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Information Security Management (ISM)

References 1. ISO/IEC 27002: 2007 Information technology. Security techniques. Code of practice for information security management 2. ISO/IEC Guide 73: 2002 Risk management. Vocabulary. Guidelines for use in standards 3. ISO/IEC 13335-1: 2004 Information technology security techniques. Management of information and communications technology security. Part 1: Concepts and models for information and communications technology security management 4. ISO/IEC 15408-1: 1999 Information

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Information Security Practices in Public Organizations in Albania

References Afyouni, H. (2006) “Database Security and Auditing: Protecting Data Integrity and Accessibility”, Thomson Course, Canada Alarifi, A., Tootell, H., Hyland, P., (2012) “A Study of Information Security Awareness and Practices in Saudi Arabia”. Paper presented at the The 2nd International Conference on Communications and Information Technology (ICCIT): Digital Information Management, Hammamet Bandi, F. & Rusell, J. (2004) “Full-information transaction costs” Proceedings of the Conference on Analysis of high-frequency data and market

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Information Security Compliance in Organizations: An Institutional Perspective

1 Introduction The increasing dependence on information systems in organizations has led their critical information exposed to the possibility of cyber-crime nowadays ( Tassabehji et al., 2007 ; Reddy & Rao, 2016 ). As a result, proactive approaches have to be adopted in organizations to safeguard organizational information in today’s dynamic environment. Enforcing information security compliance ( Boss & Kirsch,, 2007 ; Siponen et al., 2007 ; Lee et al., 2016 ), which is referred to as the implementation of information security standards and policies

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Assessment of Employees Level of Awareness in the Aspect of Information Security

REFERENCES Amankwa E., Loock M., Kritzinger E., 2018. Establishing information security policy compliance culture in organizations . Information and Computer Security 26(4), pp. 420-436. Antoniou G.S., 2018. A Framework for the Governance of Information Security: Can it be Used in an Organization . Conference Proceedings - IEEE SOUTHEASTCON 2018-April, 8479032. Brdulak J.J., Sobczak P., 2014. Wybrane problemy zarządzania bezpieczeństwem informacji . SGH, Warszawa. Herath T.C., Herath H.S.B., D'Arcy J., 2017. Managing security in

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Information security governance as key performance indicator for financial institutions

References Standard & Poor's homepage / Standard & Poor's, 2008. - Fitch Ratings homepage / Fitch Ratings, 2008. - Moody's homepage / Moody's, 2008. - Business Software Alliance. Information Security Governance: Toward a framework for action. - 2005 Institute of Internal Auditors. Information Security Management and Assurance: A Call to Action for Corporate Governance

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Data Mining Usage in Corporate Information Security: Intrusion Detection Applications

& Operations Research, Vol. 32 No. 10, pp. 2617-2634. 4. Chen, Y., Abraham, A., Yang, B. (2007), “Hybrid flexible neural‐tree‐based intrusion detection systems”, International Journal of Intelligent Systems, Vol. 22 No. 4, pp. 337-352. 5. Dlamini, M. T., Eloff, J. H., Eloff, M. M. (2009), “Information security: The moving target“, Computers & Security, Vol. 28 No. 3-4, pp. 189-198. 6. Fienberg, S. E. (2006), “Privacy and confidentiality in an e-commerce world: Data mining, data warehousing, matching and disclosure limitation

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Information Security Management - Part Of The Integrated Management System

References [1]. Avram S.E., The implications of implementing an integrated system of management in an organization, The Symposium the Impact of the community Acquis on the environment equipment and technologies, (2009). (available on accessed 15.01.2015) [2]. Ionescu, S.C., Industrial excellence - theory and practice of quality, pp.378, Economic Publishing House, Bucharest (1997). [3]. Ţigănoaia B., Theoretical and practical considerations regarding the information security management

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Access to Data and Employee Actions for Information Security

REFERENCES Axelrod, C.W., Bayuk, J.L., Schutzer D. (eds.), 2009. E nterprise Information, Security and Privacy , Artech House, Norwood. Brandis K. et. al., 2016, A process framework for information security management “International Jurnal of Information Systems and Project Management”, Vol 4, No 4. Deneen C. C., Ng E. M., Shroff R. H., 2011. Analysis of the technology acceptance model in examining students’ behavioural intention to use an eportfolio system “Australasian Jurnal of Educational Technology” , No 27(4). Durodolu, O., 2016

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Creating Value Added for an Enterprise by Managing Information Security Incidents

Reference Axelrod, C.W., Bayuk, J.L., Schutzer D. (eds.), 2009. Enterprise Information, Security and Privacy . Artech House, Norwood. Białas, A., 2007. Bezpieczeństwo informacji i usług w nowoczesnej firmie . WNT, Warszawa. Borowiecki, R., Kwieciński, M. 2003. Monitorowanie otoczenia, przepływ i bezpieczeństwo informacji . W stronę integralności przedsiębiorstwa, Zakamycze, Kraków. Brdulak, H., (eds.), 2012. Logistyka przyszłości . PWE, Warszawa. Bugajski, J., 2018. http

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Considerations on the implementation steps for an information security management system

References AlHogail, A. (2015). Design and validation of information security culture framework., Computers in Human Behavior, 49, 567- 575. Beckers K., Côté I., Fenz S., Hatebur D., Heisel M. (2014) A Structured Comparison of Security Standards. In: Heisel M., Joosen W., Lopez J., Martinelli F. (eds) Engineering Secure Future Internet Services and Systems. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8431, Springer, Cham. Da Veiga, A., Martins, N. (2015a). Improving the information security culture through monitoring and

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