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Informal Employment and Quality of Life in Rural Areas of Ukraine

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Undeclared Work in Poland – Characteristics and Prevalence

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Evaluating the Prevalence and Distribution of Unregistered Employment in Kosovo: Lessons from a 2017 Survey

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Evaluating the Variations in Employment Relations Across Developing! Economies: A Degrees of Informalisation Approach

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Evaluating the Impact of the Informal Economy on Businesses in South East Europe: Some Lessons from the 2009 World Bank Enterprise Survey

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Cross-National Variations in the Under-Reporting of Wages in South-East Europe: A Result of Over-Regulation or Under-Regulation?

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Mapping the Shadow Economy: Spatial Variations in the use of High Denomination Bank Notes in Brussels

Extent and Nature of Envelope Wages in the European Union: A Geographical Analysis’, European Spatial Research and Policy, 16 (1), pp. 115-129. WILLIAMS, C. C. (2009b), ‘Formal and Informal Employment in Europe: Beyond Dualistic Representations’, European Urban and Regional Studies, 16 (2), pp. 147-159. WILLIAMS, C. C. (2013), ‘Evaluating Cross-National Variations in the Extent and Nature of Informal Employment in the European Union’, Industrial Relations Journal, 44 (5-6), pp. 479-494. WILLIAMS, C. C. and LANSKY, M

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Explaining individual- and country-level variations in unregistered employment using a multi-level model: evidence from 35 Eurasian countries

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Evaluating the Extent and Nature of ‘Envelope Wages’ in the European Union: A Geographical Analysis

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The road ahead for age-friendly community in Ukraine

–17. Kunze F. (2001). Age diversity, age discrimination climate and performance consequences: a cross organizational study, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 32, pp. 264–290. Goshen N. Age discrimination and older workers: Theory and legislation in comparative context, Geneva : International Labour Organization, 2008., p. 67. Balakireva, O. Lokteva, I. (2018). Informal employment, employment discrimination and measures of human capital [Neformalʹna zaynyatistʹ, dyskryminatsiya pry pratsevlashtuvanni ta vymiry lyudsʹkoho kapitalu], ISSN 1681-116X

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