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Yield Modelling of Oil-Bearing Rose Depending on Irrigation Regime

References 1. Garside, A.L., Lawn, R.J. & Byth D.E. (1992). Irrigation management of soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) in a semi arid tropical environment. I. Effect of irrigation frequency on growth development and yield. Australian Journal of Agricultural research, 43 (5), 1003 - 1017. 2. Petrova, V. (2010). Evaluation of the Meliorative effects on Water and Thermal Regimes of Crops of Soybean and Wheat. Dissertation, Sofia. 3. Varlev, I. (1983). Optimize the uniformity of irrigation. Agricultural Academy

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The Effect of Irrigation Methods on the Yield of Pickling Cucumber

References Choudhari S.M., More T.A. 2002. Fertigation, fertilizer and spacing requirement of tropical gynoecious cucumber hybrids. Acta Hort. 588: 233-240. Elkner K., Radzikowska D. 1976. Wpływ nawadniania, nawożenia mineralnego i odmiany na jakość ogórków przeznaczonych do kwaszenia. Zesz. Probl. Post. Nauk Roln. 181: 55-70. [in Polish] Güler S., Ibrikci H. 2002. Yield and elemental composition of cucumber as affected by drip and furrow irrigation. Acta Hort . 571: 51

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Effects of Surface and Subsurface Drip Irrigation on the Yield, Vegetative Growth and Water Productivity of Onions

REFERENCES AL-JAMAL M.S., BALL S., SAMMIS T.W.: Comparison of sprinkler, trickle and furrow irrigation efficiencies for onion production. Agricultural Water Management, 46: 253-266, 2001. AYARS J.E., PHENE C.J, HUTMACHER R.B, DAVIS K.R, SHONEMAN R.A, VAIL S.S, MEAD R.M.: Subsurface drip irrigation of row crops: A review of 15 years of research at the Water Management Research Laboratory. Agricultural Water Management, 42:1-27, 1999. BARTOLO M.E.: Subsurface drip irrigation in Colorado. In: Central Plains Irrigation Conference and Exposition

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An experimental study of the surface and subsurface irrigation methods with respect to soil moisture on grape yard

REFERENCES A llen R., P ereira L.S., R aes D., S mith M., 1998. Crop evapotranspiration. Guidelines for computing crop water requirements. Irrigation and Drainage Paper. No. 56. Rome. FAO. ISBN 92-5-104219-5 pp. 300. A ragüés R., M edina E.T., C laveria I., M artínez -C ob A., F aci J. 2014. Regulated deficit irrigation, soil salinization and soil sodification in a table grape vineyard drip-irrigated with moderately saline waters. Agricultural Water Management. Vol. 134 p. 84–93. A yars J.E., P hene C.J., H utmacher R.B., D avis K

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Encounter probability analysis of irrigation water and reference crop evapotranspiration in irrigation district

References Abolfazl, M., Mohammad, G.S., Ayed-Hossein, S., Yousof, M., Mohammad, B., 2017. Sensitivity analysis of monthly reference crop evapotranspiration trends in Iran: a qualitative approach. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 128, 857-873. Bai, C.Y., Zhao, Y.X., Feng, X., 2004. Grey relation analysis on change trend of Irrigation water capacity. Yellow River, 26, 7, 33-34. Davis, M.K., Chen, G., 2007. Graphing Kendall’s. Comput. Stat. Data. An., 51, 5, 2375-2378. Fan, W.B., Wu, P.T., Han

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The Effect of Irrigation Intervals Scheduling and Nitrogen and Zinc Content on Wheat Yield and Yield Components in Drought Stress

REFERENCES Asadi, A., & Hammett, A. (1998). Effects of different tillage methods on irrigated wheat crop and comparison their performance parameters. Final research report of Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, No. 106. Ahmadi, A., & Siose Marde, A. (2004) . Effects of drought stress on soluble carbohydrates, chlorophyll and proline in four wheat cultivars Compatible with different climatic condition in Iran. Iranian Journal of Agricultural Science , 35(3), 753-763. Bansal, R.L., Takkar, P.N., Bhandari, A.I., & Rana, D.S. (1990

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Classification of Water Quality of Banat Watercourses in Serbia for the Needs of Irrigation

., Waskom, R. M., Sutherland, P. L., Davis, J. G., Follett, R. H., Soltanpour, P. N. 2011. Irrigation water quality criteria. Service in action; No. 0.506. Belić, S., Belić, A., Maksimović, I., Savić, R., Vranešević, M. 2011. Water quality for irrigation (In Serbian) University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad, 177p. Bortolini, L., Maucieri, C., Borin, M. 2018. A tool for the evaluation of irrigation water quality in the arid and semi-arid regions. Agronomy 8(2), 23. DOI: 10.3390/agronomy8020023 Fipps, G. Irrigation water quality standards

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Studies on Influence of Emitter Discharge Rate, Irrigation Supplies and Planting Pattern on Tomato in Heavy Soils Of Central India

References Brestler E., Heller J., Diner N., Benasher I., Brandt A., Goldberg D., 1971 - Infiltration from trickle source II. Experimental data and theoretical predictions. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. Proc. 35: 683-689 Doorenbos J., Pruitt W. O., 1977 - Guidelines for predicting crop water requirement. Irrigation and Drainage Paper FAO Rome. 24. J. Goel A. K., Gupta R. K., Kumar R., 1993 - Effect of drip discharge rate on soil moisture distribution pattern. J. of Water Management 1(1): 50

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Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Raised Bed Wheat Cultivation

REFERENCES Aggarwal, P. & Goswami, B. (2003). Bed planting system for increasing water-use efficiency of wheat ( Triticum aestivum ) grown on Inceptisol (Typic Ustochrept). Indian J.Agric.Sci ., 73(8):422-425. Ali, M.H., Hoque, M.R., Hassan, A.A. & Khair, A. (2007). Effects of deficit irrigation on yield, water productivity, and economic returns of wheat. Agric. Water Manage. , 92(3):151-161. DOI:10.1016/j.agwat.2007.05.010 Balasubramaniyan, P., & Palaniappan , S.P. (2001) . Principles and practices of agronomy. Agrobios , Jodhpur, India

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Global experience on irrigation management under different scenarios

-33. AYARS J.E., CHRISTEN E.W., HORNBUCKLE J.W. 2006. Controlled drainage for improved water management in arid regions irrigated agriculture. Agricultural Water Management. Vol. 86 p. 128-139. BOLLIGER A., MAGID J., AMADO J.C.T., NETO F.S., DE FATIMA DOS SANTOS RIBEIRO M., CALEGARI A., RALISCH R., DE NEERGAARD A. 2006. Taking stock of the Brazilian “Zero_Till Revolution”: A Review of Landmark Research and Farmers' Practice. Advances in Agronomy. Vol. 91 p. 47-110. DE LOE R., KREUTZWISER R., IVEY J. 2001. Agricultural water use in Ontario

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