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Relationship between job satisfaction and perception of manager’s behavior

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Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction of Banking Sector Employees
(The case study: Asgariyeh and MehrIran Banks in Qazvin and Alborz, Iran)

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Paths to Explain Employee Job Satisfaction. A Fuzzy-Set Analysis

References Albrecht, S., Bakker, A., Gruman, J., Macey, W. and Saks, A. (2015). Employee engagement, human resource management practices and competitive advantage: An integrated approach. Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance, 2, pp.7-35. Allen, D.R. and Wilburn, M. (2002). Linking Customer and Employee Satisfaction to the Bottom Line. American Society for Quality, Milwaukee. Apkan, C. P. (2013). Job security and job satisfaction as determinants of organizational commitment among

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The Influence of Competencies of Managers on Job Satisfaction of Employees in the Hotel Industry

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Relationship of Ages and Gender of the Employees in Organisations in the Republic of Serbia and Their Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction from leadership perspective

References Al-Ababneh, M. (2013). Leadership style of managers in five-star hotels and its relationship with employees job satisfaction. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 3(2), 93-98. Ary, D., Jacobs, L. C., Irvine, C. K. S., & Walker, D. (2013). Introduction to research in education. Cengage Learning. Avolio, B. J., Walumbwa, F. O., & Weber, T. J. (2009). Leadership: Current theories, research, and future directions. Annual review of psychology, 60, 421-449. Avolio, B. J

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The Relationship of Management Style and Job Satisfaction among PE Teachers

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Job Satisfaction and Citizenship Behavior: A Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment

empirical study. Journal of Management and Research, 6 (1), 84-116. Aslan, A. S., Shaukat, M. Z., Ahmed, I., Shah, I. M., & Mahfar, M. (2014). Job satisfactions of academics in malaysian public universities. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 114 , 154-158. Azim, M. T., Fan, L., Uddin, M. A., Jilani, M. M. A. K., & Begum, S. (2019). Linking transformational leadership with employees’ engagement in the creative process. Management Research Review, 42 (7), 837-858.

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Job Satisfaction of a Physical Education Teacher as Seen by School Community

REFERENCES Blase, J. (1986). A qualitative analysis of sources of teacher stress: Consequences for performance, American Educational Research Journal , 23, 13-40. Brzeziński, J. (1996). Metodologia badań psychologicznych /The methodology of psychological research/ . Warsaw: PWN. Coutarel, F., & Fiard, J. (2012). Physical education and sport teachers’ health: from expressed ill-being to hindrances of action, Work , 41, 5228-5230. Demirtas, Z. (2010). Teachers’ job satisfaction levels, Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences , 9, 1069

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Job Satisfaction and Satisfaction with Work-Life Balance across Cultures

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