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Investments, Economic Growth and Employment: VAR Method for Romania

6. References Alloza, M., (2017), A Very Short Note on Computing Impulse Response Functions , University College, London, available online at . Attanasio, O.P., Picci, L., Scorcu, A.E., (2000), Saving, growth, and investment: a macroeconomic analysis using a panel of countries , Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 82, no. 2, pp. 182-211. Blomstrom, M., Lipsey, R.E., Zejan, M., (1993), Is fixed investment the key to economic growth?, NBER Working Papers 4436, National Bureau

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Alternatives for Financing of Municipal Investments - Green Bonds

finance for developing countries, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, Volume 9, 2019 – Issue 1, pp: 17-32. link to this article: 16. Kalcheva D (2017), Access to debt financing – opportunities for improvement of the investment capacity of Bulgarian municipalities (for the period 2003-2015), Economic Alternatives, 2017, Issue 3, pp. 390-404 17. Kommuniinvest (2019), [Accessed 15.03.2019] 18. Mårten Andersson Productions (2014), Local Government Finance in Europe Trends to

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Foreign Direct Investment Inflows into Zimbabwe

References Alfaro, L. (2017). Gains from Foreign Direct Investment: Macro and Micro Approaches. World Bank Economic Review, 30 Supplements 1, S2 - S15. Asheghian, P. (2011). Economic Growth Determinants and Foreign Direct Investment Causality in Canada, International Jornal of Business and Social Sciences, 2(11), 1-9. Bean, C. R. (1981). An econometric model of manufacturing investment in the UK, The Economic Journal, 91, 106-121. Blanco, L. (2012). The Spatial Interdependence of FDI in Latin

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Solvency, Indebtedness, Rates of Return and Investment Impact on Economic and Technical Analysis Indicators (Case Study)

References Alfonsi G., Granjean P., 1984 - Pratique de gestion et d’analyse financières. Edit. Les Editions d’Organisations, Paris. Anghel I., Dinu E., 2000 - Strategia şi analiza economico-financiară - studii de caz (Strategy and economic - financial analysis - Case studies). Edit. ASE, Bucureşti. Butănescu R., 1997 - Investiţii-analiză, proces, decizie (Investments - analysis, process, decision). Edit. Univ. “Lucian Blaga”, Sibiu. Dimitriu M., 1994 - Studiu de fezabilitate privind eficienţa

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Investment Opportunities in Ecological Farms with Various Production Branches

References Brodzińska, K. (2014). Rolnictwo ekologiczne – tendencje i kierunki zmian. Zeszyty Naukowe Szkoły Głównej Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego w Warszawie, Problemy Rolnictwa Światowego, 14, 3, 27-36. Cupiał, M., Kobuszewski, M., Szelag-Sikora, A., Niemiec, M. (2015a). Analysis of mechanical investment in Malopolska province using index of technological modernization ITM, In: Huyghebaert, B., Lorencowicz, E., Uziak, J. (Eds), Farm Machinery And Processes Management In Sustainable Agriculture , 70-73. Cupiał, M., Szelag-Sikora, A., Niemiec, M

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Equity Investments vs. Debt Investments – What Drives OFDI in Polish Industry

References Aliber R. (1970), A Theory of Foreign Direct Investment, in: Ch. Kindleberger (ed.) The international Corporation, MA: MIT Press, Cambridge. Caves R.E. (1971), International corporations: The industrial economics of foreign investment, “Economica”,vol. 38, Issue 149 (February). Dunning J.H. (1981), Explaining the international direct investment position of countries: towards a dynamic or developmental approach, “Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv”, no. 117. Dunning J.H. (1986), The investment

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Calculation of Impact of Construction Investment to the Public Infrastructure

University, 2007. [4] MACE, M. Financial analysis of investment projects: Practical examples and applications. Prague: Grada Publishing a.s., 2006. ISBN 80-247-1557-0. [5] VANIER, D. & DANYLO, N. Municipal Infrastructure Investment Planning: Asset Management. In Innovations in Urban Infrastructure Seminar of the APWA International Public Works Congress . 1st ed. Las Vegas, USA, 1998. pp. 25-39. [6] VUVA - RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURE. Zoning Principles and Rules . 1st ed. Brno: Urbion, 1983.

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Influence of the Governmental Investment Subsidies On Development of Serbian Viticulture

References Andrić, J., Vasiljević, Z. and Sredojević, Z. (2005). Investments - Fundamentals of Planning and Analysis (Investicije - Osnovi planiranja i analize). Belgrade: University of Belgrade - Faculty of Agriculture. Avramov, L. (1991). Viticulture (Vinogradarstvo). Nolit, Beograd. Cicea, C., Subić, J. and Cvijanović, D. (2008). Beyond Agriculture and Rural Development: Investments, Efficiency, Econometrics, Institute of Agricultural Economics Belgrade. FAO - Accessed on 20

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Foreign Direct Investments in Poland - Report for the End of 2004 and New Facts

References Hunya, G. (2000). Recent FDI Trends, Policies and Challenges in SEE Countries in Comparison with other Regions in Transition. The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies. MGiP. (2005). Specjalne strefy ekonomiczne stan na dzień 31 grudnia 2004. Warszawa. MGPiPS. (2003). Program promocji gospodarczej Polski do roku 2005. Warszawa. NBP. (2007). Direct Investment Flows in Poland in 2007. Warszawa www

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Investment Risk Management and Economic Aspects of Transport Infrastructure Development

References Automobilių kelių investicijų vadovas. (2006). Kaunas: VĮ "Transporto ir kelių tyrimo institutas". The Cohesion Fund 2000-2006. (1999). Application for Assistance. Environment and Transport. Council regulation (EC) No 1164/94 of 16 May 1994, Council regulation (EC) No 1264/1999 of 21 June 1999 and Council regulation (EC) No 1265/1999 of 21 June. European Commission, Electronic version. Guide to Cost-Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects. (2008). Brussels: European

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