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Thickness Optimisation of Textiles Subjected to Heat and Mass Transport during Ironing


Let us next analyse the coupled problem during ironing of textiles, that is, the heat is transported with mass whereas the mass transport with heat is negligible. It is necessary to define both physical and mathematical models. Introducing two-phase system of mass sorption by fibres, the transport equations are introduced and accompanied by the set of boundary and initial conditions. Optimisation of material thickness during ironing is gradient oriented. The first-order sensitivity of an arbitrary objective functional is analysed and included in optimisation procedure. Numerical example is the thickness optimisation of different textile materials in ironing device.

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Effects of Chemical Structure of Silicone Polyethers Used as Fabric Softener Additives on Selected Utility Properties of Cotton Fabric

& Engineering, 2(1), 108-120. [18] Korycki R, Szafrańska H. (2016). Thickness Optimisation of Textiles Subjected to Heat and Mass Transport During Ironing, Autex Research Journal, 16(3), 165-174. [19] Korycki R, Szafrańska H. (2014). Sensitivity of Temperature Field to Material Parameters within the Clothing Laminate Process. Fibres & Textiles in Eastern Europe, 22, 5(107), 83-88. [20] Wasilewski T., Ogorzałek M., Klimaszewska E. (2014). Correlations between performance properties of textiles and concentration of fabric softener in rinsing bath, Salerno

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A Study on Along-Track and Cross-Track Noise of Altimetry Data by Maximum Likelihood: Mars Orbiter Laser Altimetry (Mola) Example

. Dynamic motion residuals in swath sonar data: Ironing out the creases. International Hydrographic Review 4(1):6-23. Jarmołowski, W., 2013. A priori noise and regularization in least squares collocation of gravity anomalies. Geodesy and Cartography 62(2), 199-216. Jarmołowski, W., Bakuła, M., 2014. Precise estimation of covariance parameters in leastsquares collocation by restricted maximum likelihood. Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica 58, 171-189. Kim, J.W., Roman D.R., Lee B.Y., Kim Y., 2008. Altimetry Enhanced Free

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Technological model of water contact iron removal

.08.015. L avanya R.S., U lavi S., L okesh K.S. 2014. Water softening and de-ironing of ground water using sulfonated polystyrene beads. International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology. Vol. 3. Iss. 6 p. 2124–2127. L iefferink S.L., V an E eden E.S., W epener V. 2017. Past, present and future use of municipal water and freshwater resources of the Bekkersdal Community, Westonaria, South Africa. Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems. Vol. 5(3) p 430–446. DOI 10.13044/j.sdewes.d5.0155. M adhukar M., L

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Hypercompetition & Fiscal Attractiveness

-501. VAYSMAN, I. (1996), “A Model of Cost-based Transfer Pricing”, Rev. Account. Stud. 1: 73-78 WEISBACH, D. (2000), “Ironing Out the Flat Tax”, 52 Stanford Law Review 599 WILSON, T., FULLWOOD V. (2013), “Tax havens and tax equity.” Journal of Applied Financial Research. WULF L. de, Fiscal incentive for industrial exports in developed countries, Vol XXI, 45-52. ZAGLER, M., DURNECKER, G. (2003), Fiscal policy and economic growth, Journal of Economic Surveys, 17/3, 397-418. ZUCMAN, G. (2013), La richesse cachée des nations. Enquête sur les

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Eu enlargement and au pairing in the United Kingdom
The experiences and migratory strategies of Slovak au pairs

allow her to take side jobs for other families in her free time, threatening to fire her and consequently revoke her permission to stay in the country. Instead, they offered her ironing for their household as an extra job. Lívia’s hosts converted the officially determined minimum weekly pocket money into hourly pay and suggested that they would pay her two pounds an hour for ironing. Though Lívia protested that a previous worker had been paid substantially more to undertake this task, the family refused to pay her more. Nevertheless, she accepted their offer, because

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Glyphosate, pathways to modern diseases II: Celiac sprue and gluten intolerance

-1339. Hardell L, Eriksson M. (1999). A casecontrol study of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and exposure to pesticides. Cancer 85(6): 1353-1360. Hernanz, A, Polanco I. (1991). Plasma precursor amino acids of central nervous system monoamines in children with coeliac disease. Gut 32: 1478-1481. Herrmann W, Obeid R. (2012). Cobalamin defi ciency. Subcell Biochem 56: 301-22. Hershko C, Patz J. (2008). Ironing out the mechanism of anemia in celiac disease. Haematologica 93(12): 1761-1765. Hietanen E, Linnainmaa

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