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The Use of Isolation Indicator for Explaining Tourism Arrivals on Tropical Islands

REFERENCES Jędrusik M., 2001, Izolacja jako zjawisko geograficzne , [Isolation as a Geographical Phenomenon; in Polish] Uniwersytet Warszawski, Wydział Geografii i Studiów Regionalnych, Warszawa. United Nations Environment Programme ( ) – 23.07.2007. United Nations Statistical Division, Demographic and Social Statistics, Social Indicators on Population, – 10.01.2007. World Tourism Organization, 2006, Compendium of Tourism Statistics

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The Evaluation of Brucella Spp. Isolation Rates in Ruminant Abortion Cases by Using Different Selective Media

Brucella strains in clinical samples. Mac Vet Rev. 38 (2): 223-232. 14. Marin, C.M., Alabart, J.L., Blasco, J.M. (1996). Effect of antibioctics contained in two Brucella selective media on growth of Brucella abortus, B. melitensis, and B. ovis. J. Clin. Microbiol. 34 (2): 426-428. PMid:8789029 PMCid:PMC228811 15. Stack, J.A., Harrıson, M., Perrett, L.L. (2002). Evaluation of a selective medium for Brucella isolation using natamycin. J. Appl. Microbiol. 92, 724–728.

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Diachronic complexification and isolation

References Anderson, S.R. 1992. A-morphous morphology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Baechler, R. In press. “Komplexitat der Nominalflexion in eng verwandten Varietaten”. Akten des 4. Kongresses der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Dialektologie des Deutschen (IGDD). Baechler, R. In press. “Inflectional complexity of nouns, adjectives and articles in closely related (non-)isolated varieties”. In Baechler, R. and G. Seiler (ed.), Complexity and isolation. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter

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Optimization of a Density Gradient Centrifugation Protocol for Isolation of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

in isolation and analysis, and challenges for clinical applications. Pharmacol Ther. 2014;141(2):209–221. 5. Esmaeilsabzali H., Beischlag T.V., Cox M.E. et al. - Detection and isolation of circulating tumor cells: Principles and methods. Biotechnol Adv, 2013;31(7):1063-1084. 6. Masucci G.V., Cesano A., Hawtin R. et al. - Validation of biomarkers to predict response to immunotherapy in cancer: Volume I - pre-analytical and analytical validation. J Immunother Cancer 2016;4:76. 7. Farkona S., Diamandis E.P., Blasutig I.M.- Cancer immunotherapy: the

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Behaviour of tail-docked lambs tested in isolation

differences in reactions to threatening situations ( Wemelsfelder and Farish, 2004 ), as well as differences in damaged tissues and ways in which the damage occurs ( Kent et al ., 2000 ), but also by the effect of evolutionary pressures to hide pain to diminish predation risk ( Butler and Finn, 2009 ). It has been speculated that showing an abnormal behaviour in response to pain may cause isolation from the group and increase predation risk ( Dwyer, 2004 ). To reduce predation risk, an ability to temporarily displace awareness of pain can be developed ( Rutherford, 2002

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Enhancement Of Dermal Fibroblast Isolation Method

development, metabolism and disease. J Biochem. 2011; 149(2): 121-30. 10. H. Jiang and F. Grinnell. Cell–Matrix Entanglement and Mechanical Anchorage of Fibroblasts in Threedimensional Collagen Matrices. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 2005; 16: 5070–5076. 11. Huang HI, Wu CZ. Isolation and differentiation potential of fibroblast-like stromal cells derived from human skin. Methods Mol Biol. 2012; 879:465-70. 12. Park JC, Kim YB, Kim HJ, Jang HS, Kim HS, Kim BO, Han KY. Isolation and characterization of cultured human periodental ligament fibroblast

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Isolation and identification of Mycoplasma mycoides cluster strains from goats in Chongqing, China

South Africa. Tydskr S Afr Vet Ver 2005, 76, 204-208. 14. Kumar P., Roy A., Bhanderi B.B., Pal B.C.: Isolation, identification and molecular characterization of Mycoplasma isolates from goats of Gujarat State, India. Vet Arhiv 2011, 81, 443-458. 15. Kumar V., Rama R., Mehra S., Rout P.K.: Isolation and characterization of Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies capri from milk of natural goat mastitis cases. ISRN Vet Sci 2013, Article ID: 593029. 16. Leach R.H., Costas M., Mitchelmore D.L.: Relationship between Mycoplasma

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Numerical test on polystyrene tunnel seismic-isolation material

. Eng. 32(8), 1579-1587. 9. Huang, S. (2010). Research on failure mechanism and a seismic measure for underground engineering under high intensity earthquake, Wuhan Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R.China, May, 2010.5. 10. Hiroomi, I. et al. (1996). Damage to Daikai subway station. Soils and Foundations, Special Issue, Jan, 283-300. 11. Zhao, W.S., Chen, W.Z., Tan, X.J. & Huang, S. (2013). High-performance foam concrete for seismic-isolation materials of tunnels. Chinese J. Geotech

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Isolation and Molecular Detection of Bovine Parainfluenza Virus Type 3 in Cattle in Serbia

, 56:431-436. 6. Maidana S, Lomonaco P, Combessies G, Craig M, Diodati J, Rodrigez D, Parreno V, Zabal O: Isolation and characterization of bovine parainfluenza virus type 3 from water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) in Argentina. Veterinary Research 2012, 83:1-9. 7. Yong Yang, Feng - Xue Wang, Na Sun, Li Cao, Shu - Qin Zhang, Hong- Wei Zhu, Li Guo, Shi - Peng Cheng, Yong - Jun Wen: Development and evaluation of two truncated recombinant NP antigen - based indirect ELISAs for detection of bovine parainfluenza virus type 3 antibodies in

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Isolation of Dental Pulp Stem Cells and their In Vitro Differentiation into Odontoblast-like Cells

A, Izadpanah R. An efficient method for isolation of marine bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Int J Biol. 2007; 51:723-729. Wei X, Ling J, Wu L, Liu L, Xiao Y. Expression of mineralization markers in dental pulp cells. Journal of Endodontics. 2007;33(6):703-708. Jo Y, Lee HJ, Kook SY, Choung HW, Pork JY, Chung JH, Choung YH, Kim ES, Yang YC, Choung PH. Isolation and characterization of postnatal stem cells from human dental tissues. Tissue Engineering. 2007;13(4):767-772. Nakashima M

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