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, and it has been widely recognized, especially in Western countries. Consensus has been built in the application of FTS in the colorectal perioperative period 6 similar to the gynecological laparoscopy. The FTS concept gives full play to the human-oriented concept of nursing care, and it takes patients as the center to promote patient recovery. In this study, the observation group was given conventional care plus the FTS concept. The results showed that the interventions from the preoperative and postoperative factors influencing the rapid recovery of the patients

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investigations have been undertaken exploiting small animals as the model; however, no report of a miniature pig renal failure model established through laparoscopy has been published. Material and Methods Animals. A total of 15 healthy female Bama miniature pigs aged 8–10 months with an average body weight of 22.04 ± 3.3 kg were used. The pigs were obtained from the Bama miniature pig farm of the College of Life Sciences (Harbin, China). The pigs were housed under constant temperature and lighting conditions (a 12 h light/dark cycle as the latter). The animals were housed

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Introduction: Obesity is an important problem in our society. Recent studies shows that laparoscopic ventral hernia repair has advantages in obese patients comparing with the standard open approach. This study wants to compare length of stay (LOS), hospitalization costs (HC) and operative time (OT) in laparoscopic and open ventral hernia repair.

Methods: A retrospective study of obese patients (BMI>30kg/m2) that underwent ventral hernia repair between 2014 and 2015 were included. We compared demographics, hernia size, OT, LOS, HC between the two approaches.

Results: 100 patients with ventral hernia repair were included, 11 had laparoscopic approach (11%). Laparoscopy was performed only in elective surgery and for small defects. The operation time was almost the same (119.09 vs.118.87 min). The length of stay was significantly longer in open approach (8.53 vs. 2.9 days) and hospitalization costs were higher for laparoscopic repair.

Conclusions: Laparoscopy offers a better length of stay, but the costs remains higher for this approach.

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the liver after spleen trauma. Alternatively, deep-seated hepatic splenic nodules would results from the microembolisation via the splenic vein. Nodular lesions in liver parenchyma are non-specific on imaging and can mimic malignant as well as benign lesions. 6 Exploratory laparoscopy is the least invasive method for reaching definitive diagnosis and is the most suitable, especially in patients with history of malignant disease where liver metastases are suspected. Case report A 22-year old Caucasian male was presented after operative procedure due to left

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