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Comparison of temperature dependence of internal damping of selected magnesium alloys

. Internal friction peaks associated with the precipitation in AZ91 magnesium alloy , Physica B: Condensed Matter, 391, 186-192. Liu, S.W., Jiang, H.CH., Li, X.Y., Rong, L.J., 2010. Effect of precipitation on internal friction of AZ91 magnesium alloy , Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China, 20, 453-457. Oršulová, T., Palček, P., Soviarová A., 2018. Changes in internal damping of selected magnesium alloys depending on temperature , Advanced manufacturing and repair technologies in vehicle industry, 263-275. Riehemann, W., 1998. Internal

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Effect of cyclic loading on the internal damping of magnesium alloy AZ31


The article focuses on the analysis of the internal damping changes depending on the amplitude of the magnesium alloy AZ31. Internal damping reflects the ability of the material irreversibly dissipating mechanical energy oscillations. It means that the material of high internal damping ability is able to significantly reduce the vibration amplitude. Internal damping is, generally, dependent on many factors (temperature, material purity, grain size, mechanical and thermal processing, etc.) and its value is determined by interactions between various mechanisms dissipation of mechanical energy. Ultrasonic resonance method was used in experimental measurements, which is based on continuous excitation of oscillations of the specimen, and the entire apparatus vibrates at a frequency which is near to the resonance. Starting resonance frequency for all measurements was about f = 20470 Hz.

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A Fully Coupled Thermal-Structural Finite Element Analysis of a Low-Carbon Steel Bar Using an Improved Material Model For Ductile-to-Brittle Transition at High Strain Rates

-Free Galerkin simulations of dynamic shear band propagation and failure mode transition , Int. J. Solids Struct., Vol. 39, 1213-1240, 2002. DE SOUZA NETO, E. A., PERIĆ, D. and OWEN, D. R.J, Computational methods for Plasticity , John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2008. ÉCSI, L. and ÉLESZTŐS, P.: Constitutive equation with internal damping for materials under cyclic and dynamic loadings using a fully coupled thermal-structural finite element analysis , Int. J. Multiphysics, Vol. 3(2), 155-165, 2009. ÉCSI L

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Experimental Correlations with Calculus Parameters for a Dynamic System Equipped with Antiseismic Elastomeric Devices


Lucrarea prezintă rezultatul încercărilor efectuate la cicluri cinematice cu deplasări instantanee armonice pentru elemente elastomerice cu rol de izolare dinamică în conformitate cu SR EN 1337-3 şi SR EN 15129. Valorile amortizării interne determinate pe standuri de încercare în condiţiile din documentele de referinţă trebuie corelate cu valorile sistemului de dispozitive antiseismice elastomerice ce echipează un sistem dinamic supus acţiunilor seismice exterioare.

În acest caz, pentru fiecare situaţie reală, proiectantul trebuie să realizeze corelaţia dintre cele două valori ale amortizării obţinute în laborator cu amortizarea specifică sistemului structural care este supus acţiunilor dinamice exterioare. Din lucrare rezultă echivalenţa necesară astfel încât, valorile experimentale să poată fi corectate în mod riguros şi să poată reprezenta parametrii reali ce trebuie luaţi în calcul.

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Effects of Discrete Damping on the Dynamic Behaviour of Rotating Shaft through Extended Lagrangian Formulation

-transformed Umbra Lagrangian Generated by Bond Graphs. Simulation, 82 (2006), No. 4, 207-226. [8] Mukherjee, A., V. Rastogi, A. DasGupta. A Study of a Bi-Symmetric Electro-mechanical System through Umbra Lagrangian Generated by Bond Graphs, and Noether’s Theorem. Simulation, 83 (2007), No. 9, 611-630. [9] Mukherjee, A., V. Rastogi, A. DasGupta. Extension of Lagrangian- Hamiltonian Mechanics for Continuous Systems-Investigation of Dynamics of a One Dimensional Internally Damped Rotor driven through a Dissipative Cou- pling. Nonlinear Dynamics, 58

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Vibration Diagnostics as an effective Tool for Testing Engines of Internal Combustion

) . Debrecen, Hungary: Campus Publishing House, 242. S zőke D. 1989. The Effect of the Internal Damping of the Body on the Vibration of Vehicles (in German) . Dept. of Mechanics, Budapest University of Technology, Vol. 17, No. 1.

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Influence of temperature on corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steel in cl containing solutions

measurement of internal damping of austenitic stainless steels , MATEC Web of Conferences, 157, 07008. Oršulová, T., Palček, P., Roszak, M., Uhríčik, M., Kúdelčík, J., 2018. Change of magnetic properties in austenitic stainless steels due to plastic deformation , Procedia Structural integrity, 13, 1689-1694. Park, J.O., Matsch, S., Böhmi, H., 2002. Effects of temperature and chloride concentration on pit initiation and early pit growth of stainless steel , J. Electrochem. Soc., 149, 2, B34-B39. Szklarska-Smialowska, Z., 2005. Pitting and crevice

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Thermographic Method Based Accelerated Fatigue Limit Calculation for Steel X5CrNi18-10 Subjected to Rotating Bending

Testing And Evaluation, 19, 4, 326-333 (1991). 15. Audenino, A.: Correlation between thermography and internal damping in metals. International Journal of Fatigue, 25, 4, 343-351 (2003). 16. Doudard, C., Calloch, S., Hild, F., Roux, S.: Identification of heat source fields from infrared thermography: Determination of “self-heating” in a dual-phase steel by using a dog bone sample. Mechanics of Materials, 42, 1, 55-62 (2010). 17. Lipski, A., Skibicki, D.: Variations of the Specimen Temperature Depending on the Pattern of

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High-Speed Rotor Analytical Dynamics on Flexible Foundation Subjected to Internal and External Excitation

. DASGUPTA. Extension of Lagrangian-Hamiltonian Mechanics for Continuous Systems-Investigation of Dynamics of a One Dimensional Internally Damped Rotor driven through a Dissipative Coupling. Nonlinear Dynamics, 58 (2009), No. 1, 107-127. [9] NOETHER, E. Invariant Variation Problems (translated by Mort Tavel) Transport Theory and Statistical Physics, 1 (1971), No. 3, 186-207. [10] NEGM, H. M., K. Y. MAALOWI. Structural Design Optimization of Wind Turbine Towers, Computers and Structures, Elsevier, 2000. [11] BURTON, T., D

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An integrodifferential approach to modeling, control, state estimation and optimization for heat transfer systems

17 (1): 49–69. Bendsten, C. and Stauning, O. (2007). FADBAD++, Version 2.1, . Deutscher, J. and Harkort, C. (2008). Vollständige Modale Synthese eines Wärmeleiters, Automatisierungstechnik 56 (10): 539–548. Deutscher, J. and Harkort, C. (2010). Entwurf endlich-dimensionaler Regler für lineare verteilt parametrische Systeme durch Ausgangsbeobachtung, Automatisierungstechnik 58 (8): 435–446. Gehring, N., Knüppel, T., Rudolph, J. and Woittennek, F. (2012). Parameter identification for a heavy rope with internal

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