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The Impact of Transport on International Trade Development

Route with Multiple Ports”. Polish Maritime Research , Poland, 20 (4): 80-86 KRILE, S. (2013), “Passage Planning with Several Ports of Loading and Discharging” [Planiranje plovidbe s više luka ukrcaja i iskrcaja], Our Sea , International Journal of Maritime Science & Technology, 60 (1-2): 21-24 OECD (2004), “Transport and International Trade”. Paris: Conclusions of Round Table, 131: 6 PUPAVAC, D. (2009), “Rast transportnih troškova – faktor reverzibilnog procesa globalizacije”. JEL clasification: F 02; L 91; N 70; Preliminary communications

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An Analysis of International Trade of Montenegro Using Statistics on the Operations of Transnational Corporations’ Affiliates

Doing in Answering Them?. Bea Papers 0057, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Washington, 2. 7. Li, C. et al.(2010). Foreign Affiliate Sales and Trade in Both Goods and Services. National Bureau of economic research, Working Paper No. 16273, Cambridge, 2010, 16. 8. Stiglitz, J. (2002). Globalization and Its Discontents. WW. Norton&Company, New York,9. 9. UN, EC, IMF, OECD, UNCTAD, WTO. (2012). Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services, Geneva, Luxembourg, New York, Paris, Washington, 93. 10

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Examining the Relationship between Financial Development and International Trade in Croatia

EU New Member States: Bad Luck or Bad Policies? International Monetary Fund Working Paper 10/130. Beck, T. 2003. Financial dependence and international trade: is there a link. Review of International Economics 11: 296-316. Bilas, V. and Bošnjak, M. 2015. Examining the relationship between banking loans to private individuals growth rate and personal consumption growth rate in Croatia – the cointegration approach. Notitia – časopis za održivi razvoj 1: 19-26. Bošnjak, M., Novak, I. and Šverko, I. 2013. Macroeconomic Shocks Influence on NPL Level in

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The Relation between Economic Development and International Trade: A Comparative Analysis of East Asian and Southeast Asian Economies

1, 9th Edtion. München: Vahlen, 2007 Bhagwati, Jagdish. “The Pure Theory of International Trade: A Survey.” In The Economic Journal, 74/293, 1964, pp. 1-84 Breuss, Fritz. Außenwirtschaft, Band 1. Wien: Springer, 1997 Chacholiades, Miltiades. International Trade Theory and Policy. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1978 Chipman, John S. “A Survey of the Theory of International Trade: Part 1, The Classical Theory.” In Econometrica, 33/3, 1965, pp. 477-519 Cypher, James M. and James L. Dietz. The

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Competitiveness of the New European Union Member States in International Trade in Knowledge-intensive Business Services

:// , 10.09.2015. Durand M., Giorno C. (1987), Indicators of international competitiveness: Conceptual aspects and evaluation , OECD economic studies, , 3.09.2012. Durand M., Simon J., Webb C. (1992), OECD’s indicators of international trade and competitiveness , ‘Economics Department Working Paper’, no. 120, OECD, Paris. Dyrektywa Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady z dnia 12 grudnia 2006 r. (2006/123/WE) dotycząca usług na rynku wewnętrznym (Dz.U.UE L z

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Region Of Southern Africa: International Trade And Global Value Chains

. (2011). Successful Technology and Innovation Policy for Namibia: A Review of Issues and Lessons for a Developing Country. Technology Manaement in the Energy Smart World , 1–5. McCarthy, C. (2006). The Southern African Customs Union – A Review of Critical Elements in the Development of the World’s Oldest Customs Union. Journal of Law and Economics in International Trade , 2. Naude, M.J. (2013). Supply chain challenges in the South African automotive sector: Do location, size and age matter? South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences , 16

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Practical Problems of Legal Regulation of Customs Duties Developing an International Trade Between the Republic of Lithuania And East Asian Countries

/92 of 12 October 1992 establishing the Community Customs Code 1992. OJ L302. Daukšienė, I., 2011. Pasaulio Prekybos Organizacijos ginčų sprendimo tarybos sprendimai Europos Sąjungos teisės sistemoje. Jurisprudencija, 18(3), pp.905-920. European Commision, 2015. EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Available at: <http://> [Accessed 15 September 2015]. Folsom, R. F., Gordon, M. W., Spanogle, J. A, 2004. International Trade and Economic Relations: 3‘d edition. St. Paul, USA

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Carbon dioxide emissions embodied in international trade in Central Europe between 1995 and 2008

References: AHMAD, N., WYCKOFF, A. (2000): Carbon dioxide emissions embodied in international trade of goods. No. 2003/15. OECD Publishing. ANDANOVA, L. B. (2003). Transnational politics of the environment: The European Union and environmental policy in Central and Eastern Europe. MIT Press. BALASSA, B. (1965): Trade Liberalisation and “Revealed” Comparative Advantage1. The Manchester School 33(2): 99–123. BIVENS, J. (2007): Globalization, American Wages, and Inequality: Past, Present, and Future. EPI Working Paper 279. Washington

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Competitiveness in International Trade in Knowledge-Intensive Services – The Case of Poland

economies: and attempt to revise determinants and measures; reasons for changes in competitiveness factors), [in:] W. Bieńkowski, Z. Czajkowski, M. Gomułka, B. Brocka-Palacz, E. Latoszek, J. Misala, M.J. Radło, M. Weresa, Czynniki i miary międzynarodowej konkurencyjności gospodarek w kontekście globalizacji, SGH, Instytut Gospodarki Światowej, Warszawa Borchsenius V., N. Malchow-Møller, J.R. Munch, J. Rose Skaksen (2010), International Trade in Services - Evidence from Danish Micro Data, NationaløkonomiskTidsskrift, no. 148

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Creative products in international trade statistics

References Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (2008), International Monetary Fund, Washington Bendyk E. (2005), Dlaczego nie ma pracy? - Aktywni i … dezaktywowani , ‘Polityka’, Issue no. 17/2005 Bhagwati J. N. (1986), International Trade in Services and Its Relevance for Economic Development , [in:] O. Giarini (ed), The Emerging Service Economy, Pergamon Press, Geneva. Bhagwati J. N. (1984), Splintering and Disembodiment of

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