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Еpidemiological Data on Lead Tissue Concentration in Game Birds Induced by Lead Pellets

, 27, 289-293. Kanstrup, N., 2012. Lead in game birds in Denmark: levels and sources. Danish Academy of Hunting Article, 2, 1, 1-17. Kendall R. J., P. F. Scanlon, 1981. Tissue lead concentration in Japanese quail ingesting lead pellets or shot with lead pellets. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 26, 652-655. Kendall, R. J., T. E. Lacher, Jr. C. Bunck, B. Daniel, C. Driver, C. E. Grue, F. Leighton, W. Stansley, P. G. Watanabe, M. Whitworth, 1996. An Ecological Risk Assessment of Lead Shot Exposure

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Assessing lead mobility rate from spent corroded and non-corroded bullets fragments on different soil types of tropical ecosystems

lead pellets in shooting range soils, Ambio. 16 (1987) 11-15. [10]. X. Cao, L.Q. Ma, M. Chen, D.W. Hardison, Jr. W.G. Harris, Weathering of lead bullets and their environmental effects at outdoor shooting ranges, J. Environ. Quality. 32 (2003a) 526-534. [11]. C.T.R. Darling, V.G. Thomas, The distribution of outdoor shooting ranges in Ontario and the potential for lead pollution of soil and water, Sci. Total Environ. 313 (2003) 235-243. [12]. Z. Lin, Secondary mineral phases of metallic lead in soils of shooting range from Orebro County, Sweden

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