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Influence of Lapping Plate Temperature on Roughness Parameters of Specimens

References [1] Agbaraji, C., Raman, S., Basic observations in the flat lapping of aluminum and steels using standard abrasives , International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, No. 44, 2009. [2] Bulsara, V. H., Ahn, Y., Chandrasekar, S., Farris, T. N., Polishing and lapping temperatures , Journal of Tribology, Vol. 119, 1997. [3] Deshpande, L. S., Raman, S., Sunanta, O., Agbaraji, C., Observations in the flat lapping of stainless steel and bronze , Wear, No. 265, 2008. [4] Information on . [5

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Reduction of defects in the lapping process of the silicon wafer manufacturing: the Six Sigma application

flattening process, and then undergoes the fabrication process producing IC chips. The focus of this research project is on the silicon wafer manufacturing. The silicon wafer manufacturing consists of four key value-adding processes: slicing, lapping, chemical etching and polishing. The primary aim of the slicing process is to define the crystal structure of the wafer, finding the best possible shape. The wafer is subjected to high-pressure cutting, to achieve correct wafer thickness, but on the downside, it causes high surface damage and contamination. The second stage

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Calculation and Analysis of Horizontal and Vertical Lapping Angles in Tricot Warp Knitting


The lapping angle, which affects the style and quality of production, has been studied as a parameter of weft knitting. But the importance of the lapping angle has not been considered during the warp-knitting cycle. This paper shows that the lapping angle exists in the process of warp knitting and can be divided into horizontal and vertical lapping angles. Models for the lapping angles of closed and open loops were devised, and the lapping angles (horizontal and vertical lapping angles) of closed and open loops were calculated and analyzed. Furthermore, the paper seeks to investigate the factors that influence the lapping angle of tricot warp-knitted fabrics and summarize the rules. Moreover, the vertical lapping angle can affect the loop coverage. Results reveal that the decrease in number of underlaps and an increase in take-off density enables loops of the front guide bar to show on the face of the fabric. Moreover, it is also advantageous for an apparent front loop visibility when the front guide bar knits in open loop.

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Numerical Analysis of Riveted Lap Joint Used in Aircraft Structures

References Szymczyk, E., Jachimowicz, J., Derewońko, A. (2008). Riveting Process Simulation-Upsetting of the Mushroom Rivet. Journal of KONES. Müller, R., P., G. (1995). An experimental and analytical investigation on the fatigue behaviour of fuselage riveted lap joints. The significance of the rivet squeeze force, and a comparison of 2024-T3 and Glare 3. Ph.D. Thesis, Delft University of Technology. Rans, C., D. (2007). The Role of Rivet Installation on the Fatigue Performance

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Behavior Of A Confined Tension Lap Splice In High-Strength Reinforced Concrete Beams

. – Eligehausen, R. – Pavel, P. – Ghosh, S. K . (1999) Proposed Modifications to ACI 318-95 Tension Development and Lap Splice for High-Strength Concrete , ACI Structural Journal, V. 96, No. 6, Nov.-Dec. 1999, pp. 922-926. Azizinamini, A. – Stark, M.- Roller, J. H. – Ghosh, S. K. (1993) Bond Performance of Reinforcing Bars Embedded in High-Strength Concrete , ACI Structural Journal, V. 90, No. 5, Sept.-Oct. 1993, pp. 554-561. Diab, A. M. (2008) Lap Splices in Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Bending , Master thesis, University of Alexandria, Egypt

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Numerical Analysis of Residual Stress Distribution in Riveted Lap Joint Under Tension

References [1] Brown, A. M., Straznicky, P. V., Simulating fretting contact in single lap splices , Int. J. Fatigue, Vol. 31, No. 2, pp. 375-384, 2009. [2] Findlay, S. J., Harrison, N. D., Why aircraft fail , Mater. Today, Vol. 5, No. 11, pp. 18-25, 2002. [3] Li, G., et al., Stress in triple-row riveted lap joints under the influence of specific factors , J. Aircr., Vol. 48, No. 2, pp. 527-539, 2011. [4] Marc 2014.1 Theory and user information , Vol. A, MSC Software Corporation, USA 2014. [5] Müller, R. P. G., An experimental

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Identifying Combination of Friction Stir Welding Parameters to Maximize Strength of Lap Joints of AA2014-T6 Aluminum Alloy

stir lap welded 6061-T6 Al alloy, Trans. Nonferrous Met .Soc. Chinna 24 (2014) 1004-1011. [5] Urso G. D., Giardini C., The influence of process parameters and tool geometry on mechanical properties of friction stir welded aluminum lap joints, Int. J. Mater. Form. 3 (1) (2010) 1011-1014. [6] Yazdanian S., Chen Z. W., Effect of friction stir lap welding conditions on joint strength of aluminum alloy 6060, Materials science anf Engineering 4 (2009) 012021 [7] Soundrarajan V., Yarrapareddy E., Kovacevic R., Investigation of

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Influence of Interface Gap on the Stress Behaviour of Smart Single Lap Joints Under Time Harmonic Load

References [1] GOLAND, M., E. REISSNER. The Stress in Cemented Joints. J. Appl. Mech., (1944), A17-A26. [2] PAHOJA, H. M. Stress Analysis of an Adhesive Lap Joint Subjected to Tension, Shear Force and Bending Moments, University of Illinois of Urbana-Champaign, T. & A. M-Report 36 1, August, 1972. [3] VINSON, J. R. Adhesive Bonding of Polymer Composites. Polym. Eng. Sci., 29 (1989), 1325-1331. [4] ADAMS, R. D. The Mechanics of Bonded Joints, Structural Adhesives in Engineering, ImechE Conference

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Research on Self-Drilling Screwed Lap Connections in Steel Diaphragms and the Design Models

Research Network, ISRN Civil Engineering. Swierczyna, S., W. Wuwer, 2014. Evaluation of bearing resistance of blind bolt lap joints . 7th European Conference on Steel and Composite Structures EUROSTEEL 2014, Napoli, Italy.

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Study on Breaking Load of Single Lap Joint Using Hybrid Joining Techniques for Alloy Steel AISI 4140 and Mild Steel: Taguchi and Neural Network Approach

References [1] F. Sena, M. Pakdilb, B. S. Saymana. Experimental failure analysis of mechanically fastened joints with clearance in composite laminates under preload. Mater. Des. 2008 (29), 1159 - 1169. [2] M. Skorupa, T. Machniewicz, A. Skorupa, J. Schijve, A. Korbel. Fatigue Life Prediction Model For Riveted Lap Joints. Eng Fail Anal 2015 (53), 111 - 123. [3] D.V.T.G Pavan Kumar, S. S. Naarayan, S. K. Sundaram, S. Chandra. Further numerical and experimental failure studies on single and multi-row riveted lap

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