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The Evaluation of Trade Credit Insurance in Lithuanian Business Market as a Credit Risk Management Tool

References Ferrando A., Mulier K. (2012). Do Firms Use the Trade Credit Channel to Manage Growth? European Central Bank (ECB) working paper No. 1502. [Accessed 15.09.2016]. Available from Internet: 86d Jasiene M., Laurinavicius A. (2009). Kredito rizikos valdymo jmonese problemos ir jij sprendimo budai. Verslas: teorija ir praktika. (10), 15-29. Jones P. M. (2010). Trade Credit Insurance. The World Bank primer

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Relationships among Components of Insurance Companies and Services’ Quality

Bentler, P. M. (1990). Comparative fit indexes in structural models. Psychological Bulletin, 107(2), 238-246, http:// Bezenić, D. (2006). Interdependence of life insurance service quality and premium. Tržište, 18(1-2), 67-80. Bollen, K. A. (1989). Structural Equations with Latent Variables. Wiley-Interscience Publication. Bontis, N., & Booker, L. D. (2007). The mediating effect of organizational reputation on customer loyalty and service recommendation in the banking industry

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Insurance Industry in Selected Transition Countries

периодот 01.01.-31.12.2013. Retrieved April 09, 2016, from http:// Macedonian. Agencija za supervizija na osiguruvanje Republika Makedonija. (2014). Извештај за работењето на друштвата за осигурување за периодот 01.01.-31.12.2014. Retrieved April 09, 2016, from http:// Autoritatea de Supraveghere Financiară Romania. (2010). Report on the romanian insurance market and the

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Adaptive Regression and Classification Models with Applications in Insurance

Stiffened Deck Structure," Proceedings of 7th ASMOUK/ ISSMO International Conference on Engineering Design Optimization, Association for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization in the UK, Bath, UK, 11 p., 2008. [18] K. Kalnins, G. Jekabsons, K. Zudrags, and R. Beitlers, "Metamodels in optimisation of plywood sandwich panels," Shell Structures: Theory and Applications, W. Pietraszkiewicz, C. Szymczak, Eds. CRC Press, pp. 291-294, 2009. [19] P. van der Putten and M. van Someren, Eds. "CoIL Challenge 2000: The Insurance Company Case

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Risk Taking of Life Insurance Companies from the Perspective of Senior Managers and Experts

References Acharyya, M., & Mutenga, S. (2013). The benefits of implementing enterprise risk management: evidence from the non-life insurance industry. Enterprise Risk Management, 22-24. Agarwal, R., & Ansell, J. (2016). Strategic change in enterprise risk management. Strategic Change, 25(4), 427-439. Altuntas, M., Berry-Stölzle, T. R., & Hoyt, R. E. (2011). Implementation of enterprise risk management: Evidence from the German property-liability insurance industry. The Geneva

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The Canadian Unemployment Insurance Generosity: Reflections from a Comparative Analysis

changing nature of non-employment subsidies in Central and Eastern Europe , ʻEmpirical Economicsʼ, 23, 31–54. Cahuc P. and Zylbergberg A. (2004), Labour Economics , The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, Cambridge. Corsini L. (2012), Unemployment Insurance Schemes, Liquidity Constraints and Re-employment: a three Country Comparison , ʻomparative Economic Studiesʼ, 54, 321–340. Fredriksson P., Holmlund B. (2006), Improving Incentives in Unemployment Insurance: A Review of Recent Research , ʻJournal of Economic Surveysʼ, 20, 357

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Disease Fund Management on the example of the Social Insurance Institution for the period between 2008–2012

References Act of 13th of October, 1998 on social insurance institutions (2009), “Journal of Laws”, no. 205, it. 1585 as amended. Act of 25th of June, 1999 on cash benefits from social insurance in case of sickness and maternity (2013), “Journal of Laws” 2010, no. 77 it. 512 as amended, Sick in 2012, ZUS, Warszawa. Jończyk J. (2010), Ryzyko pracodawcy związane z choroba pracownika, w: Ubezpieczenia chorobowe, pod red. Wagner B. i Malaki A., Iwonicz Zdrój. Muszalski W. (1999), Prawo socjalne

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Interaction Between Marketing and Informational Technologies in the Insurance Business

performance of insurance mediation. In: I. Pohoaţă, ed. 2010. Instituţii şi performanţă economică . Iaşi: Ed. Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Harvey, C., 2007. Învaţă arta de a vinde într-o săptămână . Piteşti: Cosmos. Hedges, B., 2007. Marketing la indigo. Cum să faci avere prin metode testate de alţii . 2nd Edition. Bucureşti: Curtea Veche. Heeper, A. and Schmidt, M., 2007. Tehnici de negociere. Pregătirea, strategiile folosite şi încheierea cu succes a unei negocieri . Bucureşti: Bic ALL. Hopkins, T

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The Impact of Globalization on the Insurance and Reinsurance Market of Eastern Europe

References Association of Serbian Insurers. 2009. Rezultati poslovanja društava za osiguranje u Srbiji 2006-2008. (translation: Results of Insurance Companies Business in Republic of Serbia 2006-2008) Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA). 2008. Annual report Cummins, J. D. and Danzon, P. M. 1997. "Price, Financial Quality, and Capital Flows in Insurance Markets". Journal of Financial Intermediation 6 (January): 3-38. Cummins, J. D. and

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Globalization on the Romanian insurance market in terms of competition

References Badea, D. (2008). Romanian insurance market - benefits and costs after EU accession. International Conference of ASECU, Bucharest. Badea, D., Novac L.E. (2008). Romanian Insurance Market Facing Globalization Process, Theoretical and Applied Economics, 62 - 68. Buşu, M. (2012). An economic analysis on the degree of market concentration: Competition Indicators. Proceedings of the 6th International Management Conference “Approaches in organizational Management”, Bucharest, 529

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