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Quantitative Assessment of Landscape Load Caused by Mining Activity


In Hungary, not only the aftermath of the extraction in the past nearly 150 years, but also the economic changes taking place in the past two decades have had significant environmental consequences manifested, above all, in the landscape. It is, however, not sufficient to investigate the landscape components separately; it is necessary to explore connections within the landscape. Accordingly, the chief aim of this presentation has been, on the one hand, to work out the method of landscape load index, based on a quantitative database of mining claims and deposits of mining waste, which has revealed their impacts on the landscape as well. On the other hand, we have also aimed at developing the method of the mining load index of certain geographical landscape units. By calculating and analysing the indices, we have intended to build a quantitative database suitable for investigating the impacts of mining activities on the landscape. On the basis of the indices, the impacts and consequences could be ranked, and it was also possible to compare the impacts of different mining claims and waste deposits in three different landscape categories. With the main result of our examination, this will make it possible to investigate concrete problems and landscape conflicts caused by the landscape use of mining or its aftermath in different landscape units with a high load index.

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The Ability of Tourist Natural Trails to Resist Tourism Load and Possibilities for Reducing the Environmental Impacts : Case Study of the Slovak Paradise National Park (Slovakia)

:// Hrnčiarova, T. & Altmanova M. (1999). Impact of the high-mountains landscape by localization of the tourist paths (in Slovak). In T. Hrnčiarova & Z. Izakovičova (Eds.), Krajinnoekologické plánovanie na prahu 3. tisícročia (pp. 240-247). Bratislava: UKE SAV. Hrnčiarova, T. (2000). High-mountain landscape load due to the hiking trails. Ekológia (Bratislava), 19(2), 222−233. Hrnčiarova, T., Miklos, L., Tremboš, P., Kočicky, D. & Weis K. (2002). Ecological carrying capacity of the current land use according to types

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Land units composition of home ranges and changing of winter roosts of long-eared owl Asio otus

research. Nitra: Constatine the Philosopher University. Izakovičová, Z. & Oszlanyi J. (2013). The impact of stress factors, landscape loads and human activities: Implications for sustainable development. International Journal of Environmental and Waste Management, 11, 111−128. DOI: 10.1504/IJEWM.2013.051842. Kalivoda, H., Petrovič, F., Kalivodova, E. & Kurthy A. (2010). Influence of the landscape structure on the butterfly (Lepidoptera, Hesperioidea and Papilionoidea) and bird (Aves) taxocoenoses in Veľke Levare (SW Slovakia). Ekológia

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