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Urban Shrinkage as a Challenge to Local Development Planning in Slovakia

., Weyman, T. [eds.]: Demographic Change and Local Development: Shrinkage, Regeneration and Social Dynamics, OECD Working Papers, Paris, OECD/LEED, p.141-147. Community Plans of Social Service (2008-2010) as adopted in cities: Banská Bystrica, Košice, Martin, Nitra, Poprad, Prešov, Prievidza, Trenčín, Trnava, Žilina. FINKA, M., PETRÍKOVÁ D. (2006): Shrinking cities in Central and Eastern Europe. Paper presented at International Symposium - Coping with City Shrinkage and Demographic Change - Lessons from around the Globe, Dresden 30

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Are Stakeholders in Slovakia Ready for Community-Led Local Development? Case Study Findings

.1111/1467-9523.00142. [8] European Commission (2006). Prístup LEADER - základný sprievodce. Luxemburg: Úrad pre vydávanie úradných publikácií Európskych spoločenstiev. [9] European Commission (2013). Rural development in the European Union - Statistical and Economic Information - Report 2013 [online], [cit. 2015-01-21]. Available online: [10] European Commission (2015). Community- Led Local Development [online], [cit. 2015-11-23]. Available online: http

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Transformations of Tourism in the Colca Valley – New Actors and New Patterns of Local Development


The article presents history and dynamics of tourist movement in the Colca Valley. Analyzing results of field research conducted in 2003 and 2007 the authors describe main changes in the attitudes of local inhabitants and authorities towards tourism and identify their character. Tourist activities based on the Colca Canyon natural attractions, remaining under total control of external tour operators since the eighties and perceived as a burden in the area, are seen now as a possible important factor of local development. New bottom-up initiatives are spreading in the Colca localities supported by NGOs and a public development program. Patterns of more sustainable tourism emerge and local culture is turning into an important element of the Colca tourist product.

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Theories of Regional and Local Development - Abridged Review

: Understanding Local Development , Center for Urban Policy Research, p. 54-181. Markowski, T. 1999: Zarządzanie rozwojem miasta , PWN, Warszawa. Martin, H. P. Schumann, H. 1999: Pułapka globalizacji. Atak na demokrację i dobrobyt, Wydawnictwo Dolnośląskie, Wrocław, p. 18-169, 235-290. Matczak, A. Szymańska, D. 1997: Studia funkcjonalno-przestrzenne miasta (przykład Brodnicy ), Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu M. Kopernika, Toruń, pp. 232. Myrdal, G. 1958: Teoria ekonomii a

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A spatial comparison of semi-urban and rural gminas in Poland in terms of their level of socio-economic development using Hellwig’s method

metody taksonomicznej do typologicznego podziału krajów ze względu na poziom rozwoju oraz zasoby i strukturę wykwalifikowanych kadr (The application of the taxonomic method to the typological division of a countries due to their level of development, resources and structure of qualified personnel - in Polish). In: Przegląd Statystyczny, No. 4, pp. 307-326. Kożuch, A., 2006: Instrumenty zarządzania rozwojem lokalnym (Instruments of local development man agement - in Polish). In: Zeszyty Naukowe Roczniki Naukowe Stowarzyszenia Ekonomistów Rolnictwa i

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Food Festivals and Expectations of Local Development in Northern Italy


This essay offers an ethnographic analysis of the role of food in modern Italian food festivals. Starting from the ethnographic case of Borgonovo, a rural town in Southern Piedmont, and its festival, it highlights the nonlinear role played by food in the festivals and points out gastronomic festivals should be read as a local response of rural, and marginal communities to the phenomenon of their social marginalization.

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A more efficient match between firms’ demand, VET supply and human capital capacities through bottom-up, participative governance

., 2003: Metodología para la elaboración de estrategias de desarrollo local (Methodology for the elaboration of local development strategies - in Spanish). In: Serie Gestión Pública, No.42, Santiago: ILPESCEPAL, p. 64. Stöhr, W. editor, 1990: Global challenge and local response. Initiatives for economic regeneration in contemporary Europe, London and New York: University of the United Nations. Waterhouse, P., Virgona, C. and Brown, R., 2006: Creating synergies: local government facilitating learning and development through

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Perception of the role of culture in the development of small cities by local governments in the context of strategic documents – a case study of Poland

., Penza, Z., Sęk, M. and Wenzel, M., 2016: DNA miasta. Miejskie polityki kulturalne 2016 (City DNA. Urban cultural policies 2016 - in Polish). Warszawa: Fundacja Res Publica. Currid, E., 2006: New York as a Global Creative Hub: A Competitive Analysis of Four Theories on World Cities. In: Economic Development Quarterly, Vol. 20, No. 4, pp. 330-350. Feltynowski, M., Senetra, A., Biegańska, J., Grzelak-Kostulska, E., Dymitrow, M. and Środa-Murawska, S., 2015: Some problems of local development : the example of former State Agricultural Farms

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”Slow City” as a Local Development Model


Subject and purpose of work: The goal of the article is to characterize the “slow city” model, its assumptions, conditions and effects of its implementation in Polish conditions. It also aims to present intelligent solutions in using own resources of small cities.

Materials and methods: The article was based on the study and synthesis of Polish and foreign literature and a review of strategic documents of Polish cities belonging to Cittaslow.

Results: The article fills the existing gap in the area of contemporary strategies for the development of small towns. It describes the “slow city” model, on the basis of which small cities belonging to the Cittaslow city network are developing. Intelligent solutions in the use of endogenous own resources of small cities are also presented.

Conclusions: The analysis carried out made it possible to state that the “slow city” model is useful in the development of small towns. It guarantees optimal and intelligent use of endogenous resources of a small town. However, the review of the strategic documents of the cities of “slow city” shows that these cities affect, like most small cities, negative socio-economic phenomena.

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The Concept for the Development of a Functional Area Illustrated by the Case of the Functional Area of the Oder Communes

). Zarządzanie w samorządzie [Management in Local Government]. In B. Imiołczyk (Ed.), ABC samorządu terytorialnego [ABC Local Government]. Warszawa, Poland: Fundacji Rozwoju Demokracji Lokalnej. Parysek, J. (1995). Rola samorządu terytorialnego w rozwoju lokalnym [The role of the local government in local development]. In J. Parysek (Ed.), Rozwój lokalny, zagospodarowanie przestrzenne i nisze aktywności gospodarczej [Local development, spatial development and economic activity]. Warszawa, Poland: PWN. Raport metodyczny określający metodykę

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