and reform. Dublin: The Stationery Office. Blochliger, H., Brezzi, M., Charbit, C., Migotto, M., Pinero Campos, J. M., & Vamalle, C. (2010). Fiscal policy across levels of government in times of crisis. OECD Working Papers on Fiscal Federalism in Times of Crisis, 12 . Blochliger, H., & Nettley, M. (2015). Sub-central tax autonomy: 2011 update. OECD Working Papers on Fiscal Federalism, 20. Blochliger, H

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Local Government Efficiency in German Municipalitiesicipalities

other tasks). In this article, we evaluate German local government efficiency from a general perspective for all the municipalities in one state (i.e., Baden-Württemberg) in 1 year (i.e., 2001) using a stochastic parametric frontier approach. While we are not the first to analyze overall local government efficiency (for an excellent review of early contributions, see De Borger/Kerstens 2000 ; more recent articles include Sampaio De Sousa/Stosic 2005 ; Hindriks/Gerard 2005 ; Geys 2006 ; Balaguer-Coll/Prior/Tortosa-Ausina 2007 ; Borge/Falch/Tovmo 2008 ; Geys

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Women in local government: Moving in from the margins

, 4 , 105–27. Central Statistics Office. (2014). 2013 women and men in Ireland report. Retrieved from [28 April 2015]. Childs, S., & Webb, P. (2012). Sex, gender and the Conservative Party: From iron lady to kitten heels. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Connelly, J. (2011). The impact of public sector reform on gender equality in Ireland: A case study of Cork City Council. Administration, 59 (1), 39–68. Crossman, V. (1994). Local government in

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Local government funding in Ireland: Contemporary issues and future challenges

: The expanding financial base of local government in Ireland. Administration, 63 (2), 119–45. Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. (2017). Local authority budgets 2017 . Dublin: Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. Freire, M. E., & Garzón, H. (2014). Managing local revenues. In C. Farvacque-Vitkovic & M. Kopanyi (Eds), Municipal finances: A handbook for local governments (pp. 147–214). Washington, D.C.: The World Bank. Government of Ireland. (2001). Local Government Act 2001 . Dublin: Government Publications

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The Use of Municipal Bonds in Financing Regional Economic Development in Poland

terytorialnego. Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska Lublin–Polonia, XLVI (3), Sectio H , 101-109. 4. Antkiewicz, S. (2009). Polski rynek obligacji i innych dłużnych papierów wartościowych . Gdańsk: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego. 5. Bitner, M. (2006). Finansowanie strukturalne w jednostkach samorządu terytorialnego – skąd przyszło, dokąd zmierza? Zeszyty BRE Bank – CASE, 84 , 29-36. 6. CSO (2014). Financial economy of local government units 2013 . Warszawa: Central Statistical Office GUS. 7. CSO (2018). Financial economy of local

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Partial Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Spending Policy

and Decreases in Inter-governmental Grants: Some Empirical Findings. National Tax Journal, 4 (49), 501–512. Gramlich, E.M. (1969). State and Local Governments and Their Budget Constraint. International Economic Review, 10 (2, June), 163–182. Heinesen, E. (2004). Determinants of Local Public School Expenditure: A Dynamic Panel Data Model. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 34 , 429–453. Retrieved from: . Herbst, M., Herczyński, J., Levitas, A. (2009). Finansowanie oświaty w Polsce – diagnoza

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