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Internet of Things in Marketing: Opportunities and Security Issues

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A Survey on Challenges of Semantics Application in the Internet of Things Domain

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Internet of Things: Structure, Features and Management

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“Internet of Things” Contribution to Electrical Energy Efficiency and Society Eco-Education

REFERENCES Bossseboeuf, D., (2012). Energy Efficiency Trends in Buildings in the EU . Odyssee Mure, 2.5, 11-13. Retrieved September 4, 2012, from Burkitt, F., (2014), Six Ways To Define Your Internet Of Things Strategy . Business Forbe, Retrieved May 20, 2014 from Eurostat, (n.d.), Enenrgy from renewable sources . Retrieved March 5, 2015, from http

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Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Concepts Applied on Buildings Data Analysis

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A Runway Surface Monitor using Internet of Things

Formation Over a Runway Surface,, Proceedings of the XVI Standing International Road Weather Commission (SIRWEC), Helsinki, Finland, 23-25 May 2012. [16] ATZORI, L.-IERA, A.-MORABITO, G. : The Internet of Things: A survey, Computer Networks 54 No. 15 (2010), 2787-2805. [17] MIORANDI, D.-SICARI, S.-DEPELLEGRINI, F.-CHLAMTAC, I. : Internet of things: Vision, applications and research challenges jour Ad Hoc Networks. [18] VONHIPPEL, A. : The dielectric relaxation spectra of water, ice, and aqueous solutions, and their

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Non-Intrusive Historical Assessment of Internet-Facing Services in the Internet of Things

References [1] Cisco, The Internet of Things,, accessed January 2015. [2] Genge, B., and Siaterlis, C., “Analysis of the Effects of Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks on MPLS Networks”, International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection, Elsevier, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 87-95, 2013. [3] Hagerott, M., “Stuxnet and the vital role of critical infrastructure operators and engineers”, International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection, vol. 7, no. 4, pp

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Smart Residential Buildings as Learning Agent Organizations in the Internet of Things

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Internet of Things in the Context of Industry 4.0: An Overview

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How Internet of Things Influences Human Behavior Building Social Web of Services via Agent-Based Approach

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