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review of its physiological benefits. Physician Sports Med. 9:45-60. Haennel R. G, H. A. Quinney, C. T. Kappagoda (1991) Effects of hydraulic circuit training following coronary artery by pass surgery. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 23:158-165. Hayashi N, S. Koba, Y. Yoshida (2003) The effect of muscle contraction velocity on cardiorespiratory responses to repetitive isokinetic exercise in humans. Japan J. Physiol. 53 (5): 327-333. Hempell, L, and Wells, C. L (1985) Cardiorespiratory cost of the nautilus express circuit. Phys. Sport Med. 13:82-97. Hickson R. C, M. A

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reduce the pain or swelling associated with delayed onset muscle soreness. J Athl Train , 2000; 35: S44 Sijmonsma J. Manual de taping neuro muscular . Portugal: Aneid Press, 2007 Thelen MD, Dauber JA, Stoneman PD. The clinical efficacy of kinesio tape for shoulder pain: a randomized, double-blinded, clinical trial. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther , 2008; 38: 389-395 Vithoulk I, Beneka A, Malliou P, Aggelousis N, Karatsolis K, Diamantopoulos K. The effects of kinesio taping on quadriceps strength during isokinetic exercise in healthy non-athlete women. Isokinet Exerc Sci

-760 Roczniok R, Maszczyk A, Stanula A, Czuba M, Pietraszewski P, Kantyka J, Starzyński M. Physiological and physical profiles and on-ice performance approach to predict talent in male youth ice hockey players during draft to hockey team. Isokinetics & Exercise Science, 2013; 21: 121-127 Schnabel G, Haare H-D, Krug J. Theory of Training - Science in Training. Aachen: Meyer & Meyer Verlag, 34-94; 2008 Sigmund M, Dostálová I. The basic morphological characteristics, body composition and segmental analysis in elite-level ice hockey players of the professional russian hockey

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of Training in the Development of Adaptive Mechanisms in Freedivers. J Hum Kinet , 2012; 32: 197-210 Ostrowski A Strzała M Stanula A Juszkiewicz M Pilch W Maszczyk A The Role of Training in the Development of Adaptive Mechanisms in Freedivers J Hum Kinet 2012 32 197 210 Perrin DH. Isokinetic Exercise and Assessment . Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics; 1993 Perrin DH Isokinetic Exercise and Assessment. Champaign, IL Human Kinetics 1993 Ramsi M, Swanik KA, Swanik C, Straub S, Maltacola C. Shoulder-Rotator Strength of High School Swimmers Over the Course of a