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Intercultural Challenges in Virtual Teams

Bibliography Child, J. (2001) Trust – The Fundamental Bond in global Collaboration. Organizational Dynamics, Vol. 29, No. 4, pp. 274–288. Chua, R.Y.J., Morris M.W., Mor, S. (2012) Collaborating across cultures: Cultural metacognition and affect-based trust in creative collaboration. Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, no. 118, pp. 116–131. Chutnik, M. and Grzesik, K. (2009) Leading Virtual Intercultural Team. Implications for Virtual Leaders. Journal of Intercultural Management, Vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 82–90. Eom, M

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Foreign Language Education in the 21st European Context: Exploring New Directions in Intercultural and Plurilingual Approaches Using Anzaldúa’s Border Epistemology

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Thinking Styles and Intercultural Competencies

cultural competences: One step closer to multicultural organization. Management, vol. 21, pp. 51-82. Lloyd, S. & Hartel, C.E. J. (2010) Intercultural competencies for culturally diverse work teams. Journal of Managerial Psychology, vol. 25, pp. 845-875. Mendenhall, M.E., Arnardottir, A.A., Oddou, G.R. & Burke, L.A. (2013) Developing cross-cultural competencies in management education via cognitive-behavior therapy. Academy of Management Learning & Education, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 436-451. Mor, S., Morris, M. & Joh, J. (2013

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The Chinese-perspective of Intercultural Competence Models Revisited

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Importance of and need for intercultural education according to students: future teachers

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Intercultural Competence Formation of ESL Teachers in a Global Educational Environment

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Intercultural Project Management for IT: Issues and Challenges

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The model and role of online communication in intercultural management

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Reflections of intercultural communication from the perspective of a foreign teacher

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Intercultural Challenges Facing the Hospitality Industry. Implications for Education and Hospitality Management

”, 17 June, p. 22. Kiełbasiewicz-Drozdowska I., Radko S. (2006), The role of intercultural communication in tourism and recreation , “Studies In Physical Culture And Tourism”, 13(2), pp. 75–85. Kim H.J., Shin K.H., Umbreit W.T. (2007), Hotel job burnout: The role of personality characteristics , “International Journal of Hospitality Management”, 26(2), pp. 421–434. LeBlanc Ch.L., Mills K.E. (1995), Competitive advantage begins with positive culture , “Nation’s Restaurant News”, Oct 2, 29 (39). Lee Ch., Chon K.-S. (2000), An investigation of

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