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-Buying Intermediation Processes. – In: N. Nguyen, L. Iliadis, Y. Manolopoulos, B. Trawiński, Eds. Computational Collective Intelligence. ICCCI 2016. Part II, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Vol. 9876 . Cham, Springer, 2016, pp. 14-24. 5. Bădică, A., C. Bădică, M. Ivanović, D. Logofătu. Collective Profitability of DAG-Based Selling-Buying Intermediation Processes. – In: J. Del Ser, E. Osaba, M. N. Bilbao, J. J. Sánchez-Medina, M. Vecchio, X.-S. Yang, Eds. Intelligent Distributed Computing XII. Studies in Computational Intelligence. Vol. 798 . Cham, Springer, 2018, pp. 414-424. 6


Starting from a definition of the word ‘picture’ as a real-world object that shows other objects on its surface as a representation of its image, I propose that the intermediality of pictures of all kinds is only possible through their images, after they have been separated from their material basis or foundation (for example, a painting in its physical reality can never be directly connected with a movie). In all technical reproductions of images, such as printing processes, an image is taken from a negative matrix in order to realize multiple prints of the same representation. The most effective model of this procedure is photography: photographic images can easily be connected with their media forms to produce other, more complex forms, such as magazines, printed books, or films. Intermediate images in the form of matrices - sometimes transparent (e.g. in the light beam of a film projection), sometimes opaque - are required to transform one pictorial media form into another. Finally, for the digital matrix-image, there is no longer any difference between the matrix and the image: the matrix has become its own image, which can be linked to all other media forms.


This paper provides a description of an alternative, novel and commercially viable process which has been developed for the preparation of Azilsartan, a pro-drug of Azilsartan medoxomil, an angiotensin II receptor blocker. The present work also provides a primary account of the synthesis and characterization of the novel intermediates (6, 7 & 10) of Azilsartan, with their spectral data.

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recurrence depending on surgico-pathological risk factors. High-risk factors include positive surgical margin, parametrial involvement and lymph node metastasis [ 4 , 5 ]. Intermediate-risk factors include large tumor size, lymphovascular space invasion (LVSI) and deep stromal invasion according to Sedlis criteria [ 6 , 7 ]. Patients with squamous cell carcinoma or grade 1–2 adenocarcinoma, tumor size less than 2 centimeters (cm), no LVSI, and depth of stromal invasion (DSI) less than 10 millimeters (mm) are classified as low-risk patients [ 8 , 9 ]. The 5-year disease

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Tropenol ester is a highly toxic anticholinergic substance and an intermediate used in industrial production of the bronchodilator tiotropium bromide. The aim of this study was to systematically test workers involved in its production for tropenol ester in urine to identify any exposure pathways and define additional preventive measures. Twelve workers performing tasks involving potential exposure to tropenol ester were repeatedly monitored at the end of each production cycle. Medical exams revealed no symptoms of acute poisoning with tropenol ester, but biological monitoring of urine showed 36 positive findings in 79 samples, with tropenol ester concentrations ranging between the detection limit of 54 pg/mL and 2160 pg/mL. We managed to establish the cause of only one positive finding, which was a hole in a protective glove, whereas the rest most likely occurred due to human error. Because of this, the plant decided to modify the production process by replacing tropenol ester with a safer intermediate. While it is the safest course of action, there where it cannot be taken, biological monitoring can be very helpful in raising awareness about exposure to toxic substances, including the new ones that have not been studied for their adverse potential.

, Plagiorhynchidae) фауны Украины с описанием нового вида. Lisitsyna O. I. Acantocephala // Catalogue of Helminthes of vertebrates of Ukraine. Acantocephala. Monogenea. — Kyiv, 2008. — P. 7-58. Russian: Лисицына О. И. Каталог гельминтов позвоночных Украины. Акантоцефалы. Моногенеи. Lundström A. Die Acanthocephalen Schwedens mit Ausnahme der Fischacanthocephalen von Süsswasserstandorten, C. W. Lund, Sweden; Lindström, Publisher. — 238 S. Nickol, B. B., Richard W. H., Smith N. F. Acanthocephalans from crabs in the Southeastern U.S., with the first intermediate hosts known for

characterization of impurities of a common and advanced intermediate of candesartan and azilsartan antihypertensive drugs, Int. Res. J. Pure Appl. Chem. 5 (2015) 140–149; 8. B. Raman, B. A. Sharma, G. Mahale, D. Singh and A. Kumar, Investigation and structural elucidation of a process related impurity in candesartan cilexetil by LC/ESI-ITMS and NMR, J. Pharm. Biomed. 56 (2011) 256–263; 9. N. A. Kakasaheb, K. Ramakrishna and V. Srinivasarao, Method development and validation by GC-MS for