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The paper analyses some phenomena affecting the cam-follower contact conditions, highlights some detrimental influences over the lubrication regime in this contact. The analysis of the theoretical model revealed the significant influence of thermal and starvation effects on the reduction of film thickness. To avoid these negative phenomena and in order to improve the lubrication regime we propose an original technical solution by using additional oil feed with oil jets, directed over the contact area.

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The paper presents an analysis of implementation of CHP plants based on internal combustion engines at different industrial companies. The authors have presented general aspects regarding utilization of internal combustion engines for cogeneration. There have been presented different possibilities of classification of internal combustion engines. Further on authors have presented different possibilities for increasing the efficiency of internal combustion engines, including: supercharging compression ratio increase, advanced heat recuperation for combined production of heat and power. There have also been presented different measures for increasing energy efficiency on site, including measures for CHP plant and internal combustion engines and measures for other auxiliary equipment and measures for technological equipment. In the second part of the paper authors have presented three case studies of utilization of internal combustion engines at a cogeneration plant for different industrial companies: cogeneration plant at a company from pharmaceutical sector, cogeneration plant at a beer production company and cogeneration plant at a company of electrical insulation materials. The results of the analysis led to following conclusions: implementation of cogeneration solutions based on internal combustion engines lead to significant financial savings, implementation of cogeneration solutions based on internal combustion engines can also lead to reducing environmental impact, it ensures higher global energy production efficiency and higher power efficiency compared to National Power System and to separate power and heat generation, it can lead to increased safety in energy supply of the company, it can also increase the reliability of power supply in cases of National Power Grid faults.

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