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Discourse studies: Between social constructionism and linguistics. A critical overview

References Althusser, L., 1971. Lenin and philosophy and other essays . New York: Monthly Review Press. Angermuller, J., Maingueneau, D. and Wodak, R. (eds), 2014. The discourse studies reader. Main currents in theory and analysis. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Baker, P., 2006. Using corpora in discourse analysis . London: Continuum. Baker, P., Gabrielatos, C., KhosraviNik, M., Krzyżanowski, M., McEnery, T. and Wodak, R. 2008. A useful methodological synergy? Combining critical discourse analysis and corpus linguistics to examine discourses of

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From the National Corpus of Polish to the Polish Corpus Infrastructure

References [1] Czerepowicka M. (2014). SEJF – Słownik elektroniczny jednostek frazeologicznych. Język Polski XCIV (2), pages 116–129. [2] Čermák, F. (1997). Czech National Corpus: A case in many contexts. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 2 (2), pages 181–197. [3] Derwojedowa M., Kieraś W., Skowrońska D., and Wołosz R. (2014). Korpus polszczyzny XIX wieku — od mikrokorpusu do korpusu średniej wielkości. Prace Filologiczne LXV, pages 251–256. [4] Grochola-Szczepanek H., Górski R. L., von Waldenfels R., and Woźniak M. (2019

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Ontogenesis of the Dative Case in the Light of Natural Morphology and Cognitive Linguistics

Bibliografia AUER, Peter: Jazyková interakce. Sociolingvistická edice. Praha: Nakladatelství Lidové noviny 2014, s. 24 – 35. (prekl. J. Nekvapil) BELAJ, Branimir – TANACKOVIĆ FALETAR Goran: Space, Conceptualization and Case Meaning: A Cognitive Account of the Dative in Croatian. In: Cognitive Linguistics Between Universality and Variation. Eds. M. Brdar – I. Rafaelli – M. Žic Fuchs. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2012, s. 53 – 92. BÜHLER, Karl: Exprese – apel – reprezentace. In: Auer, P.: Jazyková interakce. Sociolingvistická

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The Relevance of Applied Linguistics in Relation to Language and Communication Studies: A Worldwide Overview

REFERENCES 1. British Council. (2019). Applied linguistics. Retrieved from: . 2. Chomsky, N. (1991). Linguistics and Cognitive Science: Problems and Mysteries. Oxford: Blackwell. 3. Cook, V. (2018). What is applied linguistics . Retrieved from: . 4. Firth, A. & Wagner, J. (2007). Second/foreign language learning as a social accomplishment: elaborations on a “reconceptualised” SLA. Modern Language Journal, 91, 800

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Terms and Phenomena - Metalanguages Serving the Cross-Cultural Linguistics

. Sugiyama-Lebra Takie. 1976. Japanese Patterns of Behavior. Honolulu: The University Press of Hawaii. Wierzbicka Anna. 1997. Understanding Cultures through Their Key Words. English, Russian, Polish, German and Japanese. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Wierzbicka Anna. 2003 (1991). Cross-cultural Pragmatics: The Semantics of Human Interaction. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Yngve Victor H. 1975. Human Linguistics and Face-to-Face Interaction. In: Kendon et al. 1975: 47-62.

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Relevant Criteria for Selection of Spoken Data: Theory Meets Practice

(1), pages 45–66. [12] Clancy, B. (2015). Investigating Intimate Discourse: Exploring the spoken interaction of families, couples and friends. Routledge. [13] Čermák, F. (2009). Spoken Corpora Design: Their Constitutive Parameters. International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 14(1), pages 113–123. [14] Joos, M. (1967). The five clocks. New York, Harcourt Brace & World. [15] Chloupek, J. (1995). Sjednocující a rozrůzňující faktory v mluvené komunikaci. In K diferenciaci současného mluveného jazyka, pages 33–39, Ostrava, Repronis. [16] Knowles, G

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Wackernagel’s Position and Contact Position of Pronominal Enclitics in Older Czech. Competition or Cooperation?

., Nekula, M., Pleskalová, J. (eds.): Nový encyklopedický slovník češtiny. [7] Wackernagel, J. (1892). Über ein Gesetz der indogermanischen Wortstellung. IF 1, pages 33–436. [8] Zwicky, A. (1977). On Clitics. Bloomington, Indiana University Linguistics Club. [9] Pancheva, R. (2005). The Rise and Fall of Second-position Clitics. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory, 23, pages 103–167. [10] Čech, R., Kosek, P., Navrátilová, O., and Mačutek, J. On the impact of the initial phrase length on the position of enclitics in the Old Czech. (to appear

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Kinship Terminology in Western Slavic Languages Based on Corpora Analysis

References [1] Trautmann, T. R. (2001). The Whole History of Kinship Terminology in Three Chapters. Anthropological Theory 1(2), pages 268–287. [2] Mallory, J. P., and Adams, D. Q. (2006) The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World. Oxford, Oxford University Press. [3] Hettrich, H. (1985). Indo-European Kinship Terminology in Linguistics and Anthropology. Anthropological Linguistics 27(4), pages 453–480. [4] Kullanda, S. (2002). Indo-European “Kinship Terms” Revisited. Current Anthropology, 43(1), pages

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Gender-Specific Adjectives in Czech Newspapers and Magazines

References [1] Baker, P. (2010). Will Ms ever be as frequent as Mr? A corpus-based comparison of gendered terms across four diachronic corpora of British English. Gender and Language, 4(1), pages 125–149. [2] Baker, P. (2014). Using corpora to analyze gender. London, Bloomsbury. [3] Bednarek, M. (2008). Semantic preference and semantic prosody re-examined. Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory, 4(2), pages 119–139. [4] Butler, J. (1999). Gender trouble: Feminism and the subversion of identity. London, Routledge. [5] Caldas

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Undergraduate Courses in Linguistics at Universities of Great Britain

References 1. Anderson, S. (2011). Linguistics. Retrieved 15.11.2015 from: 2. Bangor University. (2011). Linguistics. Program Specification. Retrieved 15.11.2015 from : 3. Education UK. (2015). Gain a World-Class Education. Retrieved 12.10.2015 from : 4. Education UK. (2015

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