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Influence of biological removal of lactose on the physical and chemical parameters of crude sweet whey


The crude sweet whey is an effluent and a co-product of cooked and pressed cheeses and casein, released into the environment without prior treatment (case of Cheese Dairy Sidi Saada, Yellel, Relizane, Algeria) affect the quality of freshwater ecosystems (Oued Mina, Relizane, Algeria).Our study focused on the control of the physical and chemical parameters of crude sweet whey and delactosed whey.The results showed that the applied bioprocess modified the physical and chemical parameters of crude sweet whey such as :density,dry matter,refractive index,viscosity,ash,pH and electrical conductivity, acidity,proteins and lactose; for this purpose these findings depended on the operating conditions, and the composition of the whey put in treatment.

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Effect of Package Type on Selected Parameters of Nutritional Quality of Chill-Stored White Sauerkraut

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