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Social Media Affordances and Information Sharing: An Evidence from Chinese Public Organizations

and connections, and profile information. Collaboration Social media promotes government– citizen collaboration to improve decision-making Anonymity Social media enable users to express their opinion anonymously Source: (Qiang, 2016) These above studies discuss information sharing between users and public organizations. However, in this study, we investigate the information distribution process in the public organizations between public employees. Information sharing refers to share information with only one or a few

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A Distribution Method of High Precise Differential Corrections for a Network Beidou/RTK System Based on Vehicular Networks


In recent years urban traffic safety has become a widely concerned issue due to the increasing traffic accidents caused by the growth of private car ownership. A very promising method is to provide high precision navigation service to prevent accidents. Therefore, a Network BDS/RTK System Based on Vehicular Networks (NBRSBVNs) is proposed for high precision positioning in an urban complex traffic environment in this paper. This system considers comprehensively the characteristics of the vehicular network and network RTK techniques, and also provides a new distribution method of high precision differential correction information. According to the massive field tests, this system scheme can support real-time and online high precision navigation service of multiple users at the same time. It has important practical significance in applications for vehicles active safety in a complex urban environment.

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A Metric Approach to Hot Topics in Biomedicine via Keyword Co-occurrence

synthesized genome. Esvelt and Wang (2013) think Genome-modification technologies enable the rational engineering and perturbation of biological systems, such as CRISPR/Cas. Cameron, Bashor and Collins (2014) reviews the history of synthetic biology and points out that the field of synthetic biology has chartered many notable achievements and is poised to transform biotechnology and medicine. In this article, based on biomedical documents and data analysis, we try to find the information distribution and structure of these three hot topics via analyzing the

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Graph of a Reflexive Game and Bélles-léttres

References 1. Novikov D.A. and Chkhartishvili A.G., Information Equilibrium: Punctual Structures of Information Distribution, Automation and Remote Control 2003, Vol. 64, No. 10, pp. 1609 -1619. 2. Chkhartishvili A.G. and Novikov D.A., Models of Reflexive Decision-Making, Systems Science 2004, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 45 - 59. 3. Chkhartishvili A.G. Reflexive Games: Transformation of Awareness Structure, Automation and Remote Control 2010, Vol. 71, No. 6, pp. 1208 - 1216. 4. Lefebvre V.A. Basic Ideas

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Solving Complex Problems with Help of Experiential Learning

.2043531 Marentič Požarnik, B. (2000), Psihologija učenja in pouka [Psychology of learning and Teaching], DZS, Ljubljana. Meyer B. & Scholl W. (2009). Complex Problem Solving after Unstructured Discussion: Effects of Information Distribution and Experience, Group Processes Intergroup Relations , 12: 495 - 515, DOI: 10.1177/1368430209105045 Možina, S. (1991). Sociopsihologija v podjetju [Sociopsychology in Enterprises]. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics. Nuissl, E. (2006). Spreminjanje

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Bancassurance in a digital era

References Ahmadinia, H., Karim, M., & Ofori, E. (2015). Primary analysis of information distribution at walkbase Company: Developing an information strategy. The Journal of Industrial Distribution & Business, 6(4), 5-16. Bergendahl, G. , (1995). ‘The profitability of bancassurance for European banks’. Int. J. Bank Market. 13 (1), 17-28. Capgemini (2017) /Online/. Retrieved from: Chang, S. H., Chih, W. H., Liou, D

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Intrachromosomal regulation decay in breast cancer

. Definition 1. Here we define a gene regulatory program as the functional G [ I ( i, j )] of all the mutual information distribution functions for a given empirical transcriptomics sampling space Ω. G [ I ( i, j )] contains all the information about the statistical dependencies among genes at a transcriptional level. G [ I ( i, j )] is thus a form of a Markov random field [ 10 , 14 ], since it considers mutual information distributions at the pairwise sufficiency (hence, Markov) level [ 12 ]. 2.4 Gene–distance dependency Biological phenotypes are the result of a

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Site Management and Use of Social Media by Tourism Businesses: The Case of Quebec

social network websites. Tourism Management , 35(1), 13-22. DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2012.05.005 O’Connor, P. (1999). Electronic information distribution in tourism and hospitality . Wallingford Oxon: Cabo Publishing. Poon, A. (1993). Tourism, technology and Competitive Strategies . Oxon: C.A.B. International, Free Press. Reix, R. (2004). Systèmes d’information et management des organisation . Vuibert: Entreprendre. Rival, Y. (2008). Internet et performance de l’entreprise. Une analyse des stratégies Internet appliqué au secteur du tourisme

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Testing knowledge sharing effectiveness: trust, motivation, leadership style, workplace spirituality and social network embedded model

., and Segars, A.H. (2001), “Knowledge management: An organizational capabilities perspective”, Journal of Management Information Systems , Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 185-214. Gruenfeld, D.H., Mannix, E.A., Williams, K.Y. and Neale, M.A. (1996), ‘‘Group composition and decision making: how member familiarity and information distribution affect process and performance’’, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Process , Vol. 67, No. 1, pp. 1-15 Hair, J.F., Jr., Anderson, R.E., Tatham, R.L. and Black, W.C. (1995) Multivariate Data Analysis, 3rd ed, Macmillan

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One Day in the Life of a National Twittersphere

Technology. Münch F. 2019 Measuring networked media – Exploring network science methods for large scale online media studies PhD Dissertation Brisbane Queensland University of Technology Murthy, D. (2018). Twitter (2nd ed.). Cambridge: Polity. Murthy D. 2018 Twitter 2nd ed. Cambridge Polity Palen, L., Starbird, K., Vieweg, S. & Hughes, A. (2010). Twitter-based information distribution during the 2009 Red River Valley flood threat. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology , 36(5): 13–17. 10

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