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The structural control of a landslide development and functioning of a lake geoecosystem in the catchment area of the Hucianka Stream (the Outer Carpathians, Beskid Niski)

-52. Costa J.E., Schuster R.L., 1988, The formation and failure of natural dams, Geol. Soc. Am. Bull. 100(7): 1054-1068. Haczewski G., Kukulak J., 2004, Early Holocene landslide- dammed lake in Bieszczady Mountains (Polish East Carpathians) and its evolution, Studia Geomorph. Carpatho- Balcan. 38: 83-96. Jakubowski K., 1974, Współczesne tendencje przekształceń form osuwiskowych w holoceńskim cyklu rozwojowym osuwisk na obszarze Karpat fliszowych (Contemporary trends in the transformation of landslide forms in the Holocene development cycle

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Qualitative study of disaster preparedness in an Indonesian village: Interviews with survivors of flash flooding near Bandung


Debris flows and flash floods pose a continuing hazard to Nyalindung, a village in a mountainous part of West Java. On 16 December 2013, three days of heavy rain and a partial breaching of a succession of landslide dams triggered a debris flow and flash flood. One person died, nine homes were damaged, and 53 residents were evacuated. We asked villagers who were directly affected by that disaster about their knowledge of the hazard, in the hope of developing adaptation strategies. The survey showed that the majority of the villagers first became aware of the hazard during the 2013 disaster. Practical solutions exclude relocation because the village has stood in flow paths for the past 70 years or more, and because the families residing there are attached to the land and each other. We recommend combining public education about existing hazards with early warning technology.

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Adjustment coefficients for planimetric analysis of the granulometry of coarse-grained sediments

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Hydrographic And Hydrochemical Characteristics of the Landslide Lake Jazerske (Spišska Magura, Northern Slovakia)

), Infrastruktura i ekologia terenów wiejskich 3(1): 917-929 (in Polish, English summary). Pánek T., Smolkova V., Hradecky J., Kirchner K., 2007, Landslide dams in the northern part of Czech Flysch Carpathians: Geomorphic evidence and imprints, Stud. Geomorph. Carpatho-Balcanica 41: 77-96. Schramm W., 1925, Zsuwiska stoków górskich w Beskidzie. Wielkie zsuwisko w lesie wsi Duszatyn ziemi Sanockiej (Landslides of mountain slopes in Beskids. The large landslide in the forest of Duszatyn village), Kosmos 50(4): 1355-1374 (in Polish, French summary

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The usefulness of ground-penetrating radar images for the research of a large sand-bed braided river: case study from the Vistula River (central Poland)

-26. Haczewski, G. & Kukulak, J., 2004. Early Holocene landslide- dammed lake in Bieszczady Mountains (Polish eastern Carpathians) and its evolution. Studia Geomorphologica Carpatho-Balcanica 38, 83-96. Hickin, A.S., Kerr, B., Barchyn, T.E. & Paulen, R.C., 2009. Ground-penetrating radar and capacitively coupled resistivity to investigate fluvial architecture and grain-size distribution of a gravel floodplain in Northeast British Columbia, Canada. Journal of Sedimentary Research 79, 457-477. Jol, H.M., 2009. Ground penetrating radar - theory and

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Early late-glacial rock avalanche and its lasting effects on drainage and sediment dispersal (Strassberg valley catchment, Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria)

., Proske, H. and Strasser, V., 2010. Paraglacial slope adujustment since the end of the Last Glacial Maximum and its long-lasting effect on secondary mass-wasting processes: Hauser Kaibling, Austria. Geomorphology, 120, 65-76. geomorph.2009.09.016 Korup, O. and Tweed, F., 2007. Ice, moraine, and landslide dams in mountainous terrain. Quaternary Science Reviews, 26, 3406–3422. Lenhardt, W.A., 2007. Earthquake-triggered landslides in Austria – Dobratsch revisited. Jahrbuch der Geologischen

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Dendrochronological dating as the basis for developing a landslide hazard map – An example from the Western Carpathians, Poland

high-mountain area of the Moxi basin, Hengduan Mts, China – A hazard assessment Applied Geography 87 54 65 10.1016/j.apgeog.2017.08.003 Micu M and Bălteanu D, 2013. A deep-seated landslide dam in the Siriu Reservoir (Curvature Carpathians, Romania). Landslides 10 (3): 323–329, 10.1007/s10346-013-0382-8 . Micu M Bălteanu D 2013 A deep-seated landslide dam in the Siriu Reservoir (Curvature Carpathians, Romania) Landslides 10 3 323 329 10.1007/s10346-013-0382-8 Migoń P, Pánek T, Malik I, Hrádecký J, Owczarek P and Silhán K, 2010. Complex landslide terrain in the

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