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. Imperialism today is a luxury one can hardly afford, but Russia cannot imagine itself without it. It is hostage to its imperialist nature and finds it extremely difficult to change its own views, however harmful they may be. It is like an addiction – an addiction to imperialistic thinking that is turning into geopolitical kleptomania. For now, it is rather inclined to hide its afflictions, instead of getting treatment. Russia basically has two choices: an authoritarian regime with an aggressive foreign policy, or an upheaval which may destroy Russia as we know it

gambling [F63.0]; pathological fire-setting OR pyromania [F63.1]; pathological stealing OR kleptomania [F63.2]; trichotillomania [F63.3]; intermittent explosive disorder [F63.8]; gender identity disorder [F64, F64.2]; transsexualism [F64.0]; dual-role transvestism [F64.1]; disorders of sexual preference [F65, F65.6, F65.8]; fetishes* [F65.0, F65.1]; exhibitionism [F65.2]; voyeurism [F65.3]; paedophilia [F65.4]; sadomasochism [F65.5]; frotteurism [F65.8]; necrophilia [F65.8]; zoophilia [F65.8]; psychosexual development disorders [F66, F66.8, F66.9]; sexual maturation